Wouldn’t it be great if you can make your own special souvenir?


Let me introduce you to the world of Korean traditional art craft.

1. How to get to Hanji Chueok Workshop.


Take the subway (line number 3) and get off at Anguk station, exit 6.


Go straight along Insadong Street.P1310122

There are so many things to look around in Insadong so don’t miss them 🙂

The workshop is located in the middle of the street on your left, on the 3rd floor of Insa Art Plaza.


Before making it, do you know what ‘hanji’ is?


Hanji is the name of traditional handmade paper from Korea.

It is incredibly strong, fibrous paper made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree and the root of hibiscus. The use of Hanji paper and the traditional craft techniques handed down in Korea from generation to generation. It enables craft designers to create aesthetic expressions and beautiful textures, bringing new ideas in the concept of craft or interior decoration.

2. How to make the flower lamp.

The teacher in the workshop will tell you in detail about how to make it. However, we will give you a preview just in case you might be curious!


This basic figure will be prepared for you.

First, you will make the sepal, a stem and a stone with the black hanji.


You can make your own shape of the sepal by tearing the hanji.

After making the sepal, you will wrap the stem and the stone with the same hanji.


Does it seem like a real flower?

Maybe it is too black but don’t be disappointed. It will soon change its colors.

Second, dye it brown like this.P1310243

The color will be changed into brown after drying it.

Now, it’s time to paint the leaves.

With paints and a brush, you can enliven the leaves.

There are several kinds of colors so you can choose the color you want to paint. After painting the leaves, dry it again.



Finally, re-shape the stem by yourself and put a light bulb inside.



+They also provide you a box and a bubble wrap.


Here’s a video clip is for people who want to know more details.



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