Here’s everything you need to know about renting a car in Jeju Island in Korea!

What is the most efficient and convenient way to get around Jeju Island, or Jeju, in Korea? Of course, by renting a car and driving.

It’s one of the most convenient ways to get around Jeju Island without the hassle of using public transportation. Plus, renting a car is more affordable than hiring a private car and a driver.

For foreign travelers who want to rent a car in Jeju Island, here is all the info!

1. Requirements for renting a car in Jeju Island

*The International Driver Permin (IDP) must be the BOOK TYPE.
*Even if you have a valid IDP, you cannot rent a vehicle if you have been staying in Korea for over 1 year. In this case, you will not be able to pick up your vehicle even if you have made a reservation.

• Have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) & Driver’s License from your home country


Those who wish to drive in Jeju Island, and other parts of South Korea, must have a valid driver’s license, or International Driving Permit (IDP).

Some car rental companies may ask for both the IDP and the local driver’s license (which must be issued by the country of your residence). But because the rental requirements differ by company, it’s better to browse through each company’s website in advance. 😉

Do take note that it is impossible to drive in Korea with a foreign-issued license only. So check whether your IDP or driver’s license issued in your country is valid in Korea or not before your trip.

While the IDP itself is valid for one year from the date of issue, you can use your IDP for up to one year after entering Korea.

Please note that International Driving Permits (IDP) recognized in Korea are only those issued by a member state of the Geneva Convention and the Vienna Convention.

*The list of the member states of the Geneva Convention.
*The list of the member states of the Vienna Convention.
Please note that Malaysian and Vietnamese driving permits are NOT valid as IDPs in Korea.

For more info on Foreign Driver’s License and the IDP, check out Korean Driver’s License Agency’s website.

• Never forget to bring your passport!


Bring your passport (for identification purposes) and also have a copy of your passport (some companies may ask for it). The names on your IDP and your passport must be the same. If not, your driving permit will be denied.

• Renting with USFK Form 134EK (Orange Card)

*If the name of the IDP/Orange card is not the EXACT SAME, you will not be able to pick up your vehicle.
*IF you do not have at least one of the required documents, you will not be able to pick up the vehicle.
*USFK personnel MUST have a passport.

• Pay the rental fees with your credit card or via bank transfer


All major International Credit Cards – such as American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard, and Visa – are accepted.

*No credit card or deposit is required to pick up the vehicle.

If you want to make payment via other options such as bank transfer or Alipay, click here.

2. Driver qualifications in Jeju Island


All drivers must be at least 21 years old and with driving experience of at least one year.

*The driver’s license must be valid for the entire rental period.

*The driver must have at least 1 year of driving experience.  – to check this, they require you to bring your original driver’s license from your home country (a copy of the original driver’s license is fine).

*In the case of the international driving permit Class 1, the license expires a year after the aptitude test; and rental is not available with the expired international driving permit.

*You must have a Type B International Driving Permit (IDP) to rent a vehicle including the 9-seater Kia Carnival model.

*A Type D (SUV/RV/9- to 12-seater Mini Van) driver must be a minimum of 26 years old with 3 years of driving experience.

Keep in mind that the requirement for driver qualification in Jeju Island differs from that of other parts of South Korea.

3. How to add an additional driver

When renting a car, you can add an additional driver (limited to one only).

This additional driver must also register and go through the confirmation process with the rental company and yes, everything is free of charge.

4. Car rental insurance


All the vehicles are covered by basic general insurance and it is mandatory to have third-party insurance (comprehensive coverage) and damage coverage insurance.

Protection coverage for the vehicle rented includes comprehensive coverage insurance (supplementary liability insurance, SLI, and PAE), and the 2nd driver registered is insured.

Also with the full coverage insurance included in the price, you will not be charged for any damages or repair fees of the rented vehicle.
*SLI(person): unlimited/PAE: up to 15,000,000won/SLI (property ): up to 20,000,000 won per accident

Please note that damage coverage insurance doesn’t cover emergency service, tow fees, snow chains, navigation, or interior damage.

In case of an accident, there are no extra charges and you can be assigned to rent another car of the same type but full coverage insurance will be expired after the accident.

5. Where to pick up & return the vehicle

You can pick up the vehicle at a local rental office near Jeju Airport. The rental car company operates a free shuttle bus service every 10 minutes from 7:00am to 10:00pm between the local office and the airport. It takes less than 10 minutes to get to the office.

6. How to save money on your car rentals

• Avoid same-day car rentals!


