Tips & Recommendations for Everland Attractions 2019

Everland is the largest theme park in Korea and has a wide range of attractions for people of all ages. In case you lack enough time to explore everything in one day, we suggest you to set a priority depending on your taste and whom you are going with. To get a full access to all the attractions, you need a One Day Pass, which you can get at a special discounted price here.

Here are the recommended attractions!

1. For Families with Children

1) Panda World

  • Location: Zootopia

At Panda World, children not only can view pandas but also can have a vivid experience of a panda’s everyday life through advanced IT devices. It is a great chance to let your children learn more about pandas!

2) Lost Valley

  • Location: Zootopia
  • The exhibition of animals may be limited in cold weather for the protection of animals.
  • Lost Valley is currently closed due to maintenance and expected to reopen in April, 2019.

Lost Valley Safari offers an up close and in person opportunity to learn and experience how to coexist with animals. You will ride Everland’s special convertible amphibian vehicle and move from water to land where approximately 150 unique animal species roam freely. It can be an once-in-a-lifetime experience to your children.

3) Safari World

  • Location: Zootopia
  • The exhibition of animals may be limited in cold weather for the protection of animals.

Safari World features the kings of grasslands and jungle, including lions, tigers, and bears. It is a rare chance for your children to see these animals at a close distance inside the safari vehicle.

2. For Thrill Maniacs

1) T Express

  • Location: European Adventure

T Express is the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster with a top speed of 104 km per hour at a 77 degree angle. It is also one of the must-try rides at Everland. If you are a thrill maniac, you should definitely challenge taking T Express!

2) Thunder Falls

  • Location: Magic Land

Thunder Falls is the ride with the longest waterway and the largest falling angle. It is so fast that you might get all wet if you sit in the front, but the thrill will meet your expectation for sure. It is highly recommended to thrill maniacs!

3. For Romantic Lovers

1) Four Seasons Garden

  • Location: European Adventure

At Four Seasons Garden, you can appreciate various flowers and take instagrammable pictures with your lover. Everland Tulip Festival is especially recommended, which is held every Spring. This year, it is held from March 16th to April 28th, 2019.

2) Rose Garden

  • Location: European Adventure

Roses are known as the most romantic flowers and Rose Garden is the perfect place for lovers to have a romantic moment. Everland Rose Festival is usually held from May to June so keep and eye on the festival schedule!

More Tips to Enjoy Everland!

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