Take a step into the magical lands of wonders, Lotte World Theme Park!

Even if you haven’t been to Korea, you’ve probably heard about Lotte World before. Located in Jamsil, Seoul, Lotte World is the heart of all things fun and wonderful. The perfect place to hang out with your friends or loved ones on a special day, Lotte World offers a day filled with amazing sights and attractions to make it a memorable one.

What’s more, it’s easily accessible by subway or bus, and a great destination whether it be a rainy or snowy day as half of the theme park is located indoors.

Lotte World’s Miracle Winter

| Winter Season: Nov 19~Dec 31

| Operating Hours:


* Operating hours are subject to change.

Check out Lotte World’s official website for exact schedule and any updates.

Best Attractions at Lotte World in Winter

– Shows & Parade –

1. The Magic Match & A Night Full of Dreams

| Time & Place: 18:30 / Adventure 1F Garden Stage


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Lotte World is known for its extravagant and amazing shows. Join the little match girl as she embarks on a magical journey into a night full of dreams. Who knows where she’ll end up? We’ll just have to find out ourselves.

2. Happy Christmas Parade

| Time & Place: 14:00 & 20:00 / Adventure 1F Parade Course

Arguably one of the most popular shows at Lotte World during the winter season, the Happy Christmas Parade is a colorful performance which is a must-see for all. With Santa in is sleigh, an amazing troupe of his helpers and many more walk through the park in a dazzling spectacle of lights and music, there’s nothing better that will get you into the Christmas spirit.

3. Christmas Character Fantasia

| Time & Place: 17:00 / Adventure 1F Parade Course

Christmas Character Fantasia is another fantastic parade show in the lineups for you. Get to meet Santa, snowmen and most importantly the main stars of the show, Lorry and Lottie, as they put on a spectacular show for all!

– Photo Zone –

1. Snowing Forest Trail and Magic Castle

| Place: Magic Island Magic Castle

Lotte World is filled will dozens of amazing photo zones to capture your memories there. Nonetheless, the most iconic photo zone we would say is the trail to and in front of the Magic Castle located outdoors. Becoming illuminated in an array of green, red and yellow lights, the Magic Castle is brought to life at night! Make sure to get a photo of yourself in front of this amazing sight!

2. Meeting Plaza

| Place: Adventure 1F Meeting Plaza

Along with Lotty dressed up as a nutcracker as well as two others standing guard in front, take a snap in front of the Miracle Winter Meeting Place. A gigantic Christmas tree decorated with bits and bobs with a shining star to top it all off, no other photo will scream Christmas than this one right here.

3. Winter Village Snowball

| Place: Adventure 1F Weeny Beeny Plaza

Snowballs are magical items that remind us of the beauty of Christmas. Well, imagine seeing a huge, gigantic one right before your very eyes. With a beautiful snow white Winter Village encased inside, take a trip down memory lane with a snap in front of the Winter Village Snowball too!

4. Plausible Photo Studio

| Place: Adventure 4F Plausible Photo Studio


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Newly decorated for the Christmas season, the Plausible Photo Studio offers a handful of themed photo zones for you to take some colorful photos to line your fireplace. This self-studio guarantees you leave Lotte World with a pic of the day in your hand!

– Events –

1. Santa’s Miracle Present

| Time & Place: Dec 3~25 (Every Sat, Sun 16:00) / Adventure 1F Meeting Plaza

This is one special thing you can do at Lotte World. As the name suggest, this involves gifting someone with a unforgettable present. With the help of Santa, you’ll be able to deliver a gift you’ve prepared to a special someone on a special day. What can be more memorable than this?

You’ll have to book in advance though via the Lotte World website

2. Handsome Santa: Coming to You

| Time & Place: Dec 3~11 (Every Sat, Sun), Dec 16~32 (Every Day) / Throughout Lotte World

Be on a lookout for a few handsome Santas wondering about Lotte World. Even as you’re waiting in the queue for a ride, see if there are any handsome Santas around and even play a few mini games with him. Don’t forget to take a photo with him too!

– Ice Skating Rink –

– Lotte World Ice Garden


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Located inside as well is Lotte World’s Ice Garden ice skating rink. If you think you’ve seen it all, enjoy a magical time on the ice rink too. Skating on the rink during the day is amazing too, but just you wait until the evening as the rink, surrounded by all the attractions up above, is lit up with a spectacle of lights! What’s more, now you can even skate with LED skates which will make the night even more magical!

Looking forward to a magical Christmas full of fun and adventures at Lotte World? Take a look at these options below and have a blast of a day.

| Lotte World options:

| Nearby:

What are you waiting for? Spend your day at Lotte World during the Christmas season for some unforgettable memories this year.

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Lotte World Official Website

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