You may want to avoid renting a car on-site on the day of arrival. There is a huge difference in the rental rates between on-site and online so book online in advance if you want to save money on your car rental.

During high season, you may not be able to rent a car on-site. It’s best to book your reservation for a car rental service early.  😉

• Take pictures or videos


As soon as you take over the car, the first thing you should do is take pictures or videos of the exterior of the car. Inspect the car thoroughly. Look for scratches, loose parts, or anything that can be considered damage.

If you skip this process, you might be paying for something that you didn’t do.

• Check the gasoline


Before you drive away, check how much gasoline is left and refuel your vehicle immediately at the nearest local gasoline station.

When returning the car, the gasoline tank should be refilled with the same amount of fuel at the time of your rental. Otherwise, refueling charges will apply.

• Return your car at least an hour before (Return time: 7am~10pm)


Just in case of parking difficulties or post-accident matters, it’s strongly recommended that you return the car at least an hour before your flight! 😉

Additional costs may incur if the car is returned late!

Those who book their car rental service via have to return their car in the parking lot near Jeju Airport and return the key to the agent. After returning the car, you can take a free shuttle bus from the office to Jeju Airport. The shuttle bus runs every 10 minutes and it takes around 3~5 minutes from the office to the airport.

If you have to return your car before 7am, please return the car 1 day in advance at 10pm.

7. How to book Jeju car rental service with Trazy

Visitors to Jeju Island can book their car rental service online in advance at

To book your Jeju car rental service, simply follow these steps:

• Visit the booking page for Jeju Car Rental here.

• Choose your travel date, pick-up time, and preferred vehicle type.

*Rental days = calculated based on 24 hours basis.
*Insurance days – calculated based on a daily basis

If you rent a vehicle for 24 hours from 10am to 10am the next day, you need to choose “1” rental day and “2” insurance days.

• Choose your vehicle from 5 different types: Hyundai Avante, Kia K3, Kia K5, Hyundai Sonata, and Kia Carnival

*A rental car comes with a Korean navigation system and you can change the language setting to English.

Drivers who book their Jeju car rental service through Trazy will enjoy:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Third-party insurance (comprehensive coverage)
  • Damage coverage insurance
  • Registration of additional drivers free of charge (up to 2 drivers)

Join a hassle-free day tour to enjoy Jeju Island!

Book All-Inclusive Packages to Jeju Island!

Read on to find out more things to do in Jeju Island!

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119 thoughts on “Jeju Car Rental Guide: How to Rent a Car in Jeju Island

  1. I browse through your blog and it is very helpfull. I will be grateful if you can give me any futher infomation about renting a car in jeju, i read that the driver must be 21 or older with a driving experience of at least one year.
    I am 28, have almost 3 years of driving experience with my local driver’s license (English and Vietnamese are printed on it) but my International Driving Permit (IDP) has just issued for 1 month. So Do i meet the requirements for renting a car in Jeju island?
    Could i make payment via other options such as bank transfer or Alipay?
    I appreciate any help that you can provide.Thank you.

      1. Hi there,
        I am planning to rent a car in Jeju during my stay in April and although I posses an International Driver’s Licence, a local licence, and as well has having more than a year of driving experience, I am only turning 21 in July. Would I still be able to rent a car?

        1. Hello Joshua! In order to rent a car in Jeju Island, a driver must be over the age of 21 and so it will be difficult for you to rent a car in Jeju. Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  2. hi, i have applied for an international license. However, I do not have a driving experience for more than 1 year. Will it be possible to rent a car in jeju?

    1. And if your country is included in the list, you are able to drive in Korea for 1 year from the date of entry with an international driving permit issued from your country.

    1. It is possible to drive in Korea, using an international driving permit issued by member countries of the Geneva & Vienna Conventions. To check if your country is included in the list, please refer to the link: And if your country is included in the list, you are able to drive in Korea for 1 year from the date of entry with an international driving permit issued from your country.

  3. hi! Do you know if there is a cut off for what time we can return the car? I have a flight back to seoul in the morning at 7am and am just wondering if it is possible to pump and return the car at such an early timing? What time do they open and what time do they close? Can’t seem to find the info on the lotte rent a car website!

    Also, if i return the car at 7am, do they count it as an extra day? Should I return the car on the previous day before my flight instead?

