Geumosan Provincial Park in Gumi of Gyeongbuk is one of the best hiking trails in Korea, where you can encounter beautiful waterfalls, caves, and temples. The must-visit spots include Geumosanseong Fortress, Daehye Waterfall, Yaksaam Hermitage, and Hyeonwolbong Peak.

In order to vividly deliver the beauty of Geumosan Mountain, two influencers, Jazmin and Kiya, have joined this hiking tour from Daegu. Jazmin is from Argentina and she is currently studying in Seoul. As a designer and photographer, she posts beautiful pictures on her Instagram, which has more than 14.2K followers. Kiya is from the USA and she is a Youtuber, model, singer, and actress based in South Korea. She owns more than 18.8K subscribers on YouTube and 10.8K followers on Instagram.

We asked several questions to Jazmin and Kiya about their experience at Geumosan Provincial Park on behalf of our readers. Now, let’s meet Jazmin and Kiya to hear about their adventures!

1. Briefly introduce yourself.


Jazmin: Hi, my name is Jazmin Granada, a designer and photographer from Argentina. Currently, I am a graduate student from Kookmin University at the Department of Entertainment and Contents Design. I love to travel around Korea with my camera documenting my adventures and sharing them through social media.


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Kiya Boyd(@kiyaboyd)님의 공유 게시물

Kiya: Hi! My name is Kiya Boyd and I’m a Youtuber/Model/Singer/Actress living in South Korea. I’m from the USA and I’ve been living in Korea for almost 6 years. I live in Seoul and I enjoy traveling across Korea.

2. How did you start becoming an influencer in Korea?

Jazmin: In the beginning, I just wanted to promote my work as a photographer here (it wasn’t my plan to become an “influencer”). However, since there are so many people in Latin America, who are interested in Korean culture, I decided to not only share my work but also write about my experiences on Instagram. Surprisingly, so many people who already followed me as a photographer also liked the new part of me talking about my experiences as a traveler in Korea. So I think that’s how I was able to combine both of my passions in one: taking pictures while traveling and writing about them.


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Kiya Boyd(@kiyaboyd)님의 공유 게시물

Kiya: I started working on Youtube after I quit working for my entertainment company as a former Kpop trainee. I now create content focusing on my life in Korea, my music, and my advice to those who want to travel abroad.

3. What attracted you the most to join the Geumosan Hiking Tour?

The photo was taken by Jazmin

Jazmin: Nature there was awesome, and especially the air. Finally some fresh air! What surprised me the most was how well the whole park was taken care of. Each part had a signal even deep inside the mountain. There were many families with children and elders and everyone could enjoy the place equally.

The photo was taken by Kiya

Kiya: I simply enjoyed the mountain views and the convenience of the park itself. The park was clean and beautiful.

4. What was the most impressive place and moment during your trip?

The photo was taken by Jazmin

Jazmin: The best moment was without a doubt when I was able to reach the top of the mountain, after three hours of hiking. It was hard, very hard, but it was totally worth it. The views from up there were breathtaking. It is definitely something that I will not forget about this trip.

Kiya: The most impressive part was the cable car. I haven’t seen anything like that before on a hike, so that was pretty cool. It was also pretty useful for me!

5. What are your tips for hiking & trekking in Gyeongbuk?

The photo was taken by Jazmin

Jazmin: I think it is very important to wear the right shoes for trekking. In my case, I only wore sports running shoes and there were some slippery parts. It is also important to wear protective clothing alone and carry enough water for the long journey. In my case, since I lived in Daegu for a year, I remember that the summer was quite strong so that is why I was well prepared.

The photo was taken by Kiya

Kiya: If you’re going to hike here, I’d suggest you go really early in the morning; seems like a lot of people enjoy hiking here as well! Dress comfortably depending on the weather, but bring a jacket for when you reach the top of the mountain because it gets cold up there. Wear trekking/hiking shoes to avoid slipping or sliding easily. Bring a reusable water bottle to refill when you’re feeling thirsty and bring a lunch along with a snack to eat once you reach the top of the mountain.

6. Which food did you enjoy the most in Gumi?

The photo was taken by Jazmin

Jazmin: I had a typical dish from the Gumi area: Baeksuk (백숙). This was a chicken soup very similar to Samgyetang (삼계탕). It was also accompanied with Jeon (전), a Korean pancake, and Makgeolli (막걸리), a Korean rice wine. It was a wonderful dinner.

The photo was taken by Jazmin

Kiya: I enjoyed the Gimbap that was provided for us at the beginning of the tour. It’s also great that they provided vegetable Gimbap for the people who were vegetarian.

7. Which tour in Gyeongbuk would you like to join next time and why?

Jazmin: I think I would choose Gyeongbuk Bonghwa Sepyeong Sky Walk Trekking Tour for sure. I love to take pictures of old train stations and this one was on my bucket list! I hope I can join and collaborate with Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongbuk Culture & Tourism Organization, and Trazy in the future too. It was such a nice experience for me.

Kiya: I’d love to join the Gyeongbuk Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park Trekking Tour from Daegu. I read that there is a “barefoot option” available, so I think that would be extremely cool to do. It’s also a place where Korean dramas are filmed sometimes, so it would be an interesting experience.

Did you enjoy reading about the experience of the Gumi Geumosan Provincial Park Hiking Tour from Jazmin & Kiya? If you also want to join the hiking tour and witness the jaw-dropping nature, click here! Also, don’t forget to read more Trazy Blogs about the Best Hiking and Trekking Trails in Gyeongbuk.

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