South Korea and Singapore recently signed a travel bubble agreement, allowing quarantine-free travel from November 15, 2021.

Here are some FAQs that have been announced by the Korean government regarding the process and requirements in order to enter Korea and stay from Singapore via VTL (Vaccinated Travel Lane). Please make sure you read the details and prepare yourself before and after traveling Korea!

*Please note that the information may change and in this case, you need to double-check with the official announcements of both governments.

1. What is the process of entering Korea from Singapore?

[Before Departure]

What is required:

1) Vaccination certificate (If vaccinated in Singapore: English certificate in electronic form)
2) PCR test negative confirmation (issued within 72 hours of boarding a flight to Korea)
3) Travel insurance (at least 30 million won guaranteed / document or electronic form)
4) PCR test reservation confirmation* when arrived in Incheon Airport
5) K-ETA if necessary
6) Must have stayed in Singapore for 14 days or more before visiting Korea

*Prior reservation is required ( at your own expense.

※ Infants & toddlers: If all parties present the appropriate PCR negative confirmation on the date of arrival,
no need to present △Vaccination certificate, △Negative confirmation before boarding for infants under the age of 6
– However, other requirements (travel insurance, K-ETA if necessary, Incheon Airport first inspection, stay requirements) must be met

[Flight Check-In]

After document verification, issuance and distribution of necklaces for those who are vaccinated

[After Arrival]

Inspection → Immigration Control → PCR Inspection and Release → Stay

※ At the entry stage, those with symptoms will be separated and tested (quarantine facility), and the entry procedure will resume after found to be negative.

1) Inspection: Submit ▲Vaccination certificate, ▲PCR negative confirmation, ▲Health status questionnaire
2) Immigration Screening: Confirmation of special quarantine report
3) Upon Arrival:

Sample collected at Incheon Airport Covid-19 Inspection Center/ Install self-diagnosis app (Self Check) →
Go to your accommodation (indicated when booking an inspection) on your own* → Wait at the accommodation for the result /After being confirmed of PCR negative verification (text, email), you are exempted from quarantine

*You can use public transportation, but you need to move straight to your accommodation without stopping by another place.

[During Travel]

1) Daily monitoring (self-diagnosis app)
2) Comply with domestic quarantine & social distancing guidelines
3) Same incentive applied with domestic vaccination

– If the period of stay in Korea is more than 8 days, you need to take a PCR test at an institution that can test for COVID-19 on the 6-7th day at your own expense.
– Before returning to Singapore: PCR & negative confirmation (within 48 hours of boarding of an inbound flight) required according to Singapore immigration procedures (VTL)

In order to verify your local contact number and download the app, book a prepaid Korea SIM card that you can pick up at Incheon Airport Terminal 1 within the quarantine inspection area. If you want to get your Korean SIM card and your Korean phone number before arriving in Korea, simply order a sim card international delivery service! Browse for of Trazy’s Sim Card Options here.

2. What are the PCR test requirements to enter Korea from Singapore?

[Those who are fully vaccinated in Singapore]

1) Possession of a COVID-19 negative confirmation certificate issued within 72 hours of boarding an aircraft bound for Korea;
2) Tested immediately after arrival at Incheon Airport Corona 19 Inspection Center (reservation required)*
3) On the 6th or 7th day of entry, check at a local center/hospital and get tested for COVID-19

*Prior reservation is required ( at your own expense, and you must have a confirmed reservation in order to board a flight to Korea.

3. How can I move from Incheon Airport to my accommodation?

After submitting your sample at Incheon Airport Covid-19 Inspection Center, you can use the taxi, personal vehicle or public transportation.

*You can use public transportation, but you need to move straight to your accommodation without stopping by another place.

You can book an airport taxi/van in advance that provides a 24-hour transfer service to Seoul. If your destination is in Gyeonggi-do Province instead of Seoul, simply book an airport taxi to Suwon, Pyeongtaek, Bundang, Goyang, Hwaseong, Dongtan, Gunsan, or Hanam!

If you’re planning to visit ski resorts directly, please check Private Transfer to Korea’s Ski Resorts.

4. What about children under the age of 6?

Children who enter Korea with a guardian who is fully vaccinated (regardless of nationality) and 2 weeks have passed since are exempted from quarantine and will be supervised manually.

*In principle, only those who have been vaccinated can be exempted from quarantine regardless of age, but children under the age of 6 are judged to be the minimum age that requires parental protection, so those who are not vaccinated are exempt from quarantine.

5. Is quarantine-free policy applied to Singapore nationals only?

All persons who have been vaccinated in both countries are eligible for entry with quarantine exemption in Korea. As a foreigner (regardless of nationality), you can enter the country after staying in either of the countries for at least 14 days before departure.


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9 thoughts on “Korea-Singapore Travel Bubble (VTL) Process: What is required to enter Korea from Singapore FAQ

  1. May I know if we are allowed to stay at any hotel while waiting for the PCR results, or designated hotels only? I’ve booked a hotel near Gimpo and it requires a certificate of quarantine at check in. We are a family of 4. Can we share room or need to have single rooms?

    1. Hi,
      According to the document, it doesn’t say anything about designated hotels or restrictions in sharing the room.

  2. Hi are you sure we can take public transport to seoul? May I know where the official statement can be found? Because I read that we have to take private taxi.

    1. Hi,
      The official document is only in Korean. According to the document, using the public transportation is possible but you should not stop by any other destination other than your accommodation and they advise you to use a private taxi or car.

  3. Hi,

    Is it true that we have to put a Korean ( Korean friends or family) as our contact? Heard that the airport officer at the immigration they will call your Korean contact to verify after we get out of the plane upon arrival. Is that only for those who need to be quarantined? Since we are travelling through VTL there’s no quarantine so do we still need to put a Korean contact? What if we do not know any Korean ? And is it compulsory to have a Korea sim card?

    1. Hi,
      There were no specific requirements regarding having to have a local contact number on the official document. We won’t be able to give you a thorough answer to your question. We apologize that we cannot help you on this matter.

    2. You will need to input the korean mobile number of an acquaintance in korea in the quarantine self-check mobile app.
      Travellers who are quarantine exempted shared that the immigration officer called the acquaintance during immigration clearance to confirm that the person knows you, but I am not sure if they will do the same for VTL process.

  4. Hi, do we have to take another PCR tests (apart from the required ones) if we take a domestic flight to Jeju?

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