    1. Hi, the rental rates are calculated on a 24-hour (1 day) basis. So your total rental rate is calculated based on the time of reservation. The actual operation hours for Lotte rent-a-car in Jeju Island is from 8am, but they allow people to return the car from 6am. When you are renting, make sure you tell the staff that you would like to return the car early and they will help you out with your issues. Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  4. Hi ,

    I just got my license on 1st of December 2016 and my International driving permit has been approved. Am i able to rent a car? (given that i do not possess my license more than 1 year)

    Appreciate the help. Thank you!

    1. Sorry for the belated reply. Unfortunately, due to driving insurance issues, you must possess a driving license that is valid more than a year in order to rent a car. Hope this answers your question!

  5. Hi there,
    I am planning to rent a car in Jeju during my stay in April and although I posses an International Driver’s Licence, a local licence, and as well has having more than a year of driving experience, I am only turning 21 in July. Would I still be able to rent a car?

    1. Hello Joshua! In order to rent a car in Jeju Island, a driver must be over the age of 21 and so it will be difficult for you to rent a car in Jeju. Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  6. Hi,

    I ‘ve just paid for the car rental thru Sixt using my credit card. But the booking was made under my boyfriend’s name since he has the international driving permit and will be the driver there. Is it ok that he is not the owner of the credit card? Because I will be showing up for the car pickup with him and my credit card anyway.

    1. Hello, Chow! If you have rented the car through our website,, we can tell you that it is okay if your boyfriend is not the owner of the credit card, however it is acceptable only if you are going to accompany your boyfriend and pick up the car with him. If you have rented from Sixt, you may want to contact them directly and ask for details. 🙂

  7. Hi,

    Currently I am holding Malaysian driving licence. I would like to convert it to Singapore driving licence in near future as I am a Singapoe permanent resident. Will i be disqualified upon the conversion as the possession will be less than a year? I look forward to hearing from you soon, thanks.

    Best regards,
    Louis Goh

  8. Hi there!

    I’m looking into renting a car on Jeju-do, but we are wondering if it is possibele to take it on a ferry to the mainland during our trip?
    We will ofcourse return it on Jeju-do.

    Thanks for your help!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Jae Lankwarden! Sorry for the belated reply. We have checked with a car rental company and they told us that you are only allowed to drive in Jeju Island. Hope this answers your question!

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for your effort and reply.
        Maybe nice to know for other people looking into this,
        I actually got a reply from Lotte Rental Cars that it was allowed to take the car on the ferry. 🙂

  9. Firstly, thank you so much for all the information on driving in Jeju Island.

    Currently I am holding a Malaysian driving license and already book a car thru AJ Rent-a-car web for our trip this October. I already search through their website but they didn’t mention any info regarding the IDP. Do I still need to have the IDP or my driving license in enough for short-term driving in Jeju Island.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello, Sarimah! It is required for the foreigners to have both IDP and local driver’s license (driver’s license issued in the country at issue) to drive in Jeju Island. You must present them when renting your car in Jeju. If you need further assistance, we advise you to contact the AJ Rent-a-Car’s Jeju Branch directly (☎ +82-(0)64-726-3322 for Jeju Branch). Operation hours for the Jeju branch is from Monday to Sunday, from 8am until 10pm. Hope this info helps!

  10. Hi,
    My friends and I are thinking of renting a car maybe on day 3 of our trip in Jeju. Do you know if there are other car rental companies around the island or are they all located at the airport?

  11. Hi,

    I am planning to self-drive in Jeju on Dec 25, 2017 for 4 nights. Just would like to check if the road is dangerous and/or slippery during this period?

    How about route to Mt. Hallasan and/or other mountainous road? Do i need a chain and if it is provided?


    1. Hello Chris! The road conditions depend on the amount of snowfall, and at this moment, it is not possible to predict whether you will see snow in mid-December at Jeju. It is unlikely in early winter, but please check the weather forecast regularly before your traveling date. The snow chains will be provided by car rental companies in Jeju Island during the winter season (but not at all times), but it is best for you to check with your car rental company in advance whether it will be provided during your travel period. Hope this answers your question! 🙂

      1. Hi! I was about to ask the same question as Chris’! Same date we will be in Jeju as well!
        From the past experience, is there any issues/ concerns driving in Jeju in winter season? We are coming from a tropical country so we might not be familiar driving during winter season.

