How to Get to Siam Park City in Bangkok

Siam Park City is the largest amusement park in Bangkok, with numerous rides for all ages, a museum, event facilities, and a scout camp.

For those who want to save money on transportation, here are the best ways that show how to get to Siam Park City within an hour!

1. Start from BTS “Victory Monument” Station

Getting a taxi in Bangkok can be very tedious and annoying, considering Bangkok’s congested traffic. Getting on a taxi or bus from here is convenient, since this station is the main hub of land transport in Bangkok, and it is much closer to the motorways which lead to other tourist destinations all around Bangkok.

1.1) By taxi

You can hail a taxi from any of the exits and you won’t be declined, which happens often on the streets of Bangkok. It will cost around 150~200 baht and 30~40 minutes depending on the traffic. Plus, your taxi will not go around in circles to increase the fares from here.

1.2) By bus

The cheapest way is to go by bus. From the Victory Monument BTS station, there is a circular skywalk that leads you to a bus stop called “Ko Din Daeng”. From there, take the air-conditioned bus no.168 or 36ก.(go-gai) which only costs 25 baht.

 2. Start from Hua Mak Station (Airport Rail Link)

Apart from Victory Monument station, you can take a taxi from the Airport Rail link Hua Mak station. From here, it only takes 20~30 minutes to Siam Park City. This choice takes the least amount of time and money; around 75~100 baht at mot depending on the traffic.

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