Are you a big fan of K-pop and want to make some special memories in Korea? If you are from outside of Korea, there aren’t many chances to meet K-pop stars even if you are a huge K-pop fan. However, if you’re in Korea, especially in Seoul, there are more opportunities to dive into the real K-pop world.

Here’s our ultimate guide to how you can experience genuine K-pop music at various attractions in Seoul. Make unforgettable memories during your stay in Korea!

1. SBS MTV The Show

Would you like to see your favorite K-Pop star performing in front of your eyes? Then this is your ultimate chance! The Show is a live music TV show produced by SBS MTV, and it invites you to be part of the audience for its latest episode! Your dream of K-Pop groups performing their newest songs and choreography while gazing at you will become a reality at The Show!

2. ARMY Tour: Explore Seoul Through the Eyes of BTS

This BTS fan tour takes you on a memorable journey to locations around Seoul that BTS has visited or where their groundbreaking music videos were filmed. You’ll visit the iconic streets and venues that have played a crucial role in shaping their global success stories, such as Yoojung Sikdang, an old Big Hit Entertainment building, and more.

3. Seoul Hallyu K-pop Tour

Explore must-visit K-pop spots in the northern and southern parts of Seoul in 1 day. From iconic broadcasting stations to immersive themed zones, experience the heartbeat of K-pop culture in every corner of the city, including KBS, Hikr Ground, Ktown4U, SM Kwnagya, and many more.

4. Make Your Own K-pop Recording

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were a K-Pop star? Well, wonder no more! You can spend a day like a K-pop star by recording a song in a professional recording studio where K-pop stars like VIXX and Jung Eun-ji have recorded. You will receive guidance from professional vocal trainers and sound engineers so that you can show your full potential. At the end of the session, you will get an MP3 file of the song that you have recorded so that you can cherish this unforgettable memory.

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, KING STUDIO is offering 50% OFF for K-pop Making Classes until December 29th. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to experience K-pop recording at the best price.

5. K-pop Dance Lesson

K-pop is loved by fans from all over the world for its integration of crisp choreography into its songs. If you are a fan who fell in love with K-pop for its cool dance moves, join a group dance class where you can learn the choreography of the latest K-pop songs! Don’t worry if you have never danced before, the instructor will lead the class step-by-step. At the end of the class, you can return home having learned the moves to an entire song, so that you can perform in front of your loved ones and wow them like a true K-Pop star!

6. K-pop Festivals & Concerts in 2023

Going to K-pop festivals or concerts and watching your favorite K-pop idols’ stages is probably the best way to make unforgettable memories for foreign fans.

Check out this year’s K-pop festivals & concerts that you can easily get tickets via Trazy!

1) SEOUL FESTA 2023 K-pop Concert (Apr 30)

SEOUL FESTA 2023 is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Seoul organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Under the slogan of ‘Feel the Real Seoul’, the festival will offer a range of exciting events including the opening K-pop concert. This concert ticket package is exclusively for short-term international travelers who are staying in Korea for less than 1 month.

  • Date: April 30 (Sun), 2023
  • Time: 7:30pm~9:30pm
  • Venue: Jamsil Sports Complex – Main Stadium
  • Line-up: ENHYPEN, THE BOYZ, iKON, STAYC, Kep1er, Lee Young-ji & more

Book SEOUL FESTA 2023 K-pop Concert Ticket Package!

2) Dream Concert 2023 in Busan (May 27)

Dream Concert is one of the biggest annual K-pop festivals in Korea featuring the most loved K-pop artists. This year, the concert will be held in Busan so it’s a great chance to enjoy both Busan city sightseeing and K-pop concert with a fantastic lineup. The package includes seating tickets for the 2023 Dream Concert, Busan 1-day tour, and round-trip transportation from/to Seoul or Busan. Sponsored by the Korean Tourism Board, this package is exclusively available for international travelers with valid round-trip flight tickets.

  • Date: May 27 (Sat), 2023
  • Time: 6:00pm
  • Venue: Busan Asiad Stadium
  • Line-up: ITZY, JO1, Kim Jaehwan, Dreamcatcher, EVERGLOW, OH MY GIRL, ONEUS, TEMPEST, and more

Secure Your Seat for 2023 Dream Concert in Busan Tour Package!