        1. Hello, tsasy! There are snow showers with strong wind in Jeju Island during the winter sometimes, but it’s usually less likely to see snow during December. Even if it snows, we expect little or no accumulation of snow in Jeju. But do keep in mind that the roads may be slippery due to snow and rain and please check the weather forecast regularly for indication of rain or snow just in case! 🙂

  12. Hi there,
    I have type B international driving permit with this statement : motor vehicles used for the transport of passengers and comprising, in addition to the driver’s seat, at most eight seats, or those used for transport of goods…

    i am looking at kia carnival 9 seaters vehicle for 6 people including me as driver, i need to double confirm whether i am eligible to drive 9 seaters car in Jeju.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Alvin, if you have Type B, you can drive a 9-seater vehicle in Jeju Island. However, the policies may differ from the car rental companies, so it’ll be safe to check with your car rental company just in case. 🙂

  13. Most of the time there is a lot of trouble in getting a car rental. Many questions come from the mind. The problem I was having by reading your blog is removed. You have explained very well. I liked your post. Thank you so much for sharing. I will suggest your posts to my friends. Hope more people will appreciate your posts.

  14. Hi we would like to rent a car during our visit to Jeju in Dec but I read that we would need a credit card for booking. We only have debit cards but is it still possible to rent a car coz that seems like the best option in Jeju.In a dilemma😔 .
    Thank you.



    1. Hello, Yusniyarni! Unfortunately, credit card is required in order to rent a car in Jeju Island. Hope everything works out well!

  15. Hi, I would like to rent a mini van for 4 days from 3rd-7th March 2018. I’m 40 with a D license and more than 10 years of driving experience.
    i) Am I eligible to rent your Mini Van?
    ii) Is your Mini Van sufficient for 8 adults + 1 toddler?
    iii) Do I just book via or is there further arrangements needed to be made before I proceed with the booking?
    iv) Is it confirmed rental which by we will definitely get our vehicle on our day of arrival?

    1. Hello, Domenick Tham! Here are our answers to your questions:

      1) You must have an IDP (International Driving Permits) issued by a member state of the Geneva Convention or the Vienna Convention as well as your domestic driving license. In order to rent a car in Jeju, you must have a credit card with your name on as well.

      2) Our Mini van (Starex) can accommodate up to 10 people max (including the driver).

      3) Yes, please book our car rental service via the link: The only thing you will need to do in advance is to have your IDP and credit card ready. If there are any issues regarding your reservation, we will be contacting you via email.

      4) Once you complete your booking/payment, we will contact the car rental agency to proceed your booking. If all the mini vans are already fully booked during your desired period, we will try and look into other agencies where mini vans are available. If there are no vehicles available for you, you will receive a full refund.

      Hope our answers helped!

  16. Hello ,
    I have USA driver license , also Vietnam Driver license , but I just don’t have International Driver License , can I rent a car to drive in Jeju?

    1. Hello Jackie! You must have both an International Driving Permit (IDP) and a license issued from your home country in order to rent a car in Jeju Island. Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  17. Hi, i am looking to rent a car from 3-5th December 2017. i have around 8 years of driving experience and hold a Singapore driving license. am i eligible? also, what can i be looking out for when i rent a car?
    do you provide car rental services and pick up location for the car?


  18. hi
    i need some explanation in this “If you want to make payment via other options such as bank transfer or Alipay, click here” if i pay by bank transfer, do i still have to showed credit card to take the rental car? is there any other option to rent a car in jeju without using a credit card.
    thank you,

    1. Hello, rafidah! You can make an online booking by completing your payment via bank transfer option. However, the car rental company requires all drivers to bring their or their companion’s credit card for a deposit issue upon pickup. They will hold open your credit card and charge you when they find any defect on the used car after you return the vehicle. Since this is for charging the fee after you use/return the car, it cannot be paid by cash or debit card in advance. Hope this answers your question! 🙂

    1. Hello Sam, To check if you are eligible to get an IDP with your existing driving license, please contact Transportation Authority in your home country. 🙂

  19. Hi, we need 8 seater car, Kia carnival or equivalent. Trazy dont have such car, please advise… Thanking in advance.

    1. Hello 🙂
      As a booking platform, we always try to provide booking service in an easy and fast way. Regarding the car rental, you can also simply book on Trazy as well. However, since there are some qualifications required by the local operator, we highly recommend you to carefully check out the post to see if you are well-prepared to rent a car in Jeju Island.
      If you have any questions, you can always contact us at @trazy on KakaoTalk or via email (

  20. Hi, would like to ask if my stay in Jeju is 3D2N, 1st day arrive around 4pm and 3rd day leave around 10am. How many days of rental shall I select?

    1. Hi Bonus 🙂 Jeju Island is definitely a place where you need to stay more than a day! In that case, it is calculated as 2 days of rental – more than 24 hours and less than 48 hours.

