Visit Everland, Korea’s largest theme park during the winter in Korea!

Everland Theme Park, located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, is getting ready to greet the new Christmas and winter season of 2022/2023.

Themed as “Snowman World”, a series of Christmas and winter-oriented marches, performances, and shows are going on in the streets and squares of the theme park.

Whether you’re looking for a family Christmas excursion or a romantic winter date with your partner, Everland has it all!

Here, we give you an A to Z guide to what to enjoy at Everland in winter.

Everland’s Winter season 2022-2023

| Operation hours

• Dec 1st, 2022 ~ Mar 1st, 2023:

Sun ~ ThursFri ~ Sat
10.00 am ~ 8.00 pm10.00 am ~ 9.00 pm


• Dec 24th (Sat): 10.00 am ~ 11.00 pm

• Dec 25th (Sun)~Dec 31st (Tue): 10.00 am ~ 9.00 pm

* The operation hours subject to change. Check out Everland’s official website for the exact schedule of fireworks and parade.
* The operation hours in 2022/2023 will be added once it’s updated on Everland’s official website.

| Admission: Everland discount tickets for foreigners are available at, an official partner of Everland.

Best Attractions at Everland in Winter

1. Snowman World

| Where: Four Seasons Garden

  • Snowman Panorama


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JJINS(@jjins_jjins_)님의 공유 게시물

It’ll feel like you’re in Winter Wonderland at the Four Seasons Garden this winter! Filled with all sorts of snowmen, big or small, with a hat or muffler on. Don’t forget to find your favorite snowman among the lot and pose next to it for a photo.

  • Special Snowman


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김은혜(@gimeunhye3876)님의 공유 게시물

Also, you don’t want to miss out on, although it will be quite impossible to do so, getting a photo with one special snowman in particular. Hail in the Year of the Rabbit with the gigantic snow bunny that will be sure to be one of your favorites.

2. Holland Village Night Lights

| Where: Holland Village

Right to the side, you’ll find Holland Village which is a quaint little European village located right in Everland. Quite popular for its rotisserie chicken and beer, enjoy the amazing food at the Christmas Food Market in Holland Village. In addition to that, watch the village basked in an array of colorful lights when it becomes dark, making it even more magical.

3. Snow Buster

| Where: Snow Buster Square (Next to the Entrance of  T-Express)

  • Snow Buster

Snow Buster – where children can have fun at the family course, while adults experience the excitement at the racing course. The best part is, families, couples, and friends can enjoy it to at the express course!  As for the fee, this fantastic facility is absolutely free! Also, you can easily take the lift up to play as many times as you want if you have your Everland 1 Day Pass ticket!

  • Snow Yard

A special zone made for winter! A snow activity zone for all to have a snowy fun time at Everland. Enjoy an exhilarating ride or two on a mini sled or capture the precious moments with your loved ones at the Igloo Photo Spot!

  • Snow Playground

    | Where: Festival Content Zone

The best part about winter is the soft white snow, so what better place to enjoy the snow than the Snow Playground. Enjoy a ride down the snowy slopes on a sled, build a snowman or two or play a few boardgames with your friends and family. Who knew playing in the snow could be this fun?

4. Bling Bling X-Mas Parade

| Where: Parade Route, Carnival Square

Twinkles of colorful illuminations under the moonlight brighten up the night sky of Everland. Arguably one of the star attractions during winter at Everland, enjoy the music and dances of Moon Light Parade and indulge yourself in this dreamy atmosphere.

5. Santa Village & Lenny’s Adventures

| Where: Grand Stage


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우현정(@_woo_hj)님의 공유 게시물

Are you ready for an amazing Christmas ensemble that will have you wishing Christmas never came to an end? Sing along or even dance along as our friends from Santa’s Village put on a magical performance!

Also, head off on a fun and exciting adventure with Lenny and his friends at Everland! Are you up for the challenge? Who knows what lies ahead…! Join Lenny on his amazing adventure.

6. Magic in the Sky

| Where: Four Seasons Garden


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신예은(@yen_pic)님의 공유 게시물

This is one stop you cannot miss. A splashy and ear-numbing display of fireworks marks the highlight of Everland’s winter festival. Together with your loved ones, spend a memorable night under the brilliant sparkles of fireworks on display!

Do you want to have a Christmas extravaganza at Everland? Have a look at these tickets and tour options that will take you to the winter wonderland of Korea!

| Ticket only
Discount Ticket – One Day Pass

| Transportation only
Round-trip Shuttle Bus (Seoul/Suwon ↔ Everland) Only

| Ticket + Transportation
Discount Ticket & Shuttle Bus Package
Full-Day Package
Discount Ticket & Private Van Transfer Package
1 Day Tour & Jisan Ski Resort

What are you waiting for? Head out to Everland to fill on festive cheer and feel the Christmas spirit!

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