Korea is known for its four distinct seasons. With the seasons, comes seasonal beauties you certainly cannot miss. If you’ve fallen in love with fall, as cliche as that sounds, you have to visit Korea during its beautiful autumn. Why Korea, you ask? Well, you get the cool weather and breeze, sapphire-blue skies, cotton candy clouds, and most of all, the magnificent autumn leaves in all their warm and vibrant colors. But we all know the stereotypical foliage viewing spots: Mt. Seorak, Namsan… So, we’ve got you something special! One of the best places to view beautiful foliage is Daegu, an easy-breezy city right next to bustling Busan. Read more to get to know the top places to view the fall foliage in Daegu!

By the way, if you’re not sure when is the best time to go see the fall foliage, read our blog on Ultimate Guide to Autumn Foliage in Korea where you can find national forecasts on peak times.

1. Palgongsan Driveway – Donghwasa, Buinsa, Pagyesa

Daegu is situated in a basin, surrounded by mountains with gorgeous views of the fall foliage. Among locals, the most loved mountain is probably Palgongsan. Maple trees paint the entire stretch of the mountain in a mesmerizing red color. Here, you can choose two ways to view the fall foliage. Firstly, if you have a rented car, you can drive through the ring road that links up major temples: Donghwasa, Buinsa, and Pagyesa. You can stop by any of these temples and view the foliage from the bottom up. Secondly, you can go up the mountain by cable car. Then, you can enjoy Daegu’s fall foliage with a top-down view of Daegu city, with its major landmarks like 83 Tower and Geumho River. What’s more, is that you can also enjoy some pajeon (Korean scallion pancake) and makgeolli (Korean rice wine) when you reach the top. You can simply choose to go on a Busan vicinity foliage tour by booking with Trazy!

2. E-World & 83 Tower

E-World is a must-visit theme park in Daegu. Many people visit here in the spring to see its cherry blossoms, but you should definitely head there in autumn too, as the park changes color into all the golden, warm colors of fall. E-World often holds beautiful festivals around the peak foliage times, for all their visitors to enjoy the gorgeous leaves to the absolute fullest. Although they have yet to release their festival schedules, I can’t wait to see what festivities lie ahead! Not only can you enjoy thrilling rides here, but you can also view the turning leaves under Daegu’s main landmark – the 83 Tower.  Speaking of the tower, you can also head up the 83 Tower to see Daegu colored with all the beautiful fall colors. From a birds-eye view, you’ll be able to take in all the Daegu’s main landmarks and its warm colors!

To enjoy both the foliage and some thrilling rides at this quirky theme park, book your discounted E-World ticket with Trazy!

You can also join a 1-day tour from Busan to Daegu E-World & 83 Tower Observatory!

3. Daegu Stadium

Daegu Stadium is a must-visit location for all sports fans and more since it’s such a “state-of-art” facility. As the hosting location for the International Association of Athletics Federation World Athletics Championships 2011, it is most certainly one of Daegu’s landmarks. But it’s also a very well-known photo spot among locals. Especially in the autumn, the western park completely changes into an orange and red palette with its beautiful autumn leaves. Local families come here for a breezy picnic, where kids fly a few kites overlooking the gorgeous turning leaves under the sapphire blue sky. The main road gets flooded with red, brown, and orange maple tree leaves. It’s a perfect place to wind down and relax with your friends and family during your busy trip, with an unforgettable view.

4. Eco Theme Park Daegu Forest

Eco Theme Park Daegu Forest is an eco-friendly theme park, that displays Korea’s beautiful nature and ecology. It is known to be in tune with nature all 365 days, regardless of the season. While visitors head to Eco Theme Park Daegu Forest to zipline among greenery, in fall, visitors head there for their beautiful foliage. The Hongdanpunggil (Red leaves street) is especially a major attraction. This road stretches for 1 kilometer, lined up on both sides by stunning red leaves, as the name of the street suggests. Walk along the street, stepping through the rusting fallen leaves, and view the beautiful colors that the autumn season in Korea brings. Visit Eco Theme Park Daegu Forest among other foliage locations with Trazy’s foliage tour from Busan!

5. Apsan & Apsan Observatory

Apsan is certainly not a difficult hike that requires a cable car to comfortably get to the top. If you’re traveling with kids, head to Apsan to view the beautiful foliage there. Not only is it a breezy and comfortable hike, but Apsan also has an awesome observatory. You’ll get to see the autumn leaves in their full colors on your way up, and then get to see the entire Daegu city. You’ll be mesmerized by how modern and old this city feels all at once. Also, don’t forget to take some family photos to take home at the observatory. It will certainly become one of your favorite photo spots, with its stunning view of the fall foliage and Daegu city.

6. Dodong Seowon

Seowon” was a place where Confucian scholars gathered to exchange ideas and hold memorial services in 14th-19th century Korea. Dodong Seowon, built in 1568, is one of these old locations, now selected as one of the UN heritage sites. It captures the intricate architecture and the Confucian thought that comes with it, from the Joseon era. You might ask why this old “school” is included in the list of places to view the fall foliage in Daegu. But this special Seowon has a 400-year-old Ginko tree that turns into a beautiful golden yellow tree in the fall. So, this is certainly a perfect spot to enjoy the architecture, culture, philosophy, and foliage of Korea. All the wonderful things about Korea are in one beautiful place.

7. Parks in the City Center

Are you tight on schedule, and haven’t got time to go anywhere far to view the fall foliage in Daegu? Don’t worry, there are plenty of prime spots in Daegu city center to see the turning leaves.

Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park honors the Gukchae-bosang movement in 1907. Back then, Korean citizens gathered and gave way their gold items to support the government through a crisis. This park most notably houses the majestic Dalgubeol Bell in a traditional structure. You can grab a seat on a bench among the red maple trees, and take a breather before heading to your next destination.

2.28 Central Memorial Park is located on the most bustling street in Daegu: Dongseong-ro. This park honors the movement that happened on February 28th, 1960, against Seungman Rhee‘s autocratic administration.

Gyeongsang gamyeong Park (Jungang Park) has two official Tangible Cultural Assets: Seonhwadang hall and Jingcheonggak Pavilion. These old government complexes show the history and culture of Daegu. Alongside these historic assets, the park offers a wonderful view of the foliage. You’ll get to walk over yellow leaves that completely cover up the ground. These stunning leaves and the Korean traditional architecture create a beautiful harmony for you to enjoy.

Dalseong Park is the oldest outdoor park in Daegu, which was once a fortress location. Now, it’s a green space with a grass plaza, a cultural hall, a small zoo, and more. You’ll certainly be able to enjoy some leisure in this relaxed park, among rustling leaves in beautiful colors.

With all these absolutely stunning foliage locations, you certainly cannot leave Daegu out of your travel agenda in Korea. More so if you’re visiting Korea in the fall. If you want to get to all these locations hassle-free, book Daegu City Tour Bus Ticket. As always, to stay informed, visit Trazy.com, your Korea’s #1 Travel Shop!
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  1. Hello.. Me, my husband and my 10month baby go to Daegu on 25~28 oct and to Jeju 28~31oct.
    How is the weather today? Could you advise best place and good view in Daegu..

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