Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la~~! Christmas is just around the corner and you’re probably busy getting ready for holiday parties and shopping for presents!

If you’re stumped on what to buy for your friends and family, then read on to find out what the best Christmas gifts this season are!

1. Christmas Soju & Beer



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Since drinking culture is such a big thing in Korea, it’s no surprise that even the beer cans and bottles get a Christmas makeover! Enjoy this Christmas by sipping beer on one of Hite Jinro’s new bottles and cans of Christmas delight! The recently revived vintage ‘Jinro is Back’ and ‘Chamisul’ soju bottles were given a minute but quite the adorable makeover with their iconic toad wearing a red Christmas hat! Everyone’s favorite ‘Filite Fresh’ beer cans have even started preparing for Christmas too!

These are but a few of the wonderful limited editions and Christmas gifts you can find in Korea, so get looking!

2. Buldak Bokkeum Myeon



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You’ve probably had your fair share of near-to-death experience with Samyang’s notorious Buldak Bokkeum Myeon (Hot Chicken Noodles). Well, Samyang will be releasing a new addition to its infamous line of Hot Chicken Noodles soon – right in time for Christmas! After the huge success with their Carbo Hot Chicken Noodles, Samyang is back with a whole new flavor – ‘Meat Spaghetti’! Enjoy a plate of hot spicy spaghetti with some soju on the side for a romantic dinner with your other half!

3. Holiday & Christmas Edition Planners

1) Holly’s Coffee



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Holly’s Coffee has definitely upped their game for this year’s round of 2020 planners. Available in four different styles, this year they’ve collaborated with Disney to create the ultimate planner that’ll have you keeping to your schedule every day. This planner set includes a diary, calendar and pen with either a tin case or pouch. The Holly’s Coffee planner set is going to one of the best Christmas gifts to take back home to give your friends and family to keep a record of everything and anything important!

How to get one: Drink 3 Season Beverages + 7 Normal Beverages or Buy one for 32,000 WON

2) A Twosome Place



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This year A Twosome Place has the perfect planner to get you ready for an eventful 2020 – especially all those ARMYs out there! In collaboration with BT21, the cute little characters created by LINE and BTS,  the planner kits from A Twosome Place are available in two styles – a chic black one or a cute white one donned with the cute BT21 characters. Inside this kit, you’ll find the planner itself, a desk mat, calendar, weekly planner, pen, sticky notes and a silicon pouch. Isn’t it the perfect gift for all your ARMY friends out there?

How to get one: Buy one for 29,000 WON

4. Characters

Kakao Friends



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카카오프렌즈 • KAKAO FRIENDS(@kakaofriends_official)님의 공유 게시물님,

Cute characters are certainly a thing in Korea and Kakao Friends are the probably the most-loved characters right now. Just look at them! Who would dare say to a gift as cute and cuddly as this? I definitely wouldn’t! These adorable characters have been around since Kakao Talk Messenger first came into service and have certainly become household names. Kakao Friends has continuously released limited-edition goods for every special occasion and Christmas is no exception! Head on down to a Kakao Friends Store to get your hands on one of these furry little creatures!

5. Cosmetics

1) Etude House



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에뛰드하우스 공식 계정입니다.(@etudehouseofficial)님의 공유 게시물님,

Etude House is definitely the number one makeup store you want to stop by for you Christmas season haul! This year’s theme is “Rudolph Coming to Town” and you can spot these cute antlered creatures on their products. They’ve even gone with brown and red, just like Rudolph and his red nose, giving it a really Christmasy vibe! In this year’s line, you’ll find the cutest eyeshadow palette you’ve ever seen, mascaras, lipsticks, hand creams, makeup brushes as well as an adorable scented candle. With characters as cute and adorable as these, they’re sure to sell out quickly. So, don’t forget to get your hands on them before it’s too late!

2) The Face Shop Holiday Edition



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더페이스샵 공식 인스타그램(@thefaceshop.official)님의 공유 게시물님,

The Face Shop has once again released a Holiday Edition line of makeup products that screams Christmas!

The ‘Twinkle Party’ Holiday Edition line includes a variety of product to choose from, beginning with floral-scented hand creams, avocado body wash and lotion, lip cream, cushion foundation to a fruity floral perfume and perfume mist.

The overall blue, red and gold color theme certainly gives it that magical Christmas feel to it. This will be one of the perfect Christmas gifts for makeup lovers out there!

6. Snowman Banana Milk



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빙그레(Binggrae) 공식계정입니다.(@binggraekorea)님의 공유 게시물님,

Banana Milk is at it again! This drink is nostalgic for many Koreans as it’s literally been sold for decades. It’s simple, sweet and super addictive and available in strawberry, vanilla, melon, sweet potato flavors too in convenience stores everywhere.

For a few consecutive years, Binggrae’s flagship product Banana Milk has been released as a Christmas Edition. The face of an adorable snowman is printed on the bottle itself, and every year the design changed. They’ve done it yet again and this year’s edition is even more adorable! So, make sure you find these adorable snowmen the next time you visit a convenience store in Korea!

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