Are you planning to join an exchange student program in Korea? After the long period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Korea has finally opened up without a mandatory quarantine or COVID-19 test. Moreover, now you don’t have to wear a mask in indoor and outdoor areas except at certain places, such as hospitals, pharmacies, and public transportation. Here’s the ultimate list of essential things exchange students in Korea should prepare before arriving in Korea!

1. SIM Card

The most essential thing you need to prepare before arriving in Korea is to get your SIM card ready. There are three ways to get your SIM card in Korea: have your SIM card gets delivered to you in advance, pick up your SIM card or WiFi pocket at the airport, or get eSIM, which you just have to download a SIM card to your phone without needing a physical SIM card.

1) Get your SIM card delivered in advance!

2) Pick up your SIM card upon arrival at the airport!

3) Pick up your WiFi pocket upon arrival at the airport!

4) Get your eSIM without having to visit a pick-up booth or change out your current SIM card!

Check out Trazy blogs to find out more about SIM cards or WiFi rentals!

2. Airport Transfer Service

It is highly recommended to book an airport taxi in advance, especially for those who need to go to the quarantine place. All customers’ touchpoints are frequently cleaned, wearing a facial mask is required at all times, hand sanitizers are available to use anytime, and partitions are set up in van vehicles.

You can book an airport transfer service from Incheon/Gimpo airport to Seoul or the major areas in Gyeonggi-do (Suwon, Pyeongtaek, Bundang, Goyang, Hanam, Hwaseong, Dongtan, Gunsan).

Book the private transfer services in advance:

3. Luggage Delivery Service

Lighten your load with Trazy’s luggage delivery service! You can either deliver your bags to your accommodation in Seoul from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 & 2 or the other way around. This safe and reliable luggage delivery service will give you peace of mind!

4. Moving & House Cleaning Service

Finding a place to stay during the semester is also very important. Whether you decide to stay in a dormitory or find private accommodation outside of the campus, you might have to use the moving service. With Trazy, you can find a good moving service company at a reasonable price and relocate absolutely stress-free! The movers will carefully load, move, and unload all of your belongings.

If you want to make your place clean and pleasant before moving in, get your house cleaned by experienced cleaners! They will clean your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, common area, and entrance area, and throw away the trash including dry/general garbage and food waste.

5. Learn Basic Korean Language

It’s always better to learn some of the basics of the language when living in a foreign country. If you want to learn the basic Korean language before departing to Korea, join this online class! In this 50-min online class, a professional Korean instructor will teach you the basics of the Korean language as well as essential phrases and expressions. Perfect for beginners with little to no knowledge of Korean!

Helpful Services Once You Arrive in Korea

1. Online Grocery Delivery Service: Daily Fresh & Breakfast Foods

If you prefer cooking at home instead of ordering food, you can order healthy and fresh grocery goods and receive them by the next day at 8am. From daily fresh & breakfast goods, fruits, salads, desserts, and coffee, you can conveniently order high-quality groceries!

2. Online Grocery Delivery Service: Vegan Delights

If you find it difficult to find vegan food in Korea, don’t worry about it! Simply use Trazy’s online grocery delivery service and receive vegan delights the next day by 8am. It’s an untact service, in which a delivery person will leave your order in front of your door.

3. Household Supplies & Small Appliances Delivery Service

When moving into a new place, you will need a variety of basic household supplies and small appliances, such as detergents, tissue, a toaster, a rice cooker, and many more. Simply order the ones you need via Trazy and the crew will have them delivered to your doorstep.

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