3) Lotte Family Concert 2023 (June 16~18)

The Lotte Duty Free Family Concert is a highly anticipated annual K-pop concert held in Seoul and organized by the popular duty-free shop chain Lotte Duty Free. The concert showcases some of the hottest K-pop groups and artists. What’s more, this package includes a $100 Lotte Duty Free coupon, allowing fans to indulge in some luxury shopping while in Seoul! Please note that this package is only available for customers who have a return flight number.

  • Date: June 16~18 (Fri~Sun), 2023
  • Time: 7:30pm~10:30pm (June 16) / 6:00pm~9:00pm (June 17 & 18)
  • Venue: KSPO Dome in Seoul
  • Line-up: NCT Dream, Stray Kids, aespa, STAYC, KINGDOM, Lee Chae Yeon (June 16) / ENHYPEN, ITZY, Crush, Sung Si Kyung, Gummy, Jukjae (June 17) / Youngtak, Lee Chan Won, Jang Min Ho, Jang Yoon Jung, Song Gain, Jin Simon (June 18)

Join Lotte Family Concert 2023 & Duty Free Shopping Tour!

4) SKA Super Swag Festival 2023 (Jul 22)

Experience the ultimate celebration of music, food, and non-stop party vibes at the SKA Super Swag Festival! With a stellar lineup of famous Korean hip-hop artists, this 5-hour extravaganza will keep you grooving and craving for more. This year, it takes place at an indoor venue equipped with high-quality screens and surround sound systems. You can take a hassle-free round-trip shuttle bus from downtown Seoul (Dongdaemun, Myeongdong, Hongdae).

  • Date: July 22 (Sat), 2023
  • Time: 5:00pm~10:00pm
  • Venue: Gwangmyeong IVEX STUDIO
  • Line-up: BewhY, GIRIBOY, Kid Milli, LEELLAMARZ, lilBOI, Zior Park, DON MALIK, TABBER, JUTO, B.I & more

Secure Your Standing Tickets to the 2023 SKA Super Swag Festival!

5) Boryeong Mud Festival – Music Festivals (Jul 22~Aug 5)

Boryeong Mud Festival is Korea’s iconic summer festival with more than 20 years of history. Enjoy 3 main music festivals that feature an amazing line-up and book a hassle-free shuttle bus package from/to Seoul!

a. World K-pop Festival

  • Date: July 22 (SAT)
  • Time: 4pm~10pm
  • Line-up: Apink, ONF, Golden Child, DRIPPIN, H1-KEY, SECRET NUMBER, DIGNITY, J.E.B, Vandal Rock & more

b. GS25 Music Festival

  • Date: July 29 (SAT)
  • Time: 4pm~10pm
  • Line-up: Paul Kim, Gray, Woo Wonjae, meenoi, Vandal Rock, L-like, Better, Joody & more

*This festival is exclusively for individuals who are 19 years old or older.

c. World DJ Festival

  • Date: August 5 (SAT)
  • Time: 4pm~10pm
  • Line-up: Pendulum DJ Set, Krewella, KOO, Mike Perry, Third Party, RayRay, Aster X Neo, Juncoco, Vandal Rock, Yesong & more

*This festival is exclusively for individuals who are 19 years old or older.

6) K Global Heart Dream Awards 2023 (Aug 10)

Grab the great chance to enjoy live performances of premiere K-pop artists all at once at the 2023 K Global Heart Dream Awards! Secure the outstanding seats close to the stage to feel the utmost power and energy of K-pop vibes. This music awards feature a jaw-dropping line-up, including THE BOYZ, ATEEZ, Stray Kids, STAYC, and many more. You can choose from a ground-floor seating ticket and a 1st-floor seating ticket.

  • Date: August 10 (Thu), 2023
  • Time: TBA
  • Venue: KSPO DOME at Olympic Park, Seoul
  • Line-up: THE BOYZ, ATEEZ, TREASURE’s T5, Stray Kids, TAEYONG (NCT), YOUNHA, SEULGI (Red Velvet), STAYC, EPEX, ATBO, xikers & more

Book the 2023 K Global Heart Dream Awards & Seoul City Tour Package!

