Nami Island is one of the most world-famous destinations in Korea. It has become a hit since its appearance in the famous Korean drama, Winter Sonata. It boasts the ethereal atmosphere and gorgeous natural landscapes that make this island picturesque. Among the four seasons, winter is the best season to visit Nami Island. Image walking along the beautiful tree-lined road with snowflakes fluttering, all you can see is a vast expanse of romantic whiteness. Want to take a look at this getaway island? We are going to introduce the 10 best attractions here. Read on and learn how to enjoy winter in Nami Island to the fullest!

1. Take an  Icebreaker to Nami Island

Nami Island is situated in the middle of the Bukhangang River, which will freeze over in winter. You can go there either by ferry or zip rider. Because it will be freezing to zoom down along the cable, we recommend you to take an icebreaker crossing the frozen river and start your trip to the ice wonderland, Nami Island.

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2. Enjoy the Sunrise on Nami Island

enjoy winter in nami island to the fullest

Sunrise is only for those who stay overnight in Nami Island! Hotel Jeonggwanru is the only place you can stay overnight in Nami Island. Plan a 2D1N trip here and don’t wake up late, nor you’ll miss out on the amazing sunrise!

3. Starry Night on Nami Island

enjoy winter in nami island to the fullest

If you are staying overnight in Nami Island, look up to the sky! Since Nami Island is well protected, there’s no such serious light pollution like big cities. You can enjoy the innumerable stars in the night sky with your beloved ones as if you own the island.

4. Kiss on the First Kiss Glass Sequoia Bridge

enjoy winter in nami island to the fullest

First Kiss Glass Sequoia Bridge is where the lead actor and actress had their first kiss in the Korean drama, Winter Sonata. It has glass sequoia along the bridge and is one of the best spots to take pictures. If you are with your beloved ones, have a romantic kiss here!

5. Cheongdam Lantern Lane at night



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There are several pine tree lanes in Nami Island, but Cheongdam Lantern Lane is recognizable by the lanterns hanging between the trees. It runs from the Nami wharf to the center of the island. It especially looks fantastic when the lanterns lighten up at night.

6. Take a back view photo at Metasequoia Lane

enjoy winter in nami island to the fullest

After Winter Sonata had the scene shot at Metasequoia Lane, it became a global symbol of Nami Island. It’s a luxuriant and magnificent path that creates a secluded atmosphere. This is also the spot where you should take a picture! Try to take one with the background of Metasequoia Lane. You will love it for sure!

7. The Frozen Elysian Waterfall



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Heading south from the Center Plaza, you will find the Gingko Tree Lane. Stroll down the path, and there’s a beautiful garden where Elysian Waterfall is located at. It looks very different in the winter since it usually stays frozen.

8. Hyeonhorim Woods (White Birch)

enjoy winter in nami island to the fullest

White Birch Lane is one of the famous lanes in Nami Island. It lies on the southeastern shore and the trees were planted from seeds by the founder of the island. The cortexes of trees are bright, and look even more heaven-like in winter with snow covering on the lane.

9. Hut Bridge

enjoy winter in nami island to the fullest

Located on the southeast side of Nami Island, this wooden bridge was built to cross a small marshy area. In winter, you can find the Hut Bridge stretching over the frozen river with stunning landscapes around. If you are lucky to see the area covered with snow, it will make you feel like stepping into a different wilderness world.

10. Explore the Winter Wonder Playground

enjoy winter in nami island to the fullest

If you are with your kids or if you like activities, definitely go check out the Winter Wonder Playground. It’s a season limited special zone with all kinds of fun waiting for you. You can experience curling, bobsleigh, snow sled and more. There are also some special activities and exhibitions only held on weekends!

There are still so many things to explore like animals, museums, and villages. But the above are the most stunning parts that you shouldn’t miss out on. You know that trip to Korea won’t be completed without visiting Nami Island, right? If you are planning your holiday to Korea in winter, do not miss out on this ultimate guide we made for you to enjoy Winter in Nami Island to the Fullest!

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