You may think the spring blossoms are just beautiful in the daylight. Well, sometimes the flowers are looking better at night. Here are some significant places to enjoy a flowery nightscape in Seoul. We selected 5 instagrammable spots for you to date and take a picture with your beloved ones. Let’s go on a cherry blossom Seoul tour at night!

1. Namsan Park & N Seoul Tower

You can enjoy the flowery scent all over the Namsan mountain and hiking road to N Seoul Tower. There are various spring flowers including Azalea and Maehwa in Namsangol Hanok village where traditional Korean houses are located. If you take a night walk to N Seoul Tower, you can enjoy Seoul’s best night scenes at the observatory.

※TIP: Don’t forget to leave your own love padlocks at the observatory!

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🌟Han River Cruise & N Seoul Tower Half Day Tour

2. Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

  • Festival Period: April 4~9, 2023


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Yeouido is one of the best destinations for cherry blossom Seoul tour at night. This is the most famous spot in the cherry blossom season in Seoul. There are lots of cherry blossom trees along the Han River with lots of people on the street. You can enjoy a nice picnic with your family and friends in the daylight as well as admire a romantic view with illuminating cherry blossoms at night. You can also take a Han River night ferry cruise and see the sparkling night view.

※TIP: It’s a lover’s paradise. Fall in love in the blossom season!

🌸Han River E-Land Ferry Cruise (Day & Night) – from Yeouido/Jamsil
🌸63 Building Observatory Ticket: 63 Sky Art & Aqua Planet 63
🌸Cherry Blossom 1 Day Tour (Seoul ↔ Vicinities)

3. Seoul Palace Tour

In spring, you can meet lots of native flowers blooming in the royal garden at the royal palaces in Seoul, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, and Changdeokgung Palace. The night scenery is significant along with the lighting and a much stronger smell of flowers. If you rent Korean traditional clothes, hanbok, you can enter the palaces for free!

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4. Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival

  • Festival Period: April 5~9, 2023

Every spring, Seokchon Lake is surrounded by dreamlike cherry blossom trees. Not only you can walk along with the pink cherry blossoms, but also you can enjoy various attractions, such as Lotte World theme park, Lotte World Tower, Lotte World aquarium, and Lotte World shopping mall!

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5. Children’s Grand Park


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This park has more than 45 years of history but it is still lively and loved by many people. As one of the popular spots of cherry blossoms, you can walk along the glowing cherry blossom road in the park at night. Don’t miss out on the road filled with pink cherry blossoms before the flowers fall off.

🌸Cherry Blossom 1 Day Tour (Seoul ↔ Vicinities)

※TIP: Enjoy the calm atmosphere of the night zoo and pink cherry blossom petals for your loved ones.

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