Visit the Garden of Morning Calm in winter and meet the moment when a romantic fantasy world becomes real.

Every winter, the Garden of Morning Calm shines bright with illuminations under the dark skies.

Located only about 2 hours away by car from Seoul, the Garden of Morning Calm and its light festival is a perfect day trip destination for visitors to Seoul.

Since this light festival only takes place from winter to early spring, do not miss out on this event during your stay in Korea.

  • Festival Period: December 1st, 2023~March 17th, 2024

Garden of Morning Calm Light Festival at a Glance

An ample amount of snowfalls in the area form a thick snow blanket and covers the whole garden in winter.

Surrounded by the snow-covered mountains and valleys, you’d feel as though you were in the middle of the Disney movie “Frozen” at the Garden of Morning Calm during the day.

After dusk settles, the illuminations decorated over the garden begin to shimmer and glow, and the snowy world turns completely into a different world.

See more pictures below and admire the beauty of the garden at night.

Every step forward, you’ll see different colored trees and plants capturing your eye.

Some artworks are constructed especially for this festival such as the horse & carriage and illuminated arch tunnels.

*Decorations of the garden may vary every year.

Pose like a princess with glittering illuminations.

Walking in this romantic atmosphere will warm your heart in freezing cold weather.

When to visit the Garden of Morning Calm Light Festival

The Garden of Morning Calm is open every day all year round between 11.00 am and 9.00 pm. However, you can witness the dazzling light festival in winter after 5.00pm.

Take note of the information below if you plan to visit the Garden of Morning Calm for its lighting festival.

Festival PeriodDecember 1, 2023 ~ March 17, 2024
Operating HoursSunday ~ Friday5:00pm ~ 9.00 pm
Saturday5:00pm ~ 11.00 pm

*The garden opens at 11:00 am but the illuminations start from 5:00 pm.

The restaurants and cafes inside the garden mostly operate until 8 pm. So you can grab some food in the evening, but please note that the restaurant’s operation hours are subject to change. Also, to match the lighting time of Garden of Morning Calm, our tours will begin later, and not at the time specified on our product page.

How to Go to the Garden of Morning Calm from Seoul

  • Public Transportation from Seoul

Bus: Take an intercity bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal near Gangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) → Arrive at Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal in Gapyeong → Take Gapyeong City Tour Bus or a local bus

Train: Take an ITX train from Yongsan Station or Cheongnyangni Station in Seoul → Arrive at Cheongpyeong Station in Gapyeong → Take Gapyeong City Tour Bus or a local bus

Subway: Take the Subway Gyeongchun Line from Seoul → Arrive at Cheongpyeong Station in Gapyeong → Take the Gapyeong City Tour Bus or a local bus

  • Hassle-Free Day Tours from Seoul

If you want to visit the Garden of Morning Calm Light Festival without worrying about any hassles, simply book 1-day tours via Trazy! You can enjoy other famous winter attractions, such as Nami Island and Seoraksan National Park, along with the festival. 

Enjoy the Light Festival with the Ski Resorts

If you want to enjoy the Garden of Morning Calm with a ski trip, check out the below ski tours:

Enjoy the Light Festival with the Strawberry Picking Experience

Pick your own delicious strawberries to take home and visit the famous Garden of Morning Calm Light Festival in a day:

Enjoy the Light Festival with Eobi Ice Valley

Eobi Ice Valley is a new rising tourist destination known for its magnificent frozen waterfall. Witness the jaw-dropping ice wall created by a frozen waterfall and then head to the Garden of Morning Calm Light Festival, surrounded by a sea of twinkling lights:

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