If you are looking for unique and fun things to do with your friends, family, or lover in Daegu, you should definitely check out the list below! As a matter of fact, there are various craft-making classes that you can enjoy in Daegu. What’s more, you can take home your results as a souvenir, which can also be a wonderful gift idea. Check out the DIY classes and plan your weekend in advance!

1. Miniature Terrarium Making Class

Terrariums are a type of planting where you add soil, grass, moss, and other plants inside an enclosed container. Create your own little living ecosystem by making your own miniature terrarium! You can take home your terrarium and continue to grow plants. It’s a perfect educational craft experience for all ages.

2. Ceramic Mug Painting & Pottery Wheel Experience

Decorate your own personal ceramic mug with pictures and vibrant colors! You’ll get to experience baking pottery and learn about why the baking process is essential. Moreover, you’ll have a chance to use the pottery wheel and experience clay molding.

3. Neon Sign & Moon Light Making Class

Experience making your unique and fancy neon sign or mood light! It’s a great way to add a cozy atmosphere to your home with dazzling lights. Also, it’ll be a fun and creative time with your loved ones or a great gift idea. You can choose the templates and colors according to your own taste.

4. Custom Ring Making Class

Ring-making is a popular and trendy activity among many coupled in Korea. Book a custom ring-making workshop in Daegu and make your one-of-a-kind silver ring with your lover or friends! It’ll be a special couple ring or friendship ring that also gives you unforgettable memories. You can personalize your ring with letterings and accessories.

5. Rattan Weaving Experience

Rattan wood weaving is a unique type of craft technique that uses flexible rattan wood. You can make all kinds of objects by weaving rattan! In this class, you will make your own basket by weaving rattan wood in 2 different shapes, which are peanut shape and chestnut shape.

6. Silkscreen Printing Class on a T-Shirt or Eco Bag

Silkscreen printing is an advanced way of printing designs on fabrics and it remains in great condition for a very long time. In this experience, you’ll print awesome designs on a t-shirt or tote bag using silkscreen printing techniques. It’ll be a perfect custom fashion item for you or your family and close friends!

7. Traditional Korean Folk Painting Class

Traditional Korean Folk Art is a unique type of art that uses vivid colors and focuses on the main object of the painting. In this workshop, you’ll learn about traditional Korean folk art and get to paint one by yourself! After the class, you can take home the special Korean folk art painting that you made.

8. Orgel Music Box Making Class

Join this class and make your own orgel music box, which is a great instrument to listen to on any occasion. You can either choose from pre-designed music boxes that have a theme of Daegu city or design your own creative wooden pieces using a laser cutter.

9. Health Pillow Embroidery Making Class

Museum Soo is a traditional embroidery museum in Daegu where you can get to see hundreds of unique fabric artwork. In this museum, you can learn about traditional embroidery while enjoying a cup of tea and snacks. Also, you will have hands-on experience making your own health pillow with dried red beans, which are known to help you get deep sleep!

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