  21. Hi. I would like to ask if I can rent the English GPS only without renting the car. Is it possible? Will the rate be the same of 20,000 KRW?

    1. Hello Nyla 🙂
      Unfortunately, the local operator does not provide rental service for English GPS at the moment and the device cannot be rented by itself. If you are planning to use GPS navigation system only during your trip, we recommend you to use google map or Kakaonavi (English voice service available).

  22. Hi, i would like to rent a car from 10th April to 12th April for my trip at Jeju. However, as it states i have to be at least 21 years old with at least a year of driving experience, my birthday falls on 25th April. Would I not be able to rent the car at all?

    1. Hello 🙂
      Unfortunately, all drivers must be 21 years of age or older on the day when they pick up the vehicle. If not, please understand that it’s not possible to rent a car in Jeju Island.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Just to check, So if I’m born in the year of 1998, am I considered 20 or 21 in Korea?

        1. Hello AQ,
          You will be considered 20 until your birthday, which is your international age.
          Actually, there is a Korean culture where people calculate a person’s age in a different way. Please note that this is totally irrelevant from renting a vehicle in Jeju Island but if you would like to know more about this culture, please check out the link below!
          *Find your Korean age:

  23. Hi,

    I am planning on renting a car in Jeju for June. I do not have my own car insurance in my own country. How does car insurance work when renting a car in Jeju? Your blog indicates “All the vehicles are covered by the basic general insurance” – what does basic general insurance entitles? Also if I choose to add the optional insurance what will that include and how much will it cost?

    1. Hello Phia 🙂
      The basic general insurance indicates the third party insurance. You can decide to add the optional damage insurance coverage on-site which can cover yourself and the vehicle as well. The price differs depending on the type of vehicle (15,000~40,000 KRW).

  24. Hello,Actuallly I’m visiting Jeju island for 2 days and planning to rent a car . my wife has both local and IDP licence. can I drive the car in Jeju as an additional driver ?

  25. Hi there!

    Just wanted to check if I am still able to rent a car with trazy if I only have a debit card? Furthermore, my debit card has my nickname e.g. my name on this comment on the debit card which is not my official birth name, instead of my full official name as per my passport? Would this be acceptable?


    1. Hello Clement 🙂
      Regarding the car rental in Jeju Island, all of the following documents are required by the car rental company to pick up the car.
      1) Your passport
      2) International Driving Permit (Class 2 or higher)
      3) Your original driver’s license from your home country
      4) A credit card that matches the name of the driver.
      Please be noted that a failure in meeting any of the requirements above is subject to refusal of service.
      Thank you 🙂

  26. Hello, I want to ask about the ‘rental per day’ on the booking website.

    Does this mean, qty of cars or qty of days?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Limo Chauffer 🙂
      International Driving Permit (IDP) is one of the requirements in order to rent a vehicle in Korea. You can make a reservation for car rental now but please do make sure you bring all the required documents on the day you pick up the vehicle.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Yes, it is possible. Please make sure you qualify the followings in order to drive a mini van (12-pax Starex).
      1. The license type is must be Type D
      2. Driver must have over 3 years of driving experience
      3. Driver must be over 26 years of age

  27. Hi, if my flight reach jeju airport at 12pm and I book the collection time as 12pm. Will the car company hold the car till I arrive to collect the car? I am worried if there is any flight delay. Thank you.

    1. Hi Yun 🙂
      It is usually recommended to set your pickup time 1 hour after your flight arrival time. In case the flight is delayed, please make sure to contact the car rental company to rearrange the pickup time.

  28. Hello.

    I am currently 20 turning 21 on December 20, 2018. I was wondering if I am allowed to rent a car in Jeju from 14 Dec – 17 Dec. I have an SG license, IDP, and 2 years of experience.

    1. Hi Syai,
      Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent a vehicle in Korea during the period mentioned if you are under 21. We are sorry about that ;(

  29. Hi there,

    Normally do we need to pay extra for a baby car seat or a booster seat? I have a baby and a toddler with us.

    1. Hi Zini,
      Yes, you can usually rent a baby seat at an additional price of 8,000KRW~10,000KRW. We recommend you to inquire the staff from the car rental company upon pickup for specific details.

  30. Hello

    Would like to check if the driver is 23 years old, what kind of car can we rent?
    Based on AJ Car Rent, the type of Compact and midsize car can be rent, because the driver is less than 26 years old.

  31. hHi. I understand Google map does not work in Korea. Does the cars from Lotte car rental include in-car GPS and is it in English. I heard that we need to key in the telephone number of the destination but not sure where to get these numbers.

