Koh Samui is not only one of the most popular and beautiful islands in the Gulf of Thailand, but also the third-largest island in Thailand after Phuket and Koh Chang. Also, some famous islands are waiting for you to explore near Koh Samui.

There are 2 options to get there. One is to fly directly from Bangkok to Samui airport, which will take around 1-2 hours. The other is to land at the Surat Thani airport located in Surat Thani province and then take a bus to ‘Don Sak port’ to take a ferry to Koh Samui, which will take at least 3~4 hours more than the first option. But it’s 3~4 times cheaper than the first option, thus it’s totally up to your budget.

If you have never been to this tranquil island paradise, consider this itinerary as your guide! 😉

DAY 1: Beach & water sports time!

Spend your first day morning on the beaches. There are 3 best beaches in Samui you should consider putting in your itinerary.

1) Chaweng Beach is the most popular beach, which is also a party hub in Koh Samui. It can get pretty busy during day and night. You can find the majority of services and amenities for tourists here, from the hotels to the bars and restaurants.

2) Lamai Beach is the second most popular. Despite that, it has a bit more laid-back vibe to it, with travelers either sunbathing or enjoying a dip in the greenish-blue waters. 

3) Bophut Beach is also a great place to experience the local lifestyle. It is very peaceful and quiet, so you will feel like you are on a private beach. Also, there is Fisherman’s Village near the beach which is a quaint village that still retains the authentic Thai-Chinese atmosphere.

In addition, there are several water sports options available such as snorkeling, flyboarding, jet skiing, fishing, and even sea walking! If you are looking for any packages for one of these, check out these water sports options below.

Flyboarding in Koh Samui

▷Jet Ski Rental in Koh Samui◁

▷Day/Night Fishing in Koh Samui◁

▷Sea Walking in Koh Samui◁

DAY 2: Adventure in nature!

Koh Samui boasts not only the various water sports options but also diverse activities to enjoy in the jungle such as zipping through the mountain savoring the view, swimming at the Na Muang waterfall or driving the ATV. Check out the Koh Samui’s jungle activities we have carefully curated for you!

▷Koh Samui Adventure: Jungle Safari Tour◁   

▷Koh Samui Adventure: Zip Line Tour (Half Day)◁

▷Koh Samui Adventure: Zip Line + Waterfall + Local Market Tour (Half Day)◁

▷Koh Samui Adventure: ATV + Zipline + Waterfall Tour (Half Day)◁

DAY 3: Head to the landmarks!

Koh Samui is a great place to experience Chinese cultural influence in Thailand. Here are the must-visit landmarks in Koh Samui to see Thai people’s daily lives and lifestyles.

1) Chinese Lady Monk (Guanyin) – The goddess of mercy and compassion. Her multitude of arms is seen as an illustration of her ability to provide help across the world.

2) Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai)  – A temple with a 12 meters gold-painted statue. It is the first thing that all visitors can see from the plane while landing to Koh Samui.

3) Grandfather & Grandmother Rock (Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rock) – Fascinating rock formations discovered by the locals many years ago which resemble the male and female genitalia.

4) Guan Yu Shrine – A statue of a Chinese who generally known as a god of war. Guan Yu himself represents loyalty, righteousness, bravery, and honesty among the Chinese people.  

Not only the places we mentioned above, but there are also other attractions such as rubber plantation, coconut plantation, waterfalls, and so on. If you are interested to visit all these places in 1 day, check out the link below!

▷Discount Ticket for Koh Samui Landmarks Tour◁

DAY 4: Visit Ang Thong National Marine Park, the hidden gems of Thailand!

Not too far from Koh Samui, you can meet this magnificent archipelago called Ang Thong National Marine Park. This archipelago of 42 islands is the place that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Koh Samui. At the Ang Thong Marine National Park, you can do snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, diving, sightseeing, and simply relaxing at the beach. In Ang Thong, there are 2 locations you must visit which are :

1) Ko Wua Ta Lap (Wua Ta Lap Island) – The highlight is the viewpoint where you can see all 42 islands.

2) Emerald Lagoon (Inner Sea) –  This belongs to Koh Mae Ko (Mae ko Island). It is a large emerald lake in the middle of the island and is the most popular and stunning.

You can only get to Ang Thong by ferry transfer from Koh Samui. The best way to explore Ang Thong is to book a full-day tour and go to its must-visit spots and try various activities. Here are your best choices!

▷Ang Thong National Marine Park Snorkeling + Sightseeing Tour by Big Boat (+Kayaking option) – from Koh Samui◁

If you want more information about Ang Thong Marine National Park, check out our blog here: ‘Guide to Ang Thong National Marine Park Tour’


Full Moon Party at Haad Rin (Rin beach) in Koh Phangan is one of the most famous beach party not only in Thailand but in the world. You will see thousands of people come from all over the world to join this crazy beach party and have fun all night!

It will take around 1 hour from Koh Samui’s port to Koh Phangan. To have a hassle-free party experience, be sure to book a door-to-door transfer service from Koh Samui to Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan.

▷Discount Ticket for Full Moon Party Round Trips Transfer – from Koh Samui◁

Remember that the party is held just in every month’s full moon night. Check out our blog here The Beginner’s Guide To The Full Moon Party to get more information about the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan.

As always, don’t forget to check out Trazy.com for more updates on fantastic tours you can go to Thailand!

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Sutthawat Sriphum (Flickr) – Guan Yu Shrine

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