Have you read our blog posts about the honeymoon in Thailand for Indian people? If you would like to know detailed reasons why you must visit Thailand for a nice honeymoon, please read the post below 🙂

Here is the guide for those who desire to spend a luxurious honeymoon in Thailand. Keep reading to know about fancy things to do in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Luxury Travel

Honeymoon is the best time to travel luxuriously. The fascinating and romantic mood of Bangkok and Pattaya is a good reason for you to go on a honeymoon to Thailand. From the lazy river, Chao Phraya, to dazzling ancient temples and bright tall buildings even at night will grant you a special and luxurious experiences to your honeymoon. Below are things to do during your honeymoon and some private travel options only for you two.

1. Bangkok

1) Have a Decent Meal

Liven up the mood at one of the highest building. How about starting your honeymoon by having a savory dishes at the buffet on a towering hotel? A clear view of the metropolis, Bangkok, will present you and your lover an unforgettable moment!

2) Enjoy the Mood on a Dinner Cruise

Chao Phraya River is an iconic river which cuts across the central Bangkok. Cruising on a luxurious yacht is the way of spending leisurely time in Bangkok. Since around the river lie historic sites and relics including glorious temples, board on a cruise where you can have a conversation with your lover while admiring the scenery. Why don’t you swear the love watching the romantic view of the Bangkok?

3) Overlook the City on a Helicopter

Have you thought about overlooking the whole city on a helicopter? It might sound odd and look like a bit expensive tour, but totally worth trying. Joining the private helicopter tour with your lover will make you excited in the air, as well as engrave bird’s eye views upon your memory. Watch the terrific landscape of magnificent Bangkok nowhere to be found during honeymoon!

4) Relax Together in a Sumptuous Spa

Imagine you and your lover lie down together at a cozy, calm spa and then unwind with a Thai massage after moving all day long. Isn’t it so nice already? It is one of the highly recommended schedule for honeymooners. Spend a quality, romantic night with your sweet companion!

2. Pattaya

1) Watch a Wonderful Thai Show

Why don’t you have a vibrant honeymoon by watching acclaimed Thai ladyboy shows? Thai cabaret shows can be the luxurious climax during honeymoon in Thailand! Thanks to tuneful songs, splendid dances, and interesting storyline, Alcazar Show and Tiffany’s Show in Pattaya are considered must-watch shows in Thailand. U-Go-Couples to Pattaya!

2) Explore the Coral Island

Koh Larn, also known as Coral Island in Pattaya, is frequently visited by beachgoers. If you and your sweetheart desire to spend a comfortable day on a beautiful coral island, join the tour below. You can have a seafood or an Indian dishes watching the sparkling beaches. Further, trying water activities such asparasailing, sea bed walking, snorkeling, and many more with your partner will become an unforgettable memory!

3) Have a Cheerful Day at Tourist Attractions

Leave some memorable photos at the best attractions in Pattaya! That is to say, you will have fun putting on a happy look on your face and taking adorable pictures with your lover.

Importantly, it is better not to schedule your itinerary too tight because it makes hard to enjoy a leisurely time. Moreover, if you would like to know best tours and attractions with Indian Food in Thailand, read our blog posts:

Above all, the nickname of Thailand is ‘Land of smiles’. In other words, it is likely that you will spend a pleasant honeymoon in Thailand. Do not hesitate to visit Asia’s #1 Travel Shop Trazy.com for more information and the trendiest things to do in Thailand!

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