Perhaps, you know that South Korea is one of the heaviest drinking countries in the world. You will either witness or experience the wild drinking culture of Koreans once during your stay. But, please let’s not over the drink and pass out on the street! So the question is, what kind of alcohol do most Koreans drink? It’s ‘soju’, of course.


You just can’t imagine how much Koreans love soju. To help you get the picture, here’s the figure. An average Korean adult drinks 9.16 liters of alcohol each year, which is around 60 bottles of soju. And 1.5 million bottles are consumed in just a month. Unbelievable!


But what’s happening in South Korea these days, is that there’s a brand new sensation of milder soju and “mixju (mixed soju)” syndrome after the famous snack called “Honey Butter Chip.” As the particular bitter taste of original soju is diluted, these sojus taste more like a cocktail, or liqueurs, making it very appealing to female drinkers. Here, Trazy introduces 3 Best mixjus!

1.”Soonhari Chum Churum” 순하리 처음처럼


As soon as the soju brand company, “Chum Churum” by Lotte BG, released with their first fruit-flavored soju “Soonhari Yuza (yuzu or citron),” it went viral online, quickly spreading out through Facebook and Instagram in Korea. Made of lower alcohol content with just 14%, and 3% lower than other soju brands, it became sensational and popular among young people. There are two fruit-flavored mixjus from, the citron-flavored “Soonhari Yuza” and peach-flavored “Soonhari Boksoonga “. With a real yuzu and peach extract added to the diluted alcohol, you might just want to keep on drinking!


2. “Jamong-ae-isul” 자몽에 이슬


If you would like to taste another mixju, try “Jamong-ae-isul.” The “Jamong (grapefruit)” extract has been added, which makes the drink sweet and a little sour.

One of the heavy drinking Trazer actually tried it, and he loved it!

3. “Bok-Bradeo” 복받은 부라더


“Bok-Bradeo” is the most recently released alcohol drink by Bohae, another soju company. It’s a brand new liqueur that combined the extract of “Bok-bunja (Korean black raspberries)”, which are well-known for its effect in stamina, and of course, soju. The name comes from the first letter of “Bok-bunja” and a Korean word, “Bok”, which means ‘good luck’ in Korean. The company decided to use this particular word, “Bok” so that this drink would bring good luck and joy to the people drinking it.

Now that you know these hot drinks in Korea, eat and drink like an authentic local in Seoul! You can easily find these mixjus in mostly populated drinking areas like Hongdae and Itaewon in Seoul, and Seomyeon and Kyungsung University in Busan.


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