Find out where to get your SIM cards in Korea by pick-up location.

When planning a trip, you’re bound to come across the question, “Should I get a SIM card?” Well, the short answer is: Yes!

Especially if you’re visiting a country like Korea, with so many magnificent sights to see and places to visit, having your trusty smartphone to guide you along will come in very handy.

So then, what should I do?

If you’re planning on traveling to Korea anytime soon, we suggest you take a look at the various SIM card and portable wifi options that Trazy has to offer.

Roaming costs can be quite steep so, unless you’re on a business trip to Korea, you might want to take this opportunity to make the most out of Korea’s super fast 5G network.

Whether you’re planning to pick it up at the airport or later on in the city center, wherever your destination is in Korea, we’ve got you covered.

Find out where to get one below and plan your trip!✈️

Looking to pick-up from the airport?✈️

| SIM Cards by Location: Airport Pick-up Options

1. Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 & 2 / Gimpo International Airport


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Start your journey off on the right foot. Pick up your prepaid SIM card or portable wifi as soon as you land at Incheon or Gimpo International Airport, hop into a taxi and you’re off on your way.

If you’ve got time to spare before you start your trip, how about taking a little trip around Incheon?

Starting with a bit of time travel to the Incheon Open Airport to enjoying the amazing cityscape of the futuristic city of Songdo, Incheon offers a unique experience.

| Incheon Private Van Tour from Incheon Cruise Port/Incheon International Airport

| Incheon/Gimpo Int. Airport > Seoul Transfer (Airport Taxi) with Airport Hall Picketing Service

| Incheon/Gimpo Int. Airport > Seoul Sedan/Van Transfer (+ Car Seat option)

| Incheon/Gimpo Int. Airport > Universities in Seoul: Private Van for International Students

2. Gimhae International Airport (Busan)

If you’re coming in through Gimhae International Airport, don’t fret. Safely pick up your SIM card from the airport and begin your journey in Busan!

Busan certainly does offer a different experience from Seoul, and it would be a shame to miss out on all the gems that it has to offer.

If you’ve yet to plan out your itinerary, how about a 1-day bus tour around some of the best destinations to visit in Busan?

<Things to do in Busan>

| Gimhae Airport/Busan Station/Busan Int’l Passenger Terminal from/to Busan Downtown/Haeundae/Gwangalli/Gijang City – Private Van/Mini Bus/Big Bus

| Private 1 Day Cruise Shore Excursion Tour in Busan

| Busan 1-Day Bus Tour

| Busan Luxury Yacht Tour

| Sea Life Busan Aquarium (Discount Ticket)

3. Daegu International Airport

If you want to pick up your SIM card or WIFI at Daegu International Airport, there are several options available.

Located in the southern part of Korea, Daegu is a wonderful city with numerous modern and historical sites.

Discover the 4th largest city in Korea with various tours and activities!

<Things to do in Daegu>

| Daegu City Tour Bus Ticket

| Daegu 1 Day Private Tour from Daegu/Busan

| Daegu E-World & 83 Tower Observatory Discount Ticket

| Daegu E-World & 83 Tower Observatory 1 Day Tour from Busan

Looking to pick-up from the city center?🏙️

| SIM Cards by Location: City center Pick-up Options

1. Seoul

If you’ve booked your room around the city center, picking up your SIM card from Hoehyeon or Sinchon Station might be a better and more convenient option.

  • Hoehyeon

Hoehyeon Station is near Myeongdong and it’s probably one of the most well-known neighborhoods in Korea. With its scrumptious street food stalls and never-ending boutique shops, it is arguably everyone’s dream location.

After grabbing your SIM card, why not go on a shopping spree and enjoy the many other activities that Myeongdong has to offer?

<Things to do in Myeongdong>

| Women’s Only Mud Massage & Sauna Experience in Myeongdong

| O HUI & Whoo Spa Beauty Care

| Caricature Drawing Class

  • Sinchon


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Sinchon is another popular destination, perfect for those who want to enjoy the vibrant life of Seoul.  Located near several universities, it’s known for its cool, hip ambiance and creative vibes.

You can also visit Ewha Womans Univ. Station area and Hongdae area, which are popular shopping districts among young people in Korea.

<Things to do in Sinchon>

| Room Escape Experience

| Learn K-pop Dance with BTS/BLACKPINK’s Songs

Take a look at our blog on Things to do in Hongdae here.

<Things to do in Hongdae>

| Hair & Joy Hair Salon

| 1-Day Makeup Class/Service

| Make Your Own Cosmetics

| Make Your Own Jewelry

On a tight schedule?

If you’re on a tight schedule and don’t think have time to pick up your SIM card, do not worry. Have your SIM card delivered to you directly or opt for an eSIM.

| SIM Card Delivery 90~180 Days (Domestic)

| SIM Card Delivery (International & Domestic Shipping)

| [Exclusively for iPhones] 4G/LTE eSIM: Unlimited Data Only (3~30 days) by KT

| [Adroid/iPhone] 4G/LTE eSIM: Unlimited Data Only (1~90 days) by SKT

| [Adroid/iPhone] 4G/LTE eSIM: Unlimited Data + 11,000 Won Credit for Voice & SMS  (30~120 days)

For a more comprehensive guide to SIM cards in Korea, check out the blogs below!

Don’t forget to visit Trazy, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, for all the latest, newest, and trendiest things to do in South Korea that will make your travel the best.

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