Remember when Chia pets were all the rage in the 90’s? You know, those human and animal shaped pottery that grew plants as hair? Well, there’s another “Chi” that hit the stage: Chimaek!


Doesn’t Abe Lincoln look so good with his new hair do?

Chimaek is the wondrous combination of fried chicken (치킨) and beer which is called “maekju” (맥주). Just take the first syllable of each, and you have Chimaek! Chi (치) + Maek (맥) = Chimaek (치맥)!

This one – two punch debuted in beer houses as a side dish to beer in the 1970’s. The crunchy, savory taste of fried chicken coupled with the crisp taste of beer was a match made in heaven. It didn’t take long to become a quick hit among office workers unwinding after a long day. Prior to Chimaek’s big break, the main chicken star was rotisserie style chicken roasted in electric ovens. Those days are looong gone, my friend.


Nothing like good friends and cold beer.

Chimaek fit right in with Korean drinking culture and exploded in popularity with the 2002 Korea-Japan FIFA World cup. Koreans sporting their red shirts strolled into beer houses to eat fried chicken with friends and cheer on their Korean soccer team. It’s also a huge sensation with baseball fans, too. Stadiums are notoriously full of fans snacking on their chimaek goodness. Chimaek has been a staple in Korean socializing ever since then.

Chimaek is also a popular delivery food item. Most of all popular chimaek franchises offer a delivery option which is heavily utilized by students, workers, and families to get a hot meal. What’s even greater is that you can order delivery to any location, whether you’re at school, work, or on a picnic. A delivery person driving a scooter will come right to you and hand over your cherished fried goods.

You can enjoy Chimaek year round. This perfect one – two punch can handle any where, any place, at any time. Whether you are laughing with friends while panicking on the Han River.


See? Told you they’ll deliver anywhere.

Or seeking a warm comfort food to soothe you on cold winter like our favorite leading lady on My Love From Another Star.


“Nothing cheers me up on a cold Winter night like Chimaek.”

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Wanna join in on the fun, but don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered.

If you want to go with a winner, check out Gyeyeolsa Chicken, considered one of the top 3 chimaek spots in Seoul. Their claim to fame is fried chicken (the only dish they serve) and they’re darn good at it. Don’t let the long lines scare you off, it’s definitely worth the wait.


Curious wedges served alongside Gyeyeolsa Chicken.

If you’re a student looking to eat close to home, Oksang Dalbit 옥상달빛 is your best bet. This little gem is situated in Hongdae, snug in between four universities: Hongik, Yonsei, Ehwa, and Sogang. The dim lighting inside gives a cozy ambiance and attracts many Hongdae students on the weekend.


 Come to me, my children. Come into my night sky.

Now armed with this knowledge, go forth and conquer your future chimaek voyage! And if you want to find out which are the best chicken and beer restaurants, simply click here.

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