Welcome to Trazy’s newly launched proxy shopping! The first Korean product we would like to introduce and recommend to you is LILYBYRED cosmetics which is super popular and trendy among young girls these days. Lilybyred can easily be found on Instagram or YouTube, which is especially known for its lusciously colorful lips & eye products. It’s also known for hiring male models to represent its color cosmetics such as Kwon Hyun Bin and Bomin from Golden Child. Let’s jump into the world of LILYBYRED and get to know more about their products!

1. Mood Liar Velvet Tint (9 Colors)

  • Price: KRW 10,000


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Mood Liar Velvet Tint is one of the most popular items of LILYBYRED and it’s well-known for being matte but still having hydration. It’s also famous for its long-lasting colors. There are 9 colors so you can choose the one that fits your skin color well.

Color #1. Pure Apple

Pure Apple is a combination of pink and red color, and it’s a type of color that you can use daily at your school or workplace. If you need a tinted lipstick that suits well in any circumstances, this is the one!

Color #2. Elegant Tangerine

Elegant Tangerine not only makes you look elegant and graceful but also lively and vigorous. If you want to look more active and bright in summer, this one is highly recommended.

 Color #3. Innocent Apricot

Innocent Apricot is a coral brown color that gives you a natural look. With this tinted lipstick, you can try MLBB makeup, which is steadily popular among cosmetic lovers.

Color #4. Deep Persimmon

Deep Persimmon is a warm orange and brown color, which is a trending color these days. It goes well year-round but especially in autumn.

Color #5. K-drama Actress Lookalike Plum

This plum color is a combination of red and rose colors, which will make you look like a K-drama actress with a lot of stories behind. You can also use this color for MLBB look. If you want a special look in your everyday life, try on this tinted lipstick!

Color #6. Sexy Pomegranate

If you want an eye-catching look on a special day, this brick red color will definitely make you stand out. This color is also very useful if you want to try hotter MLBB makeup.

Color #7. Sweet Strawberry

Sweet Strawberry is a creamy rose pink color that goes well with every type of skin color. If you want a tinted lipstick for daily use, but want to look younger and cuter, this is the right one for you!

Color #8. Lovely Cherry

Lovely Cherry is a color mixture of pink and violet that makes you look more lovely and adorable. If you are a fan of bright pink and violet colors, why don’t you try out this one?

Color #9. Exquisite Plum

Exquisite Plum is a red-pink color that makes your lip color exquisite and exclusive. If you already have too many lipsticks with similar colors and want something different, this is the one you should get!

2. Luv Beam Cheek Balm (4 Colors)

  • Price: KRW 12,000


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Look at these cute heart-shaped cases of LILYBRED’s Luv Beam Cheek Balms! These cheek balms are sensational among young girls not only because of its cute design but also high-quality colors that make you look more lively and lovely. There are 4 colors you can choose from.

Color #1. Peach Coral

If you want a natural K-drama actress kind of look, this Peach Coral cheek balm will best suit you. It can be your favorite daily makeup item!

Color #2. Milky Pink

Milky Pink is a color that makes you look like a pure and innocent girl. You will look even more cute and adorable when you put on this cheek balm!

Color #3. MLBB Mood Rosie

If you are an MLBB makeup lover, finishing your makeup with this MLBB Mood Rosie cheek balm is highly recommended. It’s a perfect color for your natural MLBB look.

Color #4. Pure Red

Pure Red is a color that gives you a girl crush look with natural red color. It will make you look more active, bright, and enchanting.

3. Mood It Palette (2 Types)

  • Price: KRW 17,000


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Mood It Palette is an eye shadow palette with 4 kinds of colors in it. There are two types of palettes, which are Shade It and Bloom It. Both of them contain all the colors that are perfect for your natural eye makeup! It’s not a questions that they are must-have items for every woman.

Type #1. Shade It

If you want to contour your eye shadow with brown-tone colors, this one has everything you need! It has #1 Nude Ivory color, #2 Camel Brown color, #3 Cocoa Brown color, and #4 Deep Brown color.

Type #2. Bloom It

If you prefer natural pink-tone colors to brown colors, choose Bloom It eye shadow palette! It consists of #1 Pale Pink color, #2 Peach Coral color, #3 Dry Rose color, and #4 Deep Red Brown color.

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