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The Himmapan Avatar Show and Khon Thai Mask Dance are definitely not big names in Bangkok to travelers yet with their own reasons; the Himmapan Avatar Show just opened in 2017, which is getting popular slowly but surely, and Khon Thai Mask Dance had been aimed for the local audiences rather than tourists. These are the main reasons why you, as a traveler, might not have heard of these shows yet. Nevertheless, at least everyone who watched these shows has only good things to say about them. See the reviews from Tripadvisor below!

The Himmapan Avatar Show Review

“A new cool attraction with the 360-degree view around us. It’s like we are really in the forest including the sounds and music to build our excitement. Very impressive and love to recommend.” – Mayday P.

“Love it. My nephew wants to watch it again! , amazing choreography and beautiful sound! One of the best spectacular show in Bangkok.” – Mymelody3343.

Khon Thai Mask Dance Review

“Probably one of the highlights of our trip to Thailand and not to be missed. Ignore the commercial dinner shows and see the real thing. Local true Thai band, the dance was explained in English with a scroll across the top of the stage. the costumes and dancing were first class. This real experience should as others have said be supported. We think the night we went we were the only non-Thai’s in the theatre.” – Barnstaple.

“We saw the show at this theatre and were very pleased. The show was amazing and provided a sense of the great culture of Thailand. The costumes were amazing, as well as the actors. Well presented, entertaining, and highly recommended. I don’t know why more people don’t go to this show. Ideal for all ages.” – David.

In this blog, we will introduce Bangkok’s true hidden gems; Himmapan Avatar Show and Khon Thai Mask Dance. They might be underappreciated now, but in terms of quality, and originality, they are the shows that can’t be missed!

If you already have watched most of the famed shows in Bangkok and looking for a new historical show rather than a ladyboy show, you came to the right place. 😄 Be sure to read on and appreciate these brilliant shows in Bangkok!

*Please keep in mind: Himmapan Avatar Show runs until May 31st, and the theater will close for improvement and preparation of a new show.

1. Himmapan Avatar Show Overview


Himmapan Avatar Show is a fairly new show which just opened in 2017 at SHOW DC in Bangkok. It is a perfect mixture of traditional Thai epic and modern imagination. It is definitely one of the shows that you’ve never seen before.

This show presents an adventure of characters from Thai legends to save the holy land called Himmapan. It offers an experimental opportunity to its audiences with its futuristic 4D stage setting. This 360° fantasy live show will allow you to walk around the stage by the end of the show, and you can take photos with the performers freely.

Especially if you are traveling with children, this is one of the best shows to watch with them in Bangkok as the show offers not only an exciting, unique & mystical story but also an interactive stage and performance with state of the art facility that families can enjoy all together.

| Showtime:

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri at 7:30pm (in English)

| Duration: 75 minutes

| Venue: SHOW DC


SHOW DC is a new shopping mall in Bangkok, which offers a wide range of entertainment. In the mall, there is a huge live theatre for Himmapan Avatar Show, which is a 4D walkthrough theatre equipped with holographic technology and extraordinary audio-visual effects.

| Location:

| How to get there: SHOW DC is located just behind RCA (Royal City Avenue) on the Rama IX Roadside. This area is known as the most popular clubbing area in Bangkok. The best way to get there is to walk from Phra Ram 9 MRT station or take a meter taxi from the station.

| Suitable for: those who want to experience an unconventional show with next-level theatrical effects, and those who are traveling with kids.

If you want to watch Himmapan Avatar Show, be sure to book tickets ahead to secure good seats. You can book the Himmapan Avatar Show here. 👇

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2. Khon Thai Mask Dance Show Overview


Khon Thai Mask Dance is a classical Thai masked dance based on Ramayana epic. The Ramayana is an ancient Thailand epic which is a story of good versus evil.

The venue of the show, Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre, is one of the oldest theatres in Thailand. Traditionally, Khon was only performed within the royal court of Thailand for nobles to enjoy, but today anyone can watch the performance at Sala Chalermkrung, which is located in the historic part of the city.

The show is performed in Thai but there are English subtitles. However, this show is not particularly aimed at tourists, and that’s why not many tourists haven’t heard about the show. That also means that this is a great show to watch if you are searching for an authentic Thai cultural show.

| Showtime: Every Friday at 7:30pm

| Duration: 90 minutes

| Venue: Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre

It is not a new facility like SHOW DC, but it has its own classical charm. When you go inside the theatre, you will see the old-fashioned décor in Art Deco style and old pictures of the royal family on the walls.

| Location:

| How to get there: Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre is located on the edge of Chinatown, and it is in a walkable distance from the Grand Palace. The easiest way to get there is to go to Hua Lamphong station and take a meter taxi.

| Best for: those who appreciate authentic Thai culture and history.

If you want to watch Khon Thai Mask Dance, be sure to book tickets ahead to secure good seats. You can book Khon Thai Mask Dance here. 👇

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Have you watched any shows in Thailand? Feel free to leave comments down below!

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