Ever wondered what it takes to be the best K-pop star worldwide? This is your chance to put your shoes into the lives of a K-pop star and experience what it takes to become the best of the best. Let’s have a look at what a K-pop trainee experience is like right here!

K-Pop Training

If you want to become a K-pop star, you’ve got to be talented in multiple aspects, whether that is dance, playing an instrument, writing music and etc. Luckily, you have these opportunities to hone these talents to go a step towards becoming the next K-pop star. This will be your first step in your K-pop trainee experience.

1. Learn to dance 

Join a group dance class for 1 hour 30 minutes, and learn the moves of your favorite k-pop stars! Even someone with absolutely no experience with dance will be able to master the dance moves within the time given! The instructors are backup dancers of various famous K-pop stars, so a great experience is guaranteed.

Learn the dance moves of K-pop in K-pop dance lesson: how to dance like k-pop stars

2. Record & Produce your own song

What’s a K-pop star without a song? Fulfil your dream of producing and recording your very own song in a professional recording studio where existing K-pop starts have actually worked in! Learn how to produce the best song from one of the best music producers. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t know how to produce and record in the first place, because the pros will instruct you step by step!

3. Personalized K-Pop Training Program

There is also a chance for you to experience the full package in the life of a K-pop star! participate in this program where you have a choice to try  4, 8, and 12 weeks of K-pop star training.  This is the perfect program for the foreigner! your weekly timetable will consist of vocal and dance training sessions, study music theory and learning how to play an instrument. You also have to learn about styling as a K-pop star and finally, you’ll be taught pronunciation with Korean lyrics and how to carry out conversations. This is going to be a very unique and busy program for you! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity, click below to find out more about it now!


K-pop stars are not just talented, but many of them look attractive. This is all due to the regular care they receive. They get their hair styled, makeup done, as well as getting the best skincare to look as attractive as ever when on screen. Check out below what sort of care a K-pop star must receive!

1. Hair

K-pop stars go to hair salons often, depending on their schedule. Hair is an essential part that K-pop stars take good care of by going to famous hair salons and receiving treatment. Now you can receive the same treatment or change your hairstyle just like the famous K-pop stars out there!

2. Makeup

So is makeup! Both male and female K-pop stars get their makeup done before appearing on-screen. Wouldn’t you like to know the secrets of how Korean celebrities always look so good on television? Click below to one of the two links to receive a personalized makeup session so you can shine like a celebrity too!

3. Skincare

K-pop stars have a lot to care for don’t they? Well, it doesn’t stop at receiving the best hair treatment and makeup. They need to take care of their skin as well! Another beauty secret of k-pop stars and celebrities exposed! Receive high-quality skincare from some of the best dermatologist clinics, depending on the condition of your skin. Care for your skin and come out of the clinic with bright rejuvenated skin!

This was an extensive guide to the experiences of a K-pop star, but if you’d like to know more about the k-pop trainee experience and these programs, check out Trazy.com!

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