Eden Valley Ski Resort Guide: Best Busan Ski Resort

Visit Eden Valley Ski Resort, the only ski resort near Busan to quench your thirst for ski experience!

Eden Valley Ski Resort is the best ski resort you can get to from Busan and the southeastern part of Korea. Because this region has warmer weather and little snowfall, you’d more often see rain than snow even in winter. However, in about an hour by car from Busan, you can easily get to Eden Valley Ski Resort that offers a place full of snow for skiing and snowboarding.

This one and only ski resort in the province of Gyeongsangnamdo (South Gyeongsang Province) is often praised for its family-friendly facilities and activities that even kids and non-skiers can enjoy as well. If you want to know more about what Eden Valley Ski Resort has to offer for your winter holiday in Busan, Korea, check out this Eden Valley Ski Resort Guide!

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Eden Valley Ski Resort at a glance

Location Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province
Travel time from Busan 1 hour
Number of slopes 7
Number of ski lifts 3

If you’d like to know the opening date of Eden Valley Ski resort for 2018/19, Click here!

About the Slopes in Eden Valley Ski Resort

Eden Valley Ski Resort has slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels but more inclines are designed for beginners and intermediates: 2 beginner, 3 intermediate, and 2 advanced slopes. 

| For beginners: If you’re a first-timer or a beginner, try the Basic and Main slopes with gentle inclinations

| For intermediates: After having some skills polished at the beginner slopes, push yourself into the Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus slopes. The intermediate slopes are longer and steeper enough to give you some more thrills!

| For experts: The Mercury and Venus are the steepest slopes of the ski resorts that are geared for advanced skiers and snowboarders.

Eden Valley Ski Resort offers facilities and tours for non-skiers, too. Kids who are too young to ski can enjoy tube sledding and sleigh rides. Also, if you just want to play with snow without skiing, take a look at the free time option.

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How to go to Eden Valley Ski Resort from Busan

By Public Bus

Take Bus No. 1000 near Yangsan station (Busan Subway Line 2) → Get off at Eden Valley Ski Resort Bus Stop

By Shuttle Bus

If you’re staying in downtown Busan such as near Busan Station or Seomyeon Station, taking Eden Valley Ski Resort Shuttle Bus comes in handy.
| Book Eden Valley Ski Resort Shuttle Bus from Busan

By Tour

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Overnight stay at Eden Valley Ski Resort

Thinking of an overnight ski trip to Eden Valley Ski Resort? 

White Palace Condominium inside Eden Valley Resort should be where you stay! White Palace Condominium offers rooms for 4~6 people with excellent facilities, which is perfect for family unit visitors.

Especially during this winter season from Dec 15 to Feb 28, the room reservation at White Palace Condominium is available at up to 50% off the original price.

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(Up to 54% OFF / Dec ~ Feb)

Speaking of the view from your room, the landscape of quiet ski slopes blanketed by snow over your window can’t be more romantic at night. The next day, dazzling sunlight reflected by the white slopes will wake you up in the morning. Open the window and refresh yourself with clear and chilly mountain breezes. This, you can only experience with an overnight stay at the resort.

You’ll also be able to enjoy Eden Valley Ski Resort’s various amenities including its Korean spa (jjimjilbang), restaurant and country club during your overnight stay.
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A popular attraction to visit near Eden Valley Ski Resort

Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan

Thanks to its easy access from Busan, you can do some sightseeing as well as visit Eden Valley Ski Resort in one day.

In the morning, first look around Gamcheon Culture Village, known as Santorini of Asia, when the village is yet to bustle with too many tourists.

It will make the beginning of your day enchanting with picturesque scenery of artsy cafes and shops in the backdrop of the ocean. With lots of pretty murals, cute statues, and artistic decorations of the village, you’ll feel like walking somewhere in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ world. 

Spend your morning in the childhood fantasy of Gamcheon Culture Village. Then, gear yourself up for a proper winter adventure and head to Eden Valley Ski Resort in the afternoon. 

To find more about the combined tour, see below.
Gamcheon Culture Village & Eden Valley Ski Resort 1 Day Tour

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Busan ↔ Eden Valley Ski Resort Shuttle Bus

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Gamcheon Culture Village & Eden Valley Ski Resort Tour

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  1. Hi there, my family of 2 Adults and 1 child (11yrs old). We will be in Busan from 12 to 14 Dec 2018. Before heading back to Seoul, we would like to experience skying close to Busan. Please advice 2D 1N stay either at white palace condominium or Eden Valley resort. Our route as follows: Busan to ski resort 14 to 15 Dec. How can we travel back to Seoul on 15 Dec?

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