Completing 10 days of self-quarantine is mandatory for most passengers entering Korea. If you are looking for a cozy and convenient place to quarantine in Korea, check out the recommended quarantine facilities for foreigners via Trazy! There are three options available: an all-inclusive residence room, room rental in Seoul, and room rental outside of Seoul.

Don’t forget to check the quarantine process for all inbound travelers entering Korea before booking your room!

1. All-Inclusive Residence Room

For those who want a facility with high-quality conditions and convenient amenities, an all-inclusive residence room option is strongly suggested. It’s a private room located in Seoul and you will be randomly assigned based on your quarantine period. Your quarantine location and transfer service details will be sent to you 3~7 days before you arrive in Korea. Also, meals will be delivered to your room every day.

[What is Included in Residence Room Rental?]

  • a residence room with a private bathroom
  • meals for 7 days
  • essential items (bottled water, toilet paper, amenities)
  • free WiFi
  • private transfer service from Incheon Airport to the hotel
  • private transfer service between the hotel and health center for required COVID-19 tests

2. Studio Room Rental Only

If you want to rent a quality studio room at a more affordable price, you can choose a studio room rental-only option. Just like the all-inclusive room rental option, you will receive the details of the address and entrance code a week before you arrive in Korea. You can either choose a room in or Incheon/Gyeonggi-do. The meals option isn’t available for this room rental option.

[What is Included in StudioRoom Rental Only?]

  • a studio-type furnished room with a private bathroom & small kitchen (stove, microwave, refrigerator)
  • free WiFi
  • laundry machine

*You can use Trazy’s food delivery or online grocery delivery service to order food and groceries.

3. Hostel Room & Meal Option Package

Standard Room

This hostel room is also a great option where you can stay at a cozy guesthouse in Itaewon area, Seoul. The guesthouse/hostel provides two types of rooms: standard & deluxe. Also, you can choose to get meals option along with the room rental.

Deluxe Room

[What is Included in Hostel Room Rental?]

  • a room with a private bathroom
  • meals for 7 days (optional)
  • TV, microwave, fridge, etc
  • free WiFi
  • mini kitchen (deluxe room only)

Since transportation to the accommodation isn’t included, you have to make your own way to the place from the airport. Check the safe and reliable private transfer services below:

Please keep in mind self-quarantine room rental is only available for long-term visa holders (90 days or more). If you are entering Korea with a short-term visa (less than 90 days), you must self-quarantine at a facility designated by the government upon arrival.

Also, if you are looking for hassle-free services during your self-quarantine, check out the list below:

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11 thoughts on “Korea Quarantine Facilities (Room Rental) for Foreigners

  1. Hello,is it available a room for my wife and 3 of children (8 years old,6 years old and 3 years old).
    How much for it.?

    1. Good morning, i wanted to ask if this options are also for short-terms visitors, because i read they have to do the quarantine with government quarantine facilities.

  2. Hi ,I am a traveler and my estimated time of arrival in Seoul on 24 /02/2022.I would like to book a room for self quarantine for 7 days.

    Thanks and best wishes
    Aman ullah

  3. Hi, if i am a foreigner who will be staying in korea for less than 90 days, do i book the facility myself or will it be assigned to me randomly? how and when do i pay for the quarantine fee? IS this included in the process of applying for a visitor visa? thank you!

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