Get ready for a spine-tingling adventure as Halloween creeps into every corner of the enchanting Lotte World.

Amidst the flickering jack-o’-lanterns and ghostly apparitions, prepare for heart-pounding thrills and electrifying chills that will send shivers down your spine.

Join us as we unveil the secrets of Lotte World’s Halloween extravaganza, where fun and fright converge in a spellbinding celebration of the macabre and the magical.



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Prepare for an electrifying adventure as the blood moon casts its eerie glow over Lotte World’s Magic Island.

In a world where the supernatural meets reality, the arrival of a mysterious new student on the first day of school triggers a chain of events.

Get ready to delve into the captivating realm of seven vampire boys whose once mundane school life takes a thrilling and supernatural turn under the ominous moonlight at Lotte World.

1. DARK MOON Castle (Media Show)

| Location: Magic Island Magic Castle

| Schedule:

Oct 10~Oct 31: From 6.30PM

Nov 1~Nov 19: From 6:00PM


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As the blood moon rises over the Magic Castle, watch as it turns into the Dark Moon castle doused in red lights to make the night even spookier than before. Magic Castle Lights Up takes place for 6 minutes from 8:40PM, which you shouldn’t miss out on.

2. Photo Zones

i. Decelis Party Room

| Location: Magic Island Magic Castle 3rd Floor

You’re invited to the secret room of the seven vampire boys – the Decelis Party Room. Step inside to find out each of their unique abilities.

ii. DARK MOON Bridge

| Location: Magic Island Over Bridge

Out through the gates of Adventure, venture into the world of the Dark Moon across the DARK MOON Bridge. Who knows what’s awaiting you on the other side?

ii. DARK MOON Photo Wall

| Location: Magic Island Magic Castle West Side

Become the protagonist of your own webtoon in front of the DARK MOON Photo Wall. Take a photo with the seven vampire boys too!

3. Events & Hot Places

i. Decelis Academy Gift Shop

| Location: Magic Island Magic Castle 1st Floor

A memento or two of your time at Lotte World’s DARK MOON is a must too. Hop over to the Decelis Academy Gift Shop to get yourself some DARK MOON special goodies to remember this special day.

ii. Handsome Vampires

| Location: All around Magic Island

| Schedule:

Sep / Fri, Sat & Public holidays / 6.30PM, 7PM, 8PM, 8.50PM

Oct / Fri, Sat & Public holidays / 6.30PM, 7.30PM, 8.50PM

If you’re at the Magic Island after 6pm, remember to be extra careful as there’ll be three handsome vampires roaming around, so make sure to to become bewitched by the good looks.

iii. DARK MOON Boat

| Location: Next to the Comet Express

Right next to the Comet Express outside, you’ll also find a magical moon boat ready to take you for a ride into the mystical night.

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