It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Seoul and the rest of Korea right now. And yes…Korea does celebrate Christmas and it gets pretty festive, but it’s not quite the same as Western countries. In Korea, Christmas is considered to be more of a “couple” thing than an occasion celebrated with the whole family.

But don’t let the couple’s mayhem discourage you! There are plenty of ways for you to spend the best Christmas ever with your family and friends, or even alone! If you want to find out, read on!

Even if you are with someone special, you may want to check this list out because these can be adorable date options that can add more romance between you and your other half. 😘

1. See the Illuminated Christmas Trees & Decorations

1) N Seoul Tower


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N Seoul Tower is another Christmassy spot where you can find a beautiful Christmas tree and thousands of love padlocks. It’s a great place to visit with your friends and family as you can peer down the entire city of Seoul from the observatory.

If you are a couple, buy the padlocks to celebrate your relationship and promise each other everlasting love!

2) Lotte Hotel World

Whether you need a place to stay during Christmas Eve or just want to swing by for a sneak peek, Lotte Hotel has a dazzling display of adorned trees, glowing reindeer, and towering Christmas trees.

👇 Things to do Around Lotte Hotel World👇

3) Lotte Young Plaza

Lotte Young Plaza in Myeongdong has its windows covered head to toe with Christmas glee. Escape the cold by taking cover in Lotte Young Plaza and discover all the Christmas galore inside!

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4) Shinsegae Department Store

Shinsegae Department Store in the Myeongdong district holds a light show for all Seoulites to enjoy every year. Renowned as the first department store to be established in the country, Shinsegae has been supplying Seoul with affluent fashion since the 1930s and continues to do so.

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5) Seoul City Hall Plaza


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Every year, Seoul City Hall Plaza never fails to bring Christmas cheer to the city and it brings it hard. As a bustling area with festivals happening nearly every day, it’s no wonder that City Hall goes full force with the Christmas spirit. Just like last year, you will find an enormous Christmas tree lit up at the plaza.

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6) Everland Theme Park


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Whether you are single or a couple, Everland is one of the best places to feel rich Christmas vibes. With a gigantic Christmas tree and a fantastic display of lights and fireworks, you and all your significant ones are sure to have a Merry Christmas at Everland.

If you want to go to Everland, make sure you check the best deals at Everland on Make sure you reserve your seats in advance if you need transportation!

2. Treat Yourself with Warm Winter Treats

1) Roasted Chestnuts


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In Korea, you won’t find your traditional Christmas fixings such as eggnog, cranberry sauce, or candy canes. Not even a jolly red Santa Claus!

However, you will definitely find roasted chestnuts among the street food vendors. Known as “gunbam” (군밤), this is an all-time favorite winter snack. They may not be roasted over an open fire, but you will find these tiny treats roasting on street-side grills under the tender care of a sweet “ajumma (a middle-aged Korean woman)”.

2) Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Often seen in Korean dramas, these roasted sweet potatoes, or “gun-goguma (군고구마)” in Korean, are a winter staple in Korea that you will sure to come across while traveling Seoul. Just look for a large round barrel! The sweet potatoes are roasting inside while becoming juicier.

3. Have Fun at the Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

Get a pair of ice skates and glide on the ice! This may sound like a cliche, but ice skating is one of the Christmas classics that people never get sick of.

In Seoul, you can find marvelous ice skating rinks, but you’ll definitely want to check out the Grand Hyatt Seoul Ice Rink. Not only is it breathtakingly gorgeous, but you can get all kinds of discounts and specials if you go during the weekdays!

👇 Things to do Around Grand Hyatt Seoul 👇

Hope our list of Christmas ideas makes your holiday in Seoul wonderful! As always, make sure to stop by Korea’s #1 Travel Shop,, to discover the latest, trendiest, and newest things to do in South Korea!

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