Foodie Bucket List Part 1: Jeju Island

산방산 (3).jpgHeads up foodies! It’s time to travel to Jeju Island and take in the spring scenery while sampling some of the best foods in South Korea. Jeju Island is famous for many things such as grilled black pork, Jeju mandarin oranges, fresh seafood and many more!11222705_10153584845834131_4380539484912385009_nBecause the island is relatively isolated from the mainland, it has its own distinct dishes and local specialties that are different from those of mainland. Go ahead and add these to your lifetime food bucket list before traveling to Jeju Island!

1.Mango Juice

11947413_10153692316584131_7191978290954770793_n.jpgLocated next to the coastal road right along Aewol Beach, this tasty, sweet mango juice from Rich Mango is a must try drink in Jeju Island.10923645_10153261634074131_1395077670845060308_n11060467_10153279738159131_5403683592357237329_nWhat’s unique about this place is that when you order a drink, you will receive a waiting name ticket and the names are the Korean famous celebrities.  

2. Tangerine Juice

11377218_10153445339759131_50527052292044749_nBoasting mild temperate weather, high quality of tangerines are produced in Jeju Island. That is why you must taste tangerine juice when you make a visit to the island!10956522_10153387936854131_3964942508041898509_n

3. Assorted Seafood Stew

11742749_10153584861499131_2319830338795399446_nSurrounded by sea, Jeju Island is one the best places where you can enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood dishes such as fresh raw fish and steamed crabs! 12096129_10153785807349131_5943616216596531453_nAbove all, we highly recommend foodies and travelers to try an assorted seafood stew that include abalone, seashells, shrimps and many more. Just be ready to get astonished at the generous amount of the serving!

4. Grilled Black Pork

11960017_10153692316714131_6271054941417775701_nBlack pork is one of the representative specialties you must try in Jeju Island! The native black pigs raised in Jeju Island is said to taste a little different from that of others. Smoked usually, these black pork has more meat juices and thus is chewier. 11013186_10153387937329131_4050170196177017939_nIf you would like to taste the original, try the grilled black pork barbecue, or else, try the fusion dish like Black Pork Pasta from the picture above. Oh, and don’t forget to try ‘Hallasan’, a local alcohol drink produced in Jeju Island, too!

5. Gogi Guksu (Noodle with pork)

P1270471If you ever visit Jeju Island, drop by the Noodle Street. There’s a famous place called “Jamae Guksu,” which is well known for ‘Gogi Guksu’, a noodle with rich broth that tastes clean and light.11081330_10153279738614131_2174832672571042636_nYou will have to wait in a line to taste these noodles, but you won’t regret once you eat them!

6. Dol Hareubang Bread & Genitalia Bread

11329798_10153445345689131_3581461563173972185_n‘Dol hareubang’ is a large rock statue and a symbol of Jeju Island. These dol hareubangs are considered as the guardians that protect the island and the people. So you will come across them often while traveling around the island. And don’t forget to sample these cute looking bread that take after dol hareunbang as well! 😉1533852_10153509456894131_6611867450377569706_n.jpgAlong with Dol Hareubang Bread, don’t miss out on the Genitalia Bread that looks similar to genitals of male and female. Now you might be wondering why such treats are sold in Jeju Island. Well, there’s a famous theme park called ‘Love Land‘  where you can enjoy beautiful murals and art pieces that are all related to eroticism and sex. It’ll be quite an extraordinary and unique experience for you, so try a visit. 😉

7. Gamgyul Bingsu (Ice shaved dessert with tangerine)

P1270177P1270176Try the Gamgyul Bingsu at O’sulloc Tea Museum, an ice shaved dessert topped with sweet and sour tangerine, which is extremely popular in Jeju Island in summer!KakaoTalk_20160405_094025963O’sulloc Tea Museum is also widely known for quality green teas and offers various kinds of desserts such as Green Tea Cake Rolls and Green Tea Ice cream other then the Tangerine Bingsu, so go and sample all of them!

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