Looking for unique things to do while you visit Seoul? Look no further because we have it all right here for you! eat all you love! play all you love! and make all the things you love right here!

1. Eat

You’ve probably tried a lot of the food and snacks on the streets of Seoul, but have you ever tried making the snacks you ate? No? then what are you waiting for! read on and check out what we have to offer.

1) Korean Rice Cake with Sweet Bean Filling/Sweet Rice Puffs making

Rice cake and Rice Puffs are delicious Korean traditional snacks many enjoy eating. The Tak sisters invite you to their shop ‘Sunny’s Dining’ to make adorable rice cakes filled with sweet bean filling or sweet rice puffs. In this tour, you will learn how to make rice cakes and puffs with the assistance of the Tak sisters, and be able to add your own artistic touch molding and coloring your snacks!

Come and have a go at making Korean Rice Cake and Rice Puffs!

2) Korean Rice Cake & Edible Wrapping Cloth Making Class

Have you ever thought, “what if I could eat the wrap of a snack as well?”

Well, guess what, you can also try that here! learn how to make traditional rice cakes using healthy natural ingredients, and decorate your rice cake with an edible wrapping cloth to take back home!

Click here to try Korean Rice Cake & Edible Wrapping Cloth Making Class

3) Traditional Cooking/ Craft/ Tea Ceremony Experience at the Korean Food Master’s Center

Here is a chance to try and make Korea’s all time favorite street food. Tteokbokki! Come to the Korean Food Master’s Center and learn how to make what whas a king’s delicacy during ancient times, Gung Jung Tteokbokgi, among many other delicious dishes! Click below to find out more about this tour!

Book a Traditional Cooking class at the Korean Food Master’s Center

If there is food, then you’ll need drinks too. Don’t miss out on these awesome opportunities we have for you! Continue reading!

4) Traditional Tea Ceremony at Bukchon Hanok Village

If you are looking for a quiet relaxing experience this is just for you. Come here to Bukchon Hanok Village, housing the Traditional Korean Tea Institute, where Professor Seo Eunju, a traditional tea expert guides your intriguing experience of the tea ceremony and culture in an authentic Korean house (Hanok). You can even wear traditional Korean costumes (Hanbok) to be fully immersed in learning about tea culture!

You are sure to have a Tea-riffic time when you come here!

Get your tickets to experience a Traditional Tea Ceremony at Bukchon Hanok Village

5) Traditional Rice Wine Making at Korean Food Master’s Center

Last but not least, don’t miss this special chance to try brewing your very own Korean rice wine with the help of a brewmaster! and of course, you get to take it back with you to drink!

Book this chance to try Traditional Rice Wine Making!

2. Play

If you like a bit of walking and exploration, you’re going to want to try these out.

1) AT Center Yangjae Flower Market Experience

AT Center Yangjae Flower Market is well known for its size, as it’s the largest flower market in Korea. The markets sell a variety of beautiful flowers and potted plants, but people don’t just come here to buy flowers and plants. The AT Center Yangjae Flower Market also offers a variety of activities you can participate in. You can sign up for a floral design class and create beautiful flower arrangements taught by world-class floral design experts, participate in a flower auction inside the market, or go on a full tour of the flower market. You can also try edible flowers during the market tour or floral design classes!

Book your tickets now to the Flower Market Experience!

2) Korea Industrialization History Walking Tour

Are you tired of all the tours taking you to cliche tourist attractions and usual shopping spots around Seoul? then how about joining this tranquil tour and journey every nook and cranny of Sewoon Plaza and the alleyways of Euljiro. In this tour, you will learn about the history of Korea’s industrialization and how Seoul came to be what it is now.

Book your tickets to the Korea Industrialization History Tour

3) Han River Wakeboard / Water Ski Lesson

Are you tired of traveling all the way to beaches and waterparks to play in the water? Don’t go too far, we have exactly what you wished for here. Learn how to wakeboard or water ski in Han River! and don’t worry if it’s your first time, because experienced instructors are always there to help you become a pro in no time!

