Korea is surely a kingdom of beauty! There are a variety of Korean beauty brands with a wide range of beauty products, and they launch out new products every season. What’s more, they are all at affordable prices!  If you would like to get some but don’t know what to buy, read on this blog. We are going to recommend the must-buy affordable Korean beauty products by category! Try to finish a full face makeup with these awesome products!

1. Primer



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So, let’s start with a primer. VDL‘s Violet Lumilayer Primer is the best one to help you get that Korean dewy skin. It creates a bright volume that illuminates the face.

2. Base

Must-Buy Korean Beauty Products by Category

Speaking of base products, do you prefer cushions or foundations? For those who like to use cushions, do not miss out on Clio! They have so many series. Among them, the Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP is the most popular one. It offers high coverage to make your skin look perfect and lasts 48 hours.

Must-Buy Korean Beauty Products by Category

As for foundation lovers, have you ever heard of eSpoir? Its best-selling Pro Tailor Foundation is popular among Korean girls and travelers. The Pro Tailor Foundation has two versions: Be Silk and Be Glow. One creates a silky look, and the other creates a glowy look. The best point is that it comes with ten different tones and shades. Go try it on and find the one that fits your skin best.

3. Eye Shadow

My Palette of Innisfree is a hit in Asia! The My Palette series include over 100 colors of eye shadows, over 30 colors of blushers, highlighters, and contours. The texture is soft and high-quality. What’s more, it sells separately, so you can either buy a single product or pick your favorite ones and make them a palette in your style.

Must-Buy Korean Beauty Products by Category

If you are a beginner and want only one eye shadow palette, get 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette in #OVERTAKE, which includes 9 daily shades from natural to shimmering options. You can make many different looks with this palette.


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Finally, for glitter shining look lovers, you will fall in love with Touch in Sol! It launched out a serious of eyeshadow in creamy and glittering colors called Metallist Sparkling Foiled Pigment. Apply just a little bit to the corner of the eyelid. It will create a stunning look for you!

4. Eyebrow and Mascara

Must-Buy Korean Beauty Products by Category

Etude House is a well-known Korean beauty brand with so many great products. One of the must-buys surely is the Drawing Eye Brow. It’s smooth so you can draw your eyebrow easily. With this high quality, can you believe it’s only 3.7 dollars?

Another nice product of Etude House that you shouldn’t miss out on is the Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara. It can curl up and volume up eyelashes. What’s better is that it’s water and sweatproof! Stop your mascara from smudging with this awesome one.

5. Eyeliner

Must-Buy Korean Beauty Products by Category

The Botanical Hyper Liner of Nature Republic is a liquid eyeliner that is easy to control so you can create any kind of eyeliner you want. It can prevent your eye makeup from running!

6. Blush

Must-Buy Korean Beauty Products by Category

Peach C is a brand founded by the Korean internet celebrity, Hanuel. Most of its products are in peachy and pinky tones. The Cotton Blusher comes out in 6 different gorgeous colors so that you can create a cute orange look, nude look, rosy look, and more looks you want.

7. Lip

Romand has awesome lip makeup series such as MLBB Lipstick, Juicy Lasting Tint, Matte Tint, Velvet Tint, Matte Lipstick, and Glasting Water Tint. The formula is so smooth and buttery that makes this brand well-known for its lip makeup products. What’s better, all its products are at reasonable prices so that it won’t cost a lot even though you purchase all of the colors that you want.

8. Highlighter

Most of the highlighting products of Korean brands make a natural shining look. But if you are looking for something that makes a super glowing wet finish, Satin Highlighter of Missha is your best choice! You can create both natural or strong highlight look as you want because it’s buildable.

9. Contