Discover some of the amazing light festivals that will be held in Korea this year!

With the year coming to an end soon, the time for celebrations has finally come! What better way to celebrate the start of Winter than with dazzling lights of Korea? Enter a magical world, illuminated by colorful lights this Winter in Korea!

1. Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival

| When: Dec 9, 2019 ~ March 31, 2020

Garden of Morning Calm Light Festivals
Garden of Morning Calm

Just a two-hour drive from Seoul will take you this land of floral wonders. Garden of Morning Calm is one of the most beautiful gardens in Korea showcasing a wide array of flora. Even when the flowers have withered, the garden is brought back to life with a kaleidoscopic display of dazzling lights. The Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival features various themed gardens to magical tunnels adorned in an array of multi-colored lights!

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2. Pocheon Herb Island Light Festival

| When: All Year Round

Pocheon Herb Island Light Festivals
Pocheon Herb Island

Pocheon Herb Island, located in the picturesque mountains of Gyeonggi-do, is a Mediterranean-themed herb museum and a botanical garden. As the sun starts to set, the island is transformed into the sparkling sea of LED lights that illuminates the entire park. There are many things to see from the pink wish tunnels to Christmas-themed attractions, such as a Santa’s Village. Step into the twinkling world of lights at Pocheon Herb Island Light Festival this year!

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3. Petite France Little Prince Lighting Festival

| When: Dec 1, 2019 ~ Late Feb 2020

Petite France Light Festival
Petite France

The Petite France village is back again with its magical Little Prince Lighting Festival. The brilliant array of colored lights will give the European village a touch of magic, creating a fairy-tale-like experience. There will be orgel and marionette performances as well as many other events that will make the festival even more memorable. Take a trip down memory lane as you relive the story of Little Prince with your loved ones!

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4. Seoul Christmas Festival

| When: Dec 9, 2019 ~ Jan 1, 2020

The ultimate light festival to get you into the Christmas and New Year spirit is the one and only Seoul Christmas Festival. Already into 5th year of celebrations, the Seoul Christmas Festival has earned its spot as one of the most-awaited festivals of the year-end season! Taking place along Cheonggyecheon Stream in the heart of the bustling city of Seoul, the spectacular light installations go on for more than a kilometer. With 5 different themed zones, the 2019 Seoul Christmas Festival is certainly a sight to see with a gigantic Christmas tree at the end. Don’t forget to make your way down to Cheonggyecheon Stream for this picture-perfect view of dazzling lights!

Things to do around Cheonggyecheon Stream:

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| When: Dec 20, 2019 ~ Jan 3, 2020

SEOUL LIGHT will be the highlight of your day. Taking place at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), the center of creativity and design, SEOUL LIGHT is an event that brings you just that. Highlighting the role of display screens of public buildings through the utilization of innovative AI technology, the unique silver wall of DPP becomes the backdrop for a truly spectacular light show. With the splendid display of lights and images against the curved exterior, accompanied by music, this will certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you feast your eyes on the display of lights right before your very eyes! Don’t miss this amazing chance to witness the convergence of art and technology.

Things to do around Dongdaemun Design Plaza:

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6. Sonata of Light 3D Festival

| When: All Year Round

Sonata of Light 3D Festival

Step into a world filled with a myriad of colors and lights at Sonata of Light 3D Festival in Oak Valley Ski Resort. Along the famous 1.4km walkway known as Soomgil takes place the most magnificent showcase of lights, illuminating the cold and dark Winter nights. Begin your journey on the path of light with the first course, ‘Moonlight of Andante’, accompanied by music and lights together in harmony. After that, more dazzling displays of neon lights and media art will greet you along the way. The Sonata of Light 3D Festival provides you with so many photo ops against the beauty of a thousand lights so, don’t miss the chance to experience this magical land of wonders!

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7. Ooozooo Illumination Garden

| When: All Year Round

Ooozooo Illumination Garden

Located right next to Deokpyeong Service Area, Ooozoo Illumination Garden doesn’t offer a season-based lighting festival. It rather offers an all-year-round display of dazzling star-like lights throughout the entire garden. With a variety of attractions to see, including the Firefly Forest and Tunnel Galaxy 101, it will make you feel like walking in the space with the thousands of stars. Prepare to be amazed by the impressive spectacle of lights at Ooozooo Illumination Garden!

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8. Jeju Light Garden

| When: All Year Round

Jeju Island certainly offers magnificent nature and interesting attractions. However, not many places are open after 6pm. Fortunately, there is one place that will definitely make an evening out worth it! Jeju Light Garden awaits those who wish to be enchanted by the magical illuminations that light up against the dark night. There is even a photo studio inside, so make sure to stop by and capture the special moment to take it home as a souvenir! Spend the evening at the Jeju Light Garden with your loved ones to wind down after a long day of sightseeing!

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Light up the cold dark Winter with a trip to one of these amazing Light Festival in Korea.

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