Don’t miss a chance to try the Han River wakeboard / Water Ski Lesson

4) Han River Boat / Yacht Ride

Or if you just want to chill, this could be just for you. Enjoy a boat or yacht ride in the Han River and take in the amazing cityscape as well as visiting one of Korea’s must-visit spots, Sevit Island. You’ll get a choice of 7 different boats for your relaxing experience.

Book a boat ride on the Han River

5) Taekkyeon

Have a go at some traditional activities too!


Did you know Taekwondo isn’t the only Korean Martial Art? Taekkyeon is another traditional martial art that you can try right here! click below for more information about the experience!

Have a go at the Korean Martial Arts Taekkyeon Experience in Insadong!

6) Traditional Korean Dance Class

Or create your own dance moves in this traditional dance class experience. Learn traditional Korean dance moves seen in K-dramas and K-pop performances and turn it into your very own dance while wearing traditional Korean dance costumes. Click the link to find out more!

Have a go at Traditional Korean Dance Classes!

3. Make

For those of you creative and artistic visitors, we’ve got a choice of different activities to unleash your artistic skills so continue reading!

1) Make Your Own Ceramic Flute / Cup

Here’s a chance to try making some traditional craft. Learn how to communicate with the world with clay! Come to Studio Zino to play with ceramics! The class is lead by Zino, a ceramic artist with a hearing and intellectual disability who will teach you how to make a flute or a cup for you to take home with you! Book a ticket now to try this heartwarming lesson on making flutes and cups!

Book a ticket to Make Your Own Ceramic Flute / Cup

2) Traditional Korean Pottery 

Have a go at this unique Korean Pottery class in Itaewon, where you can interact with people visiting from all over the world! What’s fun about this place is that once you make your pot, it will be given to future visitors with a message written on the bottom, and you will also receive a pot with a message made by previous visitors.

Book a spot to make Traditional Korean Pottery

3) Korean Traditional Accessories with ‘Hanji’

Also, don’t miss this awesome opportunity to make a variety of adorable accessories using Traditional Korean paper, Hanji in Itaewon’s Memorize4!

Make Accessories with Korean Traditional Paper ‘Hanji’

4) Jjok Dyeing

Another unique experience you can try is Jjok Dyeing, which is a Korean traditional Indigo dyeing technique which is used to create blue colored clothes. Join this once in a lifetime experience and make your very own tote bag. draw your own patterns onto the bag and then dip it in the dye! The dyeing workshop is located in Bukchon Hanok Village, so there is plenty of places to hang around to eat or check out afterwards!

Book now to Make Your Own Canvas Tote Bag!

5) Fragrant Flower Wax Tablets

Bet you haven’t tried this before either! Enter a wax tablet workshop and make your every own scented wax tablet and decorate them with dried flowers! This is a perfect present to bring back.

Make Your Own Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet

6) Beeswax Candle Making Experience

Take a short break from your fast routine life and enjoy a slow relaxing day learning about urban beekeeping. You’ll also get to make beeswax candles!

Try this fantastic Beeswax Candle Making Experience!

7) Korean Acrylic & Watercolor Painting Class

Calling all artists, calling all artists. This is the perfect activity for you! Come to this workshop located in Gangnam where you can paint away! Choose your own ready-made Korean pattern templates, or you can even bring your own pictures to paint! Experts will help you paint and teach you different sketching and painting techniques so you can bring your picture to life!

Book your experience to try a Korean Acrylic & Watercolor Painting Class

8) Engrave Korean Words & Designs on Wood

Did we mention you can make artwork using fire? yes, fire. Using a unique craft called pyrography, where you burn patterns and letters onto wood. Sounds cool right? because it really is. Try pyrography for the first time and make cool accessories for you to take home!

Try pyrography and Engrave Korean Words and Designs on Wood!

9) Puppy Dolls With Yarn

Do you love puppies? or simply love animal plush dolls? if so, join this arts & crafts class and make a mini puppy head doll with yarn! Choose any breed you want to make the instructor will teach step by step. Don’t worry if you aren’t skilled, because it is super easy and super fun! Click below now!

Come and Make Your Own Puppy Doll with Yarn!

For more detail on each of the activities listed above, make sure to check out Trazy.com for more ideas!


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