    1. Hi Chock 🙂
      Google map does work in Korea but it may be inaccurate depending on the location. The English GPS service differs depending on the local car rental company so please check directly with the rental company for the exact information. While traveling in Korea, we would recommend you to search the destination on Google in advance or use Naver map/Kakao Map when looking for the telephone number.

  32. I will be stay in Jeju from 13 to 16 Dec 2018, however, my arrival time will be 0625 and return flight will be taking off early morning at 0730 hence I need to be at the airport quite early on the 16th ( say ideally before 6am). I notice most of the rental company will not open till 8am, and I wonder if it is possible to pick up the car earlier (on 13th) and also dropping off before your operation time (on 16th) ? Hope to hear from you soon

    1. Hi Ali, you can pick up the car from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and return it from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Thank you 🙂

  33. Hi! I have an upcoming trip to Jeju from 24th ~ 30th July 2019.
    Normally how long “before” my travelling date do I need to book a car in advance? Thank you.

  34. hi… i would like to rent a car on 07th feb 2019 it still available ? and can you provide the english gps ?

    1. Hi, Lee! You need to book at least 7 days in advance of your preferred days. The car comes with Korean GPS inside. You can change the language setting to English then it will give you directions in English (Korean on the screen).

  35. Hello, it says that I have to pay with a credit card and not debit card. What if I have no credit card but just a simple mastercard/visa debit card from Citibank or Commonwealth Bank from Australia. Can I still hire a car? Also I am from Australia and drive on the other side, will that be a big problem?

    1. Hi, Hoa! You can book a rental car on Trazy with your debit card. The credit card is required only when you purchase full coverage insurance upon collecting your car on site. As long as your IDP (International Driving Permit) is issued by a member state of the Geneva Convention and Vienna Convention, you can hire a car. For your info, Australia is a member of Geneva Convention. 🙂

  36. Hello!

    This blog was extremely helpful!
    I just have a quick question. I’m going on a mini vacation with my husband in April, and I do plan on renting a car to get around Jeju. I already have my Korean drivers license. Do I need an IDP as well, or does this only applies to when you have a US drivers license?

    1. Hi, Rachel! As long as you have a driver’s license issued from Korea, you don’t need to bring IDP.

  37. Hello, my and my mom are thinking of renting a car in july for 3 days in Jeju. Her driver licsence is from Germany, but we live with a permenant permit in Norway. Is this fine? Because in the article above it said ” … the local driver’s license (which must be issued by the country of your residence).”

  38. Hello, I’m travelling with a friend from the Netherlands in Jeju in July! I’m 19 (Canadian age), and my friend is also19. But, I know that Korea has this tricky system of having 1 year or sometimes 2 years older than your legal age. If my friend is born in 1999 in August and has an IDP, will we be able to rent a car in Jeju in July?

    1. Hi Elysia Park! The minimum age for car rental is 21 (international age, not Korean age). Hence, you are not available to rent a car in this year, unfortunately.

  39. Hi,

    Just read that we can now pay via bank transfer or debit card. Lets say i want to get full coverage insurance to be able to drive in Jeju without worry, how do i go about it? If i dont have a credit card to get the full coverage insurance, does that mean i have to get a car without the zero excess?

    Thank you for your blog. I really think its super informative! 🙂

    1. Hi Rina Jaafar! If you buy extra full coverage insurance, the coverage will be extended to the vehicle you are using in case of damage or theft and you will not be charged any money for the damages caused to the rented vehicle.
      It is available to sign up at 5,000~30,000won per day on-site and the exact price differs depending on the vehicle type. Please visit our website and check out the car rental service here:

  40. Hi there,

    I plan on renting a car in Jeju in the next month, we have our local driver’s license, and we are in the process of getting our IDP, but France has a loooong process (can take up to 6 months to get one :'( ). so as a backup we got an IDP through the International Driver’s Association.
    It’s a booklet type, valid for one year and valid under Geneva Convetion, but it wasn’t issued by our country but by an association.
    Do you know if that could be accepted by the renters ?
    I contacted the rental service in Jeju but I guess with our language differences I didn’t manage to get a straight answer wether or not they would accept it as the IDP for our rent.
    Do you have an experience with those type of IDP ?

    Thank you.

  41. Hi, just want some clarifications, so my passport is in my maiden name while my driver’s license and IDP are in my married name. the only difference is my surname. Does this mean I will not be able to rent a car? I can bring my marriage certificate as proof.

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