7) Rapbeat 2023 Festival (Sep 2~3)

Rapbeat Festival is one of the most popular hip-hop and R&B festivals in Korea where you can enjoy the explosive performances of artists in a variety of genres. This year, a number of top artists will perform at the festival including ZICO, DPR LIVE, GIRIBOY, JUSTHIS, and many more. Trazy is the exclusive global ticket seller for Rapbeat 2023 so get your early bird tickets with up to 25% discount on Trazy NOW!

  • Date: Sep 2 & 3 (Sat & Sun), 2023
  • Venue: Seoul Land
  • Line-up:

Get Your Early Bird Tickets to Rapbeat 2023 Festival!

8) INK Incheon K-pop Concert 2023 (Sep 9)

INK Concert (Incheon K-pop Concert) is one of the biggest K-pop concerts held in Korea, which brings you the top K-pop stars all on the same stage. Sponsored by the Incheon Tourism Organization, you’ll get to discover the best of Incheon, Korea’s lively port city as well. Grab the great chance to explore Incheon and enjoy the live stages of your favorite K-pop stars in a day!

  • Date: Sep 9 (Sat), 2023
  • Time: 7:00pm
  • Venue: Incheon Munhak Stadium
  • Line-up: BTOB, OH MY GIRL, GOLDEN CHILD, WEi, H1-KEY, XIKERS, woo!ah!, TRIPLES, 8TURN & more

Join INK Concert 2023 Incheon 1 Day Tour from Seoul!

9) DMZ OPEN Peace Nuri Picnic Festival 2023 (Sep 23)

Join DMZ OPEN Peace Nuri Picnic Festival which blends music, nature, and unity, leaving you with lasting memories! Indulge in exceptional music performances, breathtaking landscapes, and a profound message of peace by joining this shuttle bus package for a seamless journey from Seoul. A festival ticket, round-trip transportation, English/Chinese-speaking staff, eco-friendly picnic mat & table, and gimbap are included in the package.

  • Date: Sep 23 (Sat), 2023
  • Time: 4:00pm~8:00pm
  • Venue: Imjingak Peace Nuri Park
  • Line-up: Lee Seung-hwan, Peppertones, Soran, Roy Kim, HYNN, Kim Feel, HeMeets, Touched

Book 2023 DMZ OPEN Peace Nuri Picnic Festival Shuttle Bus Package!

10) The Fact Music Awards 2023 (Oct 10)

The Fact Music Awards (TMA) is one of the hottest K-pop awards you don’t want to miss. Quickly secure your tickets and create an unforgettable night of fantastic K-pop celebration. You can watch the performances closer to the stage by getting ground-floor standing tickets via Trazy! In addition, a tour around Seoul using the Seoul City Tour Bus is included in the package.

  • Date: Oct 10 (Tue), 2023
  • Venue: Incheon Namdong Gymnastics Stadium

Get Your Tickets to The Fact Music Awards 2023!

11) Yeongdong-daero K-pop Concert 2023 (Oct 8)

Enjoy the 2023 Gangnam Festival at Yeongdong-daero K-pop Concert, an annual K-pop concert held in the heart of Gangnam District, showcasing major K-pop artists! It’s also an incredible opportunity to explore Seoul, including Seoul’s old downtown course and Gangnam walking tour course.

  • Date: Oct 8 (Sun), 2023
  • Venue: Yeongdong-daero (in front of Hotel Rivera)
  • Line-up: ATEEZ, NCT Dream, aespa, ZICO, STAYC, fromis_9, BOYNEXTDOOR

Secure Your Spots to Yeongdong-daero K-pop Concert 2023!

12) Lotte Duty Free All-Night Party in Lotte World (Oct 14 & 21)

Get ready for the dazzling All-Night Party at Lotte World, where you can enjoy an hour-long performance by top artists in the K-pop scene, followed by an energetic DJ party! This package includes a $30 Lotte Duty-Free coupon, a Lotte World entrance ticket, FREE rides for 10 attractions, and English/Chinese-speaking tour staff.

