Lotte World Tower is one of the best spots to visit in South Korea. Day or night this gigantic pillar in Gangnam provides amazing views overlooking the city. See some of the city’s famous places from the top. See the mountains surrounding the city, the beautiful Han River flowing through the city, even outside Seoul!

About Lotte World Tower

Lotte World Tower is located right at Jamsil station in Gangnam. At a height of 555 meters with 123 floors, it is the tallest building in the country and currently the 6th tallest building in the world. With an entrance ticket, grab an extremely fast elevator to the top floors of the tower at a speed of 10 meters/sec. Enjoy the 360-degree views from the top across the entire city on one of the best observation decks in the world!

Tips to Enjoy the Tower

Lotte World Tower is open from morning to evening but the best time to go is before sunset. You get to see the entire city covered in sunlight transition to dusk. Watch as the colors change over the city as the sun slowly goes down. During this transition, the lights in the city will be turning on, and you get to see the bright lights of the city illuminate the night sky.

Make sure to bring a camera to the top of the tower. There are so many opportunities to take great photos with your friends and family with the city as your backdrop, and above the glass floor where you can clearly see how high you are above ground.

It is important to watch the weather forecast when planning your trip to the tower. Rain, clouds, smog, and fog will limit visibility from the top.

Things to See on Each Floor

1. Basement Floor 1 (BF1) – Observatory Lobby & Gift Shop

Inside the Lotte World Mall in the main lobby area, you can find the entrance to the Seoul Sky Observatory. Inside is the main ticket booth and entryway, a little past the ticket booth outside the doors is the Seoul Sky gift shop and the group ticket booth. After you’ve redeemed your ticket voucher at the ticket booth for individuals, proceed back to the entryway. You will walk through a digital corridor and a security checkpoint before taking the escalator down to BF2.

2. Basement Floor 2 (BF2) – Elevator Access & Exhibition Zone

Explore the Exhibition zone and see some of the technology used during the construction of the tower. The exhibit features several pieces of art and mesmerizing screens and light displays on your way to the elevator.

The way up is Korea’s first double door elevator that ascends at 10 meters/sec towards the top. It takes almost a minute to reach the 118th floor. The elevator ride is accompanied by an amazing animated experience showing a time-lapse construction of the tower. Prepare to pop your ears from the pressure change as you rapidly climb the tower!

3. 118th Floor: Sky Deck

See the world’s highest indoor glass floor recognized by the Korea Record Institute and the Guinness book of world records. This 45mm thick glass floor lets you feel exactly how far up you really are. It’s an astounding perspective to take pictures, but don’t stare too long because it can be disorienting (especially if you aren’t good with heights).

4. 119th Floor: Sky Friends Dessert Cafe

Take a seat and try some ice cream and sweets in a relaxing space. While this floor isn’t great to view around the tower, it is a wonderful spot to watch people take their own pictures and their reaction to the glass floor.

5. 120th Floor: Sky Terrace

Once you have made it to the Sky Terrace you have to opportunity to step outside the tower and feel the breeze hundreds of meters above the city. You can walk out on two open-air terraces, one faces north-west, the other facing south-east. This floor is also the first floor that has access to the exit elevator if you are done exploring the tower.

6. 121st Floor: Gift Shop

Welcome to the first stop to pick out the perfect souvenir 500 meters above ground and take a moment to take a picture with the “I love Seoul Sky” sign. This floor also has access to the exit elevator. This floor is where you can get on the elevator that takes you to the 123rd floor.

7. 122nd Floor: Seoul Sky Cafe

Just above the gift shop, take the time to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and relax for a while before taking more pictures.

8. 123rd Floor: Lounge

Using the elevator on the 121st floor, proceed to the top floor of the Sky Tower. This floor is a classy restaurant and bar overlooking the city. This is the perfect spot to grab a drink and let the sights of the city just sink in.

How to Get There

Get off at Jamsil Station (Line 2, Line 8) and walk toward Exit 1 and 2. As you walk in the direction of Exit 1 and 2, you will see a sign “Lotte World Mall.” Enter the mall through this underground entrance and you will get to Lotte World Mall B1F.

*Trazy ticket vouchers must be redeemed at the Ticket Booth for Individuals (B1F).

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