Everland Q-PASS (Express Pass): Tips on How to Avoid Long Queue

As the largest theme park in Korea, Everland has been continuously loved for its wide range of attractions and has become one of the must-visit destinations for tourists visiting Korea.

Yet, it is important to note that the lines for certain attractions at Everland can get ridiculously long, especially on weekends or during high-season. For example, the queue time for Everland’s most loved ride, the T-Express, can be around 2 hours on busy days! However, this shouldn’t deter you from visiting Everland, as with the Everland Q-Pass, there is no need to worry about standing in line.

What is Everland Q-Pass?

The Everland Q-Pass is a fast-track pass that allows you to skip the queue and enjoy the attraction right away when you want to. There are 5 attractions in Everland where the Q-Pass can be used to skip the queue. The 5 attractions are T-Express, Amazon World, Lost Valley, Panda World, and Safari World. Read more about each of the attractions below!

1. T-Express

T-Express, a thrilling wooden roller coaster that reaches the speed of 104km/h as it drops from a 77 degree angle, is one of the scariest and most-loved rides at Everland.

2. Amazon Express

At Amazon World, you will be able to feel the cool splashes of water as the adventurous boat ride carries you along the wild river of the Amazon.

3. Lost Valley

At Lost Valley, you will get a unique chance to ride a bus that runs on water to get a closer view of over 300 animals of 20 different species.

4. Panda World

Pandas are animals that are extremely hard to come by. Luckily for you, at Panda World, you will be able to see not just one, but two, adorable giant pandas.

5. Safari World

At Safari World, you will be able to meet the world’s fiercest animals, such as lions, tigers, and bears, super close-up!

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So How Do You Get This Q-Pass?

You can purchase Trazy’s Everland Discount Ticket & 1 Q-Pass Package. This package includes 1-Day Ticket to Everland, which grants you unlimited access to all of the attractions inside Everland, and 1 Q-Pass to an attraction of your choice. At the attraction that you have selected, show your Q-Pass and you will be able to skip the queue, no matter how long it is.

Also, for the month of June, Trazy is giving out KRW 5,000 gift vouchers that can be used inside Everland to buy snacks or merchandise when you purchase Trazy’s Everland Discount Ticket & 1 Q-Pass Package. So make sure to grab this deal while it lasts!

Worried about transportation options to and from Everland? With Trazy, there is no need to be! With Trazy’s Everland Discount Ticket & 1 Q-Pass Package, you’ll have the option to ride the shuttle bus that departs from major locations within Seoul in the morning. After a day of fun at Everland, you can either take the evening bus or the night bus to be dropped off in Seoul again.

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