Autumn in Seoul is absolutely wonderful – The leaves turn crisp and rich shades of yellow, red, orange and brown, the air is chilly, and you can start pulling out your light coats and scarves. It’s the perfect weather to walk around outside, bask in the cool breeze and to take in the gorgeous landscapes. Here’s our list of the best fall foliage spots in Seoul to take the best photos for Instagram. Head to them quickly before winter hits!

Palaces and Temples

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung palace is probably the most visited palace in Korea all-year-round. But in Autumn, the maple and gingko trees that surround the palace and its gardens turn into beautiful autumn shades. Take a stroll in the palace, perhaps with a Seoul Palace Tour. There are tons of unique activities you might want to try out in the area that you cannot find elsewhere. Be sure to try them out.

Things to do around Gyeongbokgung:

2. Changdeokgung & Bukchon Hanok Village

Changdeokgung, despite its bitter history, now blooms with beautiful autumn leaves. Its neighbor, Bukchon Hanok Village, is also a stunning location to view the turning leaves and Korea’s traditional houses. Walk among the beautiful autumn colors by booking a Walking Tour of the Secret Garden and Bukchon Hanok Village.

3. Gilsangsa Temple

Gilsangsa Temple is surrounded by many old trees and beautiful autumn leaves. It’s the perfect place to take a leisurely walk since the environment is peaceful and airy.

4. Deoksugung Palace

Beautiful scenery is everywhere along this stonewall road, with the trees that look particularly colorful when viewed against the Deoksugung Palace walls. If you want to take a close look, join a walking tour around Deoksugung Palace and Jeongdong. This is one of the best places to walk around in this breezy autumn weather!

5. Bongeunsa Temple

The summer hues of pink and white are replaced with shades of orange, yellow, and some green at Bongeunsa Temple – all against a serene backdrop of the Buddha statue. Bongeunsa Temple is conveniently located in Jamsil, with many nearby attractions. If you visit the Temple, be sure to check out all its neighboring attractions.

Things to do around Bongeunsa Temple:


6. Namsan

Namsan, located in the center of Seoul city, shows off its autumn foliage as the weather cools down. You can see warm colors up on the N Seoul Tower Observatory too. While you’re at it, visit the Namsangol Hanok Village, just at the foot of Namsan. If you want to see Namsan and all its glory conveniently, you can join a guided walking tour in Namsan.

7. Mt. Bukhansan

Bukhansan National Park is designated as Korea’s  15th national park. It is also one of the many rock climbing spots you can try out! Baegundae Peak is the highest point of this mountain, and you can see as far as Hangang River from the top. Bukhansan is also filled with multiple peak points which you can hike, depending on the various hiking courses you decide to take. We offer you a Basic route which takes you through numerous unknown yet beautiful spots and an advanced route for those daring to take the 7-hour climbing course! You can hike through the route of your choice and even rock-climb on this Hiking and Rock Climbing Tour of Mt. Bukhansan.

8. Mt. Gwanaksan

Mt. Gwanaksan is located in southern Seoul, and most trails are of moderate difficulty. The rocky valleys in Mt. Gwanaksan are perfect spots for an introduction to rock climbing. The peak is at 630m, providing a beautiful autumnal view of southern Seoul and Lotte World Tower. You can pick and choose your routes and the peaks you want to visit, through a Hiking & Rock Climbing Tour of Mt. Gwanaksan from Seoul


9. World Cup Park

Made up of five parks, World Cup Park is lined with endless nature paths. It also holds the Seoul Eulalia Festival at the top of the park to highlight the blooming field of reeds every autumn.

10. Dosan Memorial Park

A small but peaceful park, Dosan Memorial Park is full of golden autumn leaves and is a popular destination for office workers to enjoy a walk during their lunch breaks.


11. Garosugil (Sinsa-dong)

Garosugil means “street with trees” and it definitely is lined with lots of them, especially Ginkgo trees. Enjoy taking in these towering trees with yellow fan-shaped leaves as you shop along the streets or sip a cup of coffee.

12. Samcheongdong Road

The scenic stone wall road that runs beside Gyeongbokgung Palace is perfect for taking a stroll during autumn. At Samcheongdong Road, you’ll be greeted by shades of striking yellow, orange, and red. Try a walking tour to really enjoy it to the fullest!

There are many more fall foliage spots in Seoul. The easiest way to check them out is to sign up for a day tour, which can take you to the best fall foliage destinations in the vicinity of Seoul at the moment.

Book Seoul & Vicinities Autumn Foliage 1 Day Tour

Or if you’d like to check out more picturesque places across Korea to enjoy the fall foliage this autumn, try this tour! You can choose from the most popular fall foliage spots in Korea such as Seoraksan, Naejangsan, Odaesan, and Daedunsan.

Book Korea Autumn Foliage 1 Day Tour from Seoul

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