Trazy MD’s pick for Korea proxy shopping is back! This time we would like to introduce another high-quality Korean beauty brand that is trending right now in Korea, which is KAHI Cosmetics. KAHI is a skincare brand in Korea that has a mission to find a solution to make your skin glow naturally only with at-home skincare. It particularly focuses on the wrinkle-bounce solution.

Let’s take a look at KAHI’s skincare products and find out which one you need the most!

1. Multi-Purpose Balm Stick

  • Price: KRW 42,000
  • Volume: 9g


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The Multi-Purpose Balm Stick is the best selling product in KAHI and it has been aired on the currently broadcasted K-drama “The King: Eternal Monarch”. In the drama, Kim Go Eun applies it on her lips and face while in the car.


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This balm stick is recommended to those who are dealing with darkening, dry, and sensitive skin problems. It contains collagen that helps anti-aging and makes your makeup stays longer.

If you want a handy balm stick that you can apply anywhere on your face and make your skin moisturized, click here.

2. Collagen Mist Ampoule

  • Price: KRW 49,000
  • Volume: 100ml


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Kim Go Eun also uses KAHI Collagen Mist Ampoule in the drama, which is getting increasingly popular these days. She visits the KAHI store and sprays the mist on her face in the scene.


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You don’t have to shake it before you spray it on your face, unlike other mists. Jeju organic oil is in the mist that helps your skin to absorb collagen more deeply.

If you want to use this Collagen Mist Ampoule to lift up the tension and energy of your face, click here.

3. Blemish UV Protection Cream

  • Price: KRW 35,000
  • Volume: 50ml


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UV Protection Cream is a daily essential and it is very important for your skin health! If you want a sunblock with a moisturizing function, without too much whitening effect, this is the right one for you. You just have to apply it on your skin around 20~30 minutes before going out, and then keep applying on your skin parts that are exposed to UV rays every 2~3 hours. You don’t have to worry about your makeup when applying it on your face.

If you want to protect your skin, especially during the upcoming summer, click here!

4.  Cream Cleansing Foam

  • Price: KRW 24,000
  • Volume: 80ml


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Cleansing is more important than putting on makeup, however, many people neglect the importance of their cleansing beauty products. If you want your skin to be deeply cleansed but still stay moisturized, try using this Cream Cleansing Foam from KAHI. Its micro-bubbles remove trouble-causing impurities in pores and make your skin refreshing and clean!

If you want to wash away dirt and dead skin cells from your pores with KAHI’s Cream Cleansing Foam, click here.

5. Skin Fit Blending Essence

  • Price: KRW 92,000
  • Volume: 30ml


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Building up your skin barrier is crucial to make your skin healthier, which can fundamentally solve your skin problems. This Skin Fit Blending Essence will repair your skin barrier and improve your skin elasticity.

If you want to get it delivered from Korea, simply place an order by clicking here.

6. Water-Full Perfecting Mask

  • Price: KRW 56,000
  • Volume: 35g X 6EA


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Korean sheet masks are undoubtedly the best in the world! You can rejuvenate your tired skin just by putting KAHI’s Water-Full Perfecting Mask on your face for 10~20 minutes after washing your face. There are 6 sheet masks in a box that will tighten and firm your skin!

Click here if you want to easily order these sheet masks from Korea.

Which Beauty Product Do You Want to Use?

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