Korea’s perishing winter has gone. The weather is getting warm, spring flowers with vivid colors start blooming, and it’s high time we planned a day trip to Everland, the biggest theme park in Korea. Yay!

Let’s have a look at what we’ve got here today!


1. Tulip Festival

2. Romantic Night at Everland

3. Top Attractions to Awaken from Hibernation


1. Everland Tulip Festival 2024: Fairy Town with Sanrio Characters


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The Four Seasons Garden at Everland is filled with a variety of spring flowers including tulips of every color. The garden features sculptures and paths decorated with colorful spring flowers. Visitors will fall in love with the bed of tulips, a perfect photo spot for your Instagram!

  • Festival Period: Mar 22 – Jun 16, 2024


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Explore Everland with the cute Sanrio characters all around including Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, and more especially at the photo zone at the Four Seasons Garden.


1) Entry

| Fairy Town Portal, Welcome Garden, Fairy Town Central Park

Slide into the Four Seasons Garden on a colorful slide and catch the adorable Sanrio characters on the extra-large LED screen, against the color bed of flowers.

Also, be greeted by massive Sanrio character faces made out of flowers as well as hidden amongst them!

2) Food & Drinks, Stores

| Kuromi’s Charming Popcorn Truck, Pochacco’s Ice Cream Chacha, Cinnamoroll’s Fluffy Clouds, Little Twin Star’s Twinkle Store

If you’ve got the munchies, make sure to stop by either Kuromi, Pochacco, or Cinnamoroll’s food stalls to grab something to eat. From popcorn to banana ice cream, if you’ve got a sweet tooth you’re sure to be satisfied.

3) Experiences

| Hello Kitty’s Happy Perfume Lab, My Melody’s Romantic Picnic, Pompompurin’s Choo Choo Train

Don’t forget to make a pit stop at Hello Kitty, My Melody, or Pompompurin’s too! Whether it’s a picnic out in the open or a train ride around Everland, make the most out of the day at Fairy Town!

Events and Entertainment

1) Sanrio Characters Photo Time

| Period: Mar 23 – Apr 21, 2024 (Every Sat, Sun)
| Location: Four Seasons Garden

If you’ve come all the way to Everland for Fairy Town, don’t forget to take a photo with one of Sanrio’s My Melody and Kuromi while you’re there!

2) Sanrio Characters MD

From an adorable Kuromi popcorn bucket to Sanrio Characters blankets, umbrellas, keyrings and more make sure to get your hands on these limited edition merchandise so you’ll always remember this special day.

Also, with a Sanrio Characters themed Life4cuts stationed inside Everland, don’t forget to grab a photo with these cuties too!

3) Lenny and Lara’s Magical Sketchbook

| Period: Apr 19 – Jun 16, 2024
| Location: Carnival Plaza

Join Lenny and Lara on a magical adventure where imagination becomes reality!

Also, don’t forget to check out Haneul Jeongwon (Sky Garden) Trail, where you can walk amongst the beautiful spring plum blossoms, from March 15th, 2024.

Starting with plum blossoms, you’ll be able to catch a myriad of flora such as tulips, cherry blossoms, and even royal azaleas. Find out more here.

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2. Romantic Night at Everland


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However, we strongly recommend staying at Everland until the night falls. The reason is simple; the longer you stay, the more fun you come across. Evening shows and events will greet visitors who stay until late in the evening. For example, you can admire a stunning fireworks show with your loved ones.

With the rich fragrance of spring flowers, the fireworks at night will make your day out at Everland even more romantic. Seize this wonderful moment with your loved ones.

Make sure to check out the detailed schedule for the fireworks on Everland’s official website.

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3. Top Attractions to Awaken from Hibernation


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As spring thaws frozen air and lands, Everland‘s top rides also awaken from their winter break. The rides that re-operate from March include the T Express, the world’s best wooden coaster according to Mitch Hawker’s online poll in 2008 and 2010. It ensures an adventure-filled experience of an adrenaline rush.

Feel the spring breeze with the sweet scent of flowers, experience the thrill of the extreme rides, and wrap up your day with the romantic firework-adorned sky.

Read more about what to expect at Everland this year here!

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