Can you speak Korean?

Maybe some of you even don’t know what hello is in Korean. When traveling in Korea, learning Korean is not really necessary. However, speaking a little of bit of Korean would be easier and more exciting to travel.

Now is the time to learn some simple commonly used sentences.

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Today, let’s start with useful expressions when you are shopping.



1. Asking about the price.

얼마에요? (Eol ma e yo?) = How much is it?


2. To bargain the price

깎아주세요. (Kkak a ju se yo) = Please cut the price.

3. Ask whether there’s any discount.

할인 안되요? (Hal in an doe yo?) = Is there any discount?


Normally you can get some discount at the shops except for department stores.

However, if you’re a foreigner and you can’t speak Korean, than you might have to pay more then usual at some of the boutique stores that take advantage of it.

Therefore, it’s always helpful to ask the clerks in the shop if there’s any discount.

+ Here are really basic expressions.

1. Hi = 안녕하세요. (An nyeong ha se yo)

2. Thank you = 감사합니다. (Gam sa ham ni da)

3. Sorry = 죄송합니다. (Joe song ham ni da)

4. Bye = 안녕히 계세요. (An nyeong hi gye sae yo)


Next time, try to learn expressions used in restaurants.

If you want to learn Korean professionally, go to this link. Here, you can learn how to use basic Korean expressions for traveling. 🙂


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