The thing that makes Bangkok a paradise for backpackers is cheap but excellent street food! You may not believe how many kinds of street food you can enjoy with only 10 dollars. This will be a full-course meal starting from Spring Rolls, Som Tam as an appetizer and savoring Pad Thai as the main dish and finally, having Roti, Sticky Rice with Mango, Watermelon Juice as a dessert. Let’s find out the ultimate tips on how to enjoy the best street food in Bangkok to the fullest!

Bangkok’s Best Street Food

1. Pad Thai with Egg (40THB)

You may have heard of or tried Pad Thai before! Pad Thai is already a world-famous Thai street food. Its name is a combination of 2 words-‘Fry (Pad) + Thai (Thailand)‘. It is a stir-fry dish made of rice noodles, peanuts, scrambled eggs, bean sprouts, and fish sauce. You can enjoy Pad Thai with extra options like shrimp, chicken, tofu according to your preference. Fun fact is that it used to be a government-led project to spread its recipe to the public. That’s why the recipe hasn’t changed much after all these years. Hence whatever vendor you choose on the street, it will be the best Pad Thai you’ve ever tasted!

2. Spring Rolls 3pcs (40THB)

Are you looking for something crispy and juicy at the same time? Here is the perfect food for you! Thai Spring Rolls are made of ground pork, matchstick cut carrots, sliced cabbage, and thinly sliced onion. They are wrapped up and fried until they turn gold. Caution! Once you dip it into the sweet fish sauce and have a bite, you can’t stop picking up the next one. Bangkok’s temperature in the daytime is over 32 degrees and contains high humidity even in the winter season, which can be hot enough to take away your appetite. That’s why the Bangkok Tuk-Tuk Night Tour is highly recommended to tourists. Oh, and don’t forget to join Thai Bus Food Tour as well!


3. Banana Nutella Roti (50THB)


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The ultimate combination of delicious food and SUPER delicious food is here. Thai pancake or “Roti” can be endlessly diverse as vendors offer so many different filling options like bananas, chocolate sauce, Nutella, apples, etc. One thing for sure is that you can never be dissatisfied with the combination of Nutella and banana!

4. Som Tam (40THB)

Som Tam is a Thai green salad that combines four kinds of flavors – sour, chili, sweet, and salty. It’s even known as one of the world’s 50 most delicious cuisines by CNN because of its rich flavors. Plus, Som Tam is very easy to cook even for foreigners and that is why there are so many cooking classes for Som Tam in Bangkok.

If you want to learn how to cook this fascinating Thai street food on your own, here is a Traditional Thai Cooking Class & Market Tour in Bangkok just for you. This cooking class offers different programs every day, so don’t forget to check the program details in advance!

5. Sticky Rice with Mango (70THB)

Can you imagine how it will taste like if you eat rice with fruits? Whoever came up with this crazy ensemble, you will probably appreciate the creator for awakening your tastebuds and introducing a whole new world. If you’re looking for something surprisingly tasty, you shouldn’t miss out on this special dessert in Bangkok!

6. Watermelon Juice (50THB)

You can see a lot of vendors selling various kinds of fruit juices with ice on the street. When you get exhausted in the extremely hot and humid weather in Bangkok, just say “One Thang Mo Ban, please.” This magical sentence will immediately save your life by helping you hydrate and recharge energy. If you hold a cup of watermelon juice in your hand, you won’t be afraid of walking around Bangkok city in the middle of the day. Here are the top-rated tour spots you can visit during the daytime.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Maeklong Railway Market are the 2 most unique markets that can be found only in Thailand. Grab the chance to visit these unique markets while having delicious Thai street food! If you have trouble choosing which market to go, read the information below.

Bangkok’s Best Market Tour

1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak is one of the most famous floating markets where you can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Thailand on a longtail boat. Numerous boat vendors sell countless kinds of local products and food and you can have a unique experience of savoring delicious Thai foods on a floating boat. You will never regret joining these authentic tours in Thailand!

The Best Recommended Damnoen Saduak Tours

2. Maeklong Railway Market

It’s certainly an unforgettable experience to witness vendors rapidly pulling off their awnings and products from the tracks when the train approaches. Just like the Miracle of Moses! It looks extremely dangerous but you’ll be stunned to see how quickly everyone gets back to their daily lives like nothing just happened. Check out Maeklong Railway Market Tour below and get a chance to see this unbelievable scenery.

If you want to know more about Thai local food, read more blogs below.

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