Busan is renowned to be tourist-friendly. often called the ‘Summer capital of South Korea’, it’s only a two-and-a-half-hour train ride from Seoul. You can easily spend more than a week in Busan. But if you only have time for 2 days in Busan, that’s okay because it’s just enough to experience this vibrant city! Just remember that you’ll want to be back for longer as you find out that Busan is full of a variety of activities to try out. So for those of you planning to stay for 2 days in Busan, read on to find out what you could do for 2 full days!

1st Day Morning

1. Get Lost in the Maze-Like Gamcheon Culture Village

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For your first day, let’s go back in time and make your way to the beautiful Gamcheon Culture Village, then have lots of fun skiing and snowboarding.

Make your way to the magical Gamcheon Culture Village, a.k.a the Santorini of Asia. It’s a small village built on a hill facing the sea. This village has a sad history of housing many refugees of the Korean War. But in 2009 the village got an artsy makeover, and now there are beautiful murals painted on walls of a lot of the buildings. These quickly became a popular tourist attraction, and now many tourists come to get lost in this mazelike village to look for any peculiar murals to take photographs of. You can also go around the village and collect stamps when visiting some of the well-known spots scattered throughout the village.

2. Visit Winter Thrillville Eden Valley Ski Resort!

Come to the only ski resort that is closest to Busan, Eden Valley Ski Resort! Only a 2-hour drive away from Busan, you can enjoy a variety of thrilling activities, from skiing, snowboarding, and snow sledding as well! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to ski or snowboard because you’ll be given a step-by-step lesson! You won’t want to skip a skiing experience only available during the most festive season in the whole year!

1st Day Evening

1. Chill and Enjoy the Night View on a Luxurious Yacht

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After all the fun in the morning, wind down and end your day with a relaxing night on a luxurious yacht cruise drifting on Haeundae Beach.  Pass by famous landmarks in Busan such as Gwangan Bridge and Dongbaek Island!

2. Explore Busan at Your Own Pace!

But if you want to be independent and travel around Busan, we recommend you book a Busan City Tour Bus Ticket. This will give you the freedom to explore Busan at your own pace. Visit some of the most famous places all over Busan. 

Not only do you have the freedom to visit wherever you choose, but it is also budget-friendly! All you have to do is hop on and off the designated bus stops. Explore every nook and cranny of Busan on this budget-friendly tour at a discounted price! Click the link below to find out!

If you’re not interested in finding your way around Busan on your own, then consider booking this group city tour where you’ll be able to see famous spots in Busan such as Gamcheon Culture Village, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, and much more!

2nd Day Morning

1. Become a Master Chef of Korean Cuisine!

For your second day, Visit Busan’s most iconic market, Jagalchi Market to get fresh ingredients and then have a go at making some Korean Cuisine! You’ll be taught recipes of 5 different Korean food.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook at all, because you’ll be instructed step by step by friendly chefs and make your experience of cooking Korean cuisine one of your best experiences ever! It’ll be so much fun! 

2nd Day Evening

1. New Year’s Eve Celebration

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In Nampodong, a festival called Busan Christmas Tree Festival takes place every Christmas season. It’s been a tradition for over 10 years and has been making its name known for being one of the largest scale festivals of its kind in Korea.

What better way to join this festival while it goes on for longer than a month? The festival usually begins in early December and ends in early January. So come to make your New Year’s wishes at this fabulous festival in Busan!

2. Go On a Christmas Shopping Spree!

What’s Christmas without any special gifts? Spend your evening walking around rows and rows of stores in Shinsegae Department Store to find the perfect Christmas gift/souvenirs for your friends and family! You’ll be able to find the perfect gifts for them. Shinsegae Department Store will have all that you are looking for!

  • Address: 35, Centum nam-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 11AM-8PM / Fri-Sun 11AM-8:30PM

Of course, you don’t have to follow the exact activities and visit these exact spots for 2 days in Busan. This is a mere suggestion, so if you would like to build your own itinerary, you are more than welcome to do so!

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