South Korea is well-known for having countless beautiful hiking and trekking trails, roughly 70% of the land being mountainous. Gyeongbuk, a province in the south-eastern region of South Korea, is especially recommended to hiking and trekking lovers since it is rich in mountainous ranges including the famous Sobaeksan Mountain, Gayasan Mountain, and Juwangsan Mountain. Besides its mountain views, it has fantastic ocean views of the east sea as well as historical sites.

Read on this blog to find out the best hiking and trekking trails in Gyeongbuk you must visit!

Best Hiking Trails in Gyeongbuk

1. Gumi

Geumosan Provincial Park

Geumosan Provincial Park, located in Gumi of Gyeongbuk, is one of the locals’ favorite hiking mountains with beautiful scenery along the way from waterfalls, caves, and temples. Along the way to the top, you’ll encounter the overwhelming view of Geumosanseong Fortress and Daehye Waterfall

2. Seongju

Gayasan National Park Hiking Tour

Located in Seongju of Gyeongbuk province, Gayasan National Park is one of the best hiking trails with the most spine-tingling mountain landscapes. It’s such a perfect place to heal yourself by breathing in the clean air and taking in the immense natural wonders!

3. Yeongju

Sobaeksan National Park

Sobaeksan National Park is the third-largest national park in Korea, offering one of the most astonishingly well-preserved nature. The Birobong peak is the mountain’s main peak of 1,439m above the sea and the view that you witness at the peak is literally heart-stirring and majestic. During spring, wildflowers and royal azaleas bloom beautifully in the mountains.

4. Pohang

Naeyeonsan County Park

Naeyeonsan Mountain is a perfect place to go on an exciting hiking adventure in Pohang! The heart-pumping course (13km) will offer a unique experience as you visit the Bogyeongsa Temple and reach the Samjibong peak where you can take in the captivating panoramic mountain view. On your way down, you can take photos with the 12 serene waterfalls in the midst of the mountain!

5. Gyeongju

Namsan Mountain

Gyeongju is one of the most historic cities in Korea with countless historical sites that are designated as UNESCO World Heritage. Just like Gyeongju, Mt. Namsan is not just a mountain, but an open museum that has national treasures. As you hike through this mountain, you’ll find ancient Buddha statues, temples, and pagodas scattered across the mountainside. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy the awe-inspiring view at the Geumobong peak!

6. Cheongsong

Juwangsan National Park

Juwangsan National Park in Cheongsong is an ultimate hiking destination with breathtaking landscapes of scenic rock formations and waterfalls. Janggunbong-Geumeungwangi course, which is 11.8km (5 hours and a half) from Daejeonsa Temple, is highly suggested to advanced hikers. While it’s not an easy route, you will get a glimpse of the splendid mountain scenery and breathe in the freshest air!

Best Trekking Trails in Gyeongbuk

1. Yeongdeok

Haeparang Trail No. 21

Haeparang Trail is a group of trails on the east coast that was built to provide trekkers with the most fabulous ocean view of Yeongdeok, which is a county famous for snow crabs. As you follow the no. 21 route, also known as the ‘Blue Road’, you’ll pass by various destinations, such as Obo & Gyeongjeong beaches, Jukdosan Observatory, and Chuksan port

2. Mungyeong

Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park

Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park in Mungyeong comprises boundary gates, earthy trails, mountaintops, and a Korean traditional filming village (drama studio). The Korean Netflix series ‘Kingdom’ was also filmed at this place! As you trek along the park, you’ll pass by 3 main gates, where you can see the Korean traditional architecture surrounded by green lavish hills and trees.

Seonyudongcheon Trail

Seonyudongcheon Trail in Mungyeong is renowned for its trekking course that includes extraordinary scenery of streams and valleys. As you trek along the trail, you’ll be stunned by epic views that will make you constantly take pictures. This is a relatively moderate route so simply enjoy the view of Yongchu valley and Wolryeongdae, a Korean traditional pavilion, while trekking. 

3. Yeongyang

Beosun Trail No. 7

Beosun Trail is a road made from four regions in the southeast of Korea, Cheongsong, Yeongyang, Bonghwa, and Yeongwol. The road has a total of 13 routes and no. 7 route is the so-called ‘Healing Trail’ where the level of trekking is moderate, and yet offers a ‘healing’ view of nature as you walk along the path. The course ends at Mt. Ilwolsan Wild Flower Park where you can appreciate 64 different kinds of wildflowers. If you want nature-healing moments, trekking along Beosun Trial No. 7 is highly recommended!

4. Bonghwa

Sepyeong Sky Walk

Bonghwa Sepyeong Sky Walk is an array of trails that follow the train railroad, the amazing Nakdong River, and its mountain range. You’ll follow three courses passing several train stations: Seungbu, Yangwon, Bidong, and Buncheon Station. Course 2, which is from Yangwon Station to Bidong Station, is referred to as the Zermatt road because of a sisterhood relationship with Zermatt Station, the cleanest village in the Swiss Alps with fresh air and nature.

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