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This time we want to share our travel review and tips for Healience Zen Village, Korea’s first wellness retreat in Hongcheon, in the province of Gangwon-do.

The stay at the Healience Zen Village was such an eye-opening experience. Trust me, those who thought Korea isn’t really a destination for peaceful and quiet retreats will change their mind after seeing this place.

Mind that we visited the resort during early March when the weather was still withering in the coldness. It was still great to see the unique barren scenery, but do note that during the blooming spring & summer season, the resort is even more breathtaking & energizing, covered in lush green natural surroundings like the picture below.

If you want to know what it’s like to stay at Korea’s first wellness retreat resort, read on!

About Healience Zen Village

| Where: Hongcheon County, Gangwon-do

| How to get there by public transit: Take a 7000 bus from Jamsil station at 13:20 and get off at the Seorak bus terminal. There will be a Healience shuttle bus waiting for you.

* Make a reservation for the shuttle bus at least 2 days before you go.

| What to expect:

Healience Zen Village offers a great chance to spend time with yourself and to be free from all the stress in your daily life.

✔️ They will give you a suit of modern hanbok you can wear during your stay. You don’t really have to bring anything except for extra pairs of socks and underwear.

✔️ There is no internet, phone connection, A/C, or fridge. It sounds inconvenient, but it will give you mindfulness and connection with yourself and nature. If you want to experience some serious digital detox and healing in Korea, Healience is the best place to go!

Things to do at Healience Zen Village

1. Explore Healience’s facilities

Healience is a huge resort. All the facilities are open to its guests for them to use freely. It will give you pleasure to walk around and see what’s out there.

Bonfire place

Hammock area

Meditation center

Yurt for yoga & meditation

2. Indulge in books and music

If you are concerned that you’ll be left with a sense of boredom because of the abrupt disconnection from the online world, no worries! There is a really nice library with many books (but they’re in Korean) and LP records that will keep you entertained. Or you can bring your own books that you can really dive into. Also, the stunning mountain view while reading is certainly a bonus.

Books & Magazines

Classic LP records

Reading area

3. Go to the café and just relax

You can enjoy some quality coffee or tea at the café as well. The cafe displays quite a different point of view. The chairs are lined-up facing one way straight to the huge window that offers an absolutely stunning scenery out to nature. Also, the chairs are very relaxing.

You can also buy some healthy snacks at the café.

4. Eat healthy meals

They offer all-inclusive 3 meals for a 1-night stay. The meals are super healthy and yet so enjoyable! They offer low-salt diets, and it might feel a little bit plain at first, but you will end up enjoying the genuine flavor of the ingredients themselves. Also, they farm the vegetable for the food organically at the resort, which makes the food even fresher. It’s definitely a great chance to detox yourself from all the artificial food.

Dinner buffet

Dining area on the terrace

In-house organic farming

5. Walk (or hike) around the resort

Healience is located on a mountain and they naturally have a lot of trekking courses around. The courses are well maintained for anyone to enjoy taking a stroll through the mountain hills. Simply hiking around the resort is one of the best things you can do in Healience to literally get healed from all that busy life. And there are high chances that you will encounter cute animals.

View from one of the hiking points.

A rabbit spotted!

A chipmunk spotted!

6. Attend Healience’s various programs

Healience offers many programs you can attend from yoga, meditation, to concerts. They will give you a handout with the program timetable when you check in. You can decide whichever you want to go and all you have to do is show up on time at the right place.

String ensemble concert

GX room for yoga classes

7. Enjoy the spa and sauna

This was personally my favorite part. Their spa & sauna facilities are really clean and well maintained. There are different types of sauna rooms that you can choose, which of course, are of high quality, and you can enjoy the hot spring while looking at the breathtaking mountain landscape.  

– Red-clay sauna (effective against aging, nerve pain, back pain)

– Marble sauna (helps the body sweat out and stimulate metabolism)

– Hot spring

These are the things I’ve experienced during my stay at Healience. I wasn’t expecting too much at first but it turned out to be quite an unforgettable experience to truly revitalize myself. I wish I had more time to spend there! I really recommend this retreat to anyone who needs a break and “healing” from their hectic life in the city.

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