Here comes the most fantastic time of the year, Christmas. Christians make up 20 percent of Korea’s population; moreover, Christmas is also a bank holiday in Korea. Right now, South Korea is filled with awesome vibes only! Here, we’re going to share the Korean ways of celebrating Christmas with you.

1. Light Festivals

With the holiday season coming, there are a lot of amazing light festivals going to be held in Korea. Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival, Petite France Little Prince Lighting Festival, Busan Christmas Tree Festival, department stores like Lotte Department Store and Shinsegae Department Store, Seoul City Haul Plaza, Pocheon Herb Island Light FestivalSonata of Light 3D FestivalJeju Light Gardenetc., are all the great spots where Koreans will go and see those dazzling displays.

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2. N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is another popular place for Koreans to celebrate Christmas, especially for couples. It’s known for its deck that provides a 360-degree view of the entire Seoul city. Besides, it’s also the most romantic place for couples to promise each other’s everlasting love by locking the love padlocks. You can see the love padlocks trees being decorated with lights that look like illuminated Christmas trees! N. Grill, a revolving restaurant located on the highest point of N Seoul Tower, is another spot you can enjoy Christmas. You can enjoy French cuisine and a panoramic view with your beloved up there.

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3. Theme Parks

Theme parks are always popular destinations for family, friends, and couples. The famous theme parks in Korea: Everland Theme Park and Lotte World have special events and decorations for Christmas. Lotte World will hold a Christmas light festival with the theme, “Make a Miracle Winter,” while Everland Theme Park is going to hold “Golden Illumination” with a fantastic display of lights and fireworks. Both of them are sure to be filled up with Christmas vibes and leave you unforgettable memories.

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4. Reunions and Cakes


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Not only employees are busy preparing for year-end parties, but also friends and families have a lot of reunions to symbolize the end of the year nicely. People exchanges gifts at Christmas parties and have cakes together. Korean people usually celebrate holidays with cakes, especially on Christmas day. You can find every cafe and bakery releasing Christmas cakes, with all kinds of flavors and creative decorations. If you happen to be in Korea on Christmas, don’t forget to celebrate in Korean way- buy a mouthwatering cake!

5. Hocance

Hocance is a word that combines “hotel” and ”vacance” and represents that Korean people spend their weekends and holidays at hotels with cozy rooms and modern facilities. It is now all the rage in that it’s affordable, and you can chill out without taking leave. Paradise City in Incheon is a hit among hocance-lovers as it features an indoor and outdoor pool open all year round as well as a fitness center, a casino, a theme park, and a shopping plaza. You can also enjoy luscious food and drinks there.

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6. Jogyesa

Jogyesa is the chief temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, thus plays a leading role of Seon Buddhism in Korea. Even though Jogyesa is a Buddhist temple, you can see a Christmas tree during the Christmas season. And a lighting ceremony will be held in order to achieve religious harmony.

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