  • Date: Oct 14 & 21 (Sat), 2023
  • Venue: Lotte World, Jamsil Station, Seoul
  • Line-up: (Oct 14) DJ Yesong, DJ Juncoco / (Oct 21) DJ JEB, DJ Vandal Rock

Book Lotte Duty Free All-Night Party in Lotte World!

13) BOF (Busan One Asia Festival) K-pop Concert 2023 (Oct 21)

Busan One Asia Festival is the best and largest K-pop event sponsored by the Busan Tourism Organization. With this tour package, you can grab a great chance to enjoy both Busan city sightseeing and K-pop concert with an incredible line-up. Secure your exclusive Ground Seating A and S tickets for the BOF K-pop Concert!

  • Date: Oct 21 (Sat), 2023 
  • Time: 6:00pm
  • Venue: Busan Asiad Stadium

Book 2023 BOF K-pop Concert Tour Package from Seoul/Busan!

14) K-link Festival 2023 (Dec 10)

K-link Festival is a special K-pop music festival sponsored by Korea Tourism Board. Join this electrifying K-link Festival and secure your ground area standing tickets to enjoy the performances of various K-pop artists up close! You can also get tickets for N Seoul Tower, the symbol of Seoul, offering a spectacular 360-degree view of the entire city.

  • Date: Dec 10 (Sun), 2023 
  • Time: 6:00pm
  • Venue: Jamsil Arena (Jamsil Indoor Stadium)
  • Line-up: BoA, SHINee, aespa, ZEROBASEONE, TREASURE, FANTASY BOYS, EL7Z U+P, POW & more

Secure Your Ticket Packages to 2023 K-link Festival!

15) SBS Music Awards (Gayo Daejeon) (Dec 25)

SBS Music Awards (SBS Gayo Daejeon) is Korea’s best year-end event that celebrates all the accomplishments in K-pop music scenes on Christmas. This star-studded event is known for its special collaboration stages by the top K-pop artists and producers. Grab your Standing + Red Carpet ticket or 1F Seating ticket with a round-trip transfer service from/to Seoul!

  • Date: Dec 25 (Mon), 2023 
  • Time: TBA
  • Venue: INSPIRE Arena

Book 2023 SBS Music Awards (Gayo Daejeon) Transfer Package!

16) The 33rd Seoul Music Awards in Bangkok (Jan 2)

The 33rd Seoul Music Awards will be held in Bangkok, Thailand this year with a spectacular lineup, giving you a lifetime opportunity to watch the most popular K-pop stars of the year perform their hit songs all on the same stage! Secure your ticket to the Premium Standing Zone, where you can watch the event closer to the stage.

  • Date: Jan 2 (Tue), 2024
  • Time: 6:00pm
  • Venue: Bangkok Rajamangala National Stadium

Grab Your Tickets to the 2024 Seoul Music Awards in Bangkok!

17) 2024 Circle Chart Music Awards (Jan 10)

Meet the top K-pop artists of the year in one place at the Circle Chart Music Awards, formerly known as the Gaon Music Awards! This year, it will be held at BEXCO 1st Exhibition Hall in Busan and you can get tickets for the Busan City Tour Bus, the most efficient way to travel around Busan.

  • Date: Jan 10 (Wed), 2024
  • Time: 7:00pm
  • Venue: BEXCO 1st Exhibition Hall in Busan
  • Line-up: TBA

Get Your Ground Area Seating Tickets to the 2024 Circle Chart Music Awards!

BONUS: BTS Pilgrimage Tour in Busan

If you are a BTS fan, join this tour that carefully curated itinerary with the top places that BTS fans should visit in Busan! You’ll get to explore the neighborhoods in Busan where Jimin and Jungkook spend their time before their debut as well as their favorite spots. Also, you’ll get to visit Cafe Magnate, a cafe owned by Jimin’s dad, Busan High School of Arts, the high school Jimin graduated from, and Busan Citizen Park, a famous V’s photo spot.

Find out more about K-pop and the trendiest things to do in Korea at Korea’s #1 Travel Shop,!

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