All the SM and K-Pop fans may have known that the new SMTOWN Artium, a 6 story building right at Coex shopping mall officially opened on January 13th. And Trazy Crew was one of the first to visit the site on the next day, January 14th!

Follow us on the most up to date insider peek of the SMTOWN Artium!


As you go up the escalator to the 2nd floor, the SUM Celebrity merchandise shop welcomes you. It’s a truely dream come true experience. The shop is huge and very neat, displaying all sorts of goods and items in a very organized way.P1300849P1300854P1300861We wanted to buy some post-its of our favorite EXO members, but they were already all sold out. I noticed many people were shopping with a huge bag, trying to get as many items as possible, especially for foreign visitors who can’t come here often.

And the goods were not tacky at all! They were all neatly designed and were something that’s super practical to use. I was tempted to buy Boa’s bracelet but held myself together for next time.


The third floor is SMTOWN Studio where you can experience the actual things that artists do- M/V, Photo, Recording, Training, Hair & Beauty Studios. Trazy offers an exclusive package of SMTOWN Studio Tour. For details, click here.P1300956P1300955We’re able to go inside the studio as we didn’t make any prior reservations, but it seems a worthwhile thing to do especially the hair and beauty studio for the ladies! 🙂

On the fourth floor, which is my favorite, is the LIVErary Cafe. I think they named it as such because there’s a Jukebox where you can select your top 10 songs and listen to them at a turntable. They say you can actually make it as your own digital LP and take it home.P1300899P1300902P1300905 Plus, it sells various desserts such as cupcakes and ice creams with SM artist’s name on it! They’re a bit pricey costing around 5,000~8,000 won but they’re just too adorable to resist.




P1300934Last but not least, there is the SMTOWN Theater on the 5th and 6th floors. There are hologram concerts, musicals and performances in surround viewing. We didn’t have the chance to actually see the show but it’s running!smtown-hologram-concert-muscial-school-oz-the-originalA hologram musical show, School Oz, starred by Max, Xiumin, Luna, Seulgi, Suho and Key, is on the run.smtown-surround-viewing-concert-exo-shinee-superjunior-fxThe Surround Viewing Concert includes concerts from EXO, SHINee, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girl’s Generation and f(x)! You can book the tickets of the shows at a discounted price on Trazy of course. 🙂

There are also zones where you can take photos with your favorite SM artist, trick art zone, and 3D printing.P1300938 P1300944 P1300936SM has done a superb job creating this sort of theme park building. There is a lot to see, a lot to do and a lot to buy if you are an SM fan! It’s something you shouldn’t be missing out here in Seoul.

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        1. Hi, it really depends but from my experience of traveling around, I think we have the fastest internet speed and a lot of people are very dependent on smartphones. And lots of newly constructed buildings apply new techs to make the facility state of the art!

  1. Hello, do you know what the price is to use the vocal training studio? Is it 30,000 won just to make reservation or does it mean we can use the studio as well? Thankyou 🙂

  2. Hi, do you know what are the detailed rates for the studio experience? For instance, the photo studio? Kinda interesting concept and looking forward to visiting it!

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