The drama “Pinocchio” has been on the screens since November, and is gaining massive popularity in both Korea and overseas. While much has been discussed about the plot and the cast, many are also curious about the filming locations that appear in the drama. The locations are scattered throughout Korea, including Seoul, Incheon and Wando.

1. Cheongsando Island (Wando)

This is a remote island located at the extreme south of the Korean peninsula in the province of Jeolla-namdo. The island is primarily agrarian in nature, with plenty of scenic spots and places to relax in, a perfect location for those wanting a getaway from the hectic urban lifestyle.

Cheongsando has also been labelled as a “slow city” in 2007 (a first in Asia), meaning that its population has to be less than 50,000, the city must be environmentally friendly, the city has to show active preservation of traditional culture, as well as its own unique cultural heritage. Before the filming of “Pinocchio”, Cheongsando has traditionally been a popular spot for filmmakers and producers due to its scenic landscape. Hit Korean movies such as “Seopyeonjae” has also been filmed here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.39.13


In the drama (Episode 1 and 2), Cheongsando Island appears as a fictional island called “Hyangrido”, and the characters of Dalpo (Lee Jong-seok) and Inha (Park Shin-hye) spend their adolescent days on the island. The island is depicted as being very scenic and was actually beautifully filmed, drawing attention from the fans. Especially the sunset scene, where Dalpo and Inha were staring into each others’ eyes, touched the hearts of the viewers.

2. Jamjindo Island (Incheon)

This is an island located in the city of Incheon. The island is named as such due to the fact that it appears as though the island is submerged in water when the tide comes in. In addition, Jamjindo is close to the island of Muuido, which is the filming location of the famous movie “Shilmido”.

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3. Nowon Police Office (Seoul)

A typical police office in Seoul, the place has been flooded with fans of the drama after being used for the filming. Nowon is located in the far northern end of Seoul, and is quite a trip from the central city. Public access is restricted (unless you wish to make a valid police report).

Seoul_Nowon_Police_StationScreen Shot 2014-12-29 at 13.15.24

4. YTN Sangam Office (Seoul)

This is quite a unique filming location, considering that the drama Pinocchio is an SBS production, and YTN is another broadcasting station. This has never been done before in Korea (usually when filming a drama about news or reporters, it was done within its own station’s news desk). YTN is like the Korean version of CNN – a 24-hours news broadcasting station.


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That was a brief list of the locations featured in “Pinocchio”. If you’d like to find out more about the locations and how to get there, click on the hyperlinks!


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