Best Ladyboy Shows in Pattaya: Alcazar vs Tiffany’s

Guess two of the most famous ladyboy shows in Pattaya? Yes, of course they are Alcazar Show, and Tiffany’s Show!

Ladyboy Shows in Pattaya
Alcazar Show vs Tiffany’s Show

Alcazar Show and Tiffany’s Show are very similar in their performances and costume styles.

Since both are great shows and have great reputations worldwide, it’s worth watching both shows. But many people don’t have enough time to watch both, and have to pick one.

If you are one of the above and want to figure out which show is better for you, read on!

Location: Alcazar Show vs Tiffany’s Show

Alcazar Show and Tiffany’s Show are close to each other. Both are located on the Pattaya 2nd road and are easily accessible by songthaew(public minibus) or taxi from Pattaya Walking Street.

| Address

Alcazar Show: 78/14 Pattaya 2nd Road, Pattaya 20150, Thailand

Tiffany’s Show: 464/6 Pattaya 2nd Road, Pattaya 20150, Thailand

Time Table: Alcazar Show vs Tiffany’s Show

Ladyboy Shows in Pattaya
Alcazar Show

Alcazar Show Tiffany’s Show
Duration 70 mins 75 mins
Show Time Every day at 5pm / 6:30pm / 8pm / 9:30pm Every day at 6pm / 7:30pm / 9pm

Alcazar Show and Tiffany’s Show both have almost the same duration time. Alcazar Show has 4 daily show times while Tiffany’s Show is performed 3 times a day. So, pick a show that best fits your schedule.

Price: Alcazar Show & Tiffany’s Show

Ladyboy Shows in Pattaya
Tiffany’s Show

Original Price Alcazar Show Tiffany’s Show
Standard $24 $27
VIP $30 $39

* Average price

As you can see, Alcazar Show is cheaper than Tiffany’s Show. This can be one of the factors why some people choose Alcazar over Tiffany’s.

And if you purchase your ticket via Trazy, you can get extra discount up to 50%. To be able to really enjoy the show it’s better to go for a VIP seat. Often standard seats are too far away and it’s hard to enjoy the show fully.

In terms of VIP ticket pricing, Alcazar Show is almost half price of Tiffany’s Show. So if the price is the most important factor for you, Alcazar Show is a good choice for you.

Performance: Alcazar Show & Tiffany’s Show

Ladyboy Shows in Pattaya
Alcazar Show

Once you enter the theater, both shows will offer you a welcome drink. At Alcazar Show you can bring drinks or any other foods into the theater, but at Tiffany’s Show there is a very strict no food/no drink policy in the theater.

Also, during the performance, Alcazar Show allows you to take pictures, but Tiffany’s Show does not allow any photos at all. If you try to take a photo at Tiffany’s Show, they will shoot a security laser beam on your face for identification. So overall Alcazar Show has a more chill vibe than Tiffany’s Show.

Ladyboy Shows in Pattaya
Tiffany’s Show

In terms of their performance and the stage effects, Tiffany Show has a better reputation because of its performance quality and longer history. Thus, Tiffany’s Show tends to have more audience than Alcazar Show. Both shows definitely have similarities, but people say that Tiffany’s Show has more splendid stage effects and extravagant costumes.

Ladyboy Shows in Pattaya
Miss Tiffany’s on Tiffany’s Show

Tiffany’s Show is also very well-known for the Miss Tiffany’s Universe pageant. The winner of this annual beauty contest gets to be the Tiffany’s Show’s main star. So, people say Tiffany’s Show has “more beautiful” ladyboys than the Alcazar Show because they pick their performers through the beauty contest.

Ladyboy Shows in Pattaya
Alcazar Show

On the other hand, Alcazar Show gets more credit for its music and storyline. It has more familiar pop music playing, and also their show has a good storyline so it is like a musical, while Tiffany’s Show is more about the spectacular sets, dancing, and ravishing costumes, without a certain storyline.

Ladyboy Shows in Pattaya
Photo time

There is usually a photo time after both shows. The ladyboys from the shows will try to tout and get you to take pictures with them. If you don’t want to pay them tips, just avoid their touting and get out of there.

Both shows have their pros and cons. But certainly, they are both great for every age to enjoy. It all depends on your priorities in choosing the show, either by price or the performance quality.

Was this helpful enough for you to finally decide which ladyboy show to watch in Pattaya? You can also check out TripAdvisor’s reviews for each show just to check up on the reference.

But rest assured that it will be an unforgettable and memorable experience no matter which show you choose.

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Have more tips to share? Feel free to leave comments down below!

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Ladyboy Shows in Pattaya


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