Whether you are in or outside Korea, it can be challenging to shop on Korean websites because of the language barrier or the complex Korean payment system. The number of people willing to buy Korean products from abroad is increasing because of the limitation of traveling due to COVID-19. Therefore, Trazy has come up with simple and easy ways to buy from Korean websites locally and internationally along with K-pop Bunjang proxy service. Check out which service you need right now!

Proxy Shopping & International Shipping

For those who are living outside Korea but still want to purchase Korean items, Trazy offers an easy and reliable proxy service. You can choose from handpicked items on Trazy Shop that make you the trendiest, or request a custom order if you already have a specific product you want to get.

In order to place a customized order, write down the product you wish to get and details on the “Required Information” and complete checkout. Then the below process will be taken place.

  1. Trazy Crew will check your order and request the 1st payment (product price + service charge).
  2. After receiving the 1st payment, Trazy Crew will purchase the product.
  3. After the product arrives, Trazy Crew will give you a range of shipping options/fees based on the weight & size of the product, and request the 2nd payment (shipping fee).
  4. Once the 2nd payment is settled, Trazy Crew will send the ordered product and the tracking code through another email.

This trustworthy Korea buying service will cost “product price + service charge + shipping fee” in total. Shipping options include Korea Post Office Standard or Korea Post Office EMS (Express Delivery).

K-pop Bunjang Proxy Service

There are countless K-pop goods sold and bought on online flea markets, such as Bungae Jangteo (a.k.a Bunjang), Joonggonara, Twitter, Hello Market, and so forth. However, it can be difficult for international fans to buy these limited K-pop goods from Korean sellers since they only receive payment through Korean bank transfers. Simply send Trazy the link of what you want and we will send the good to you!

Order from Korean Online Stores (Local Delivery Service)

If you are residing in Korea, you will know that there are so many convenient Korean online stores with a fast and reliable delivery service, such as Coupang, Emart, Gmarket, and many more. However, most websites don’t provide English service and only Korean credit cards are accepted so you cannot use foreign payment methods like Paypal.

On Trazy, you can easily buy from Korean websites without worrying about these hassles. Here are the tips for easier searching and smooth ordering.

  1. Use the “translate” tool on your browser and translate the page to the language of your preference. On most browsers, simply right click on the page and you can find the “translate” tool.
  2. Search the product and/or brand in Korean. For example, if you are planning to buy a Nike product, it is better to search Nike in Korean than in English. In addition, if you know the exact product that you would like to buy, search for the exact product name in Korean. This will save you a lot of time and narrow your searches!
  3. Please be as specific as you can when you send your request to Trazy Crew. Send the exact URL for the product you would like and write the exact product descriptions (model, style, color, size, quantity, etc).

After you fill out the “Required Information” about the product you want to order, Trazy Crew will check and request a payment that includes the product price, shipping fee, and service charge.

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If you want to find out more about easy & reliable Trazy Proxy Shopping, check out Trazy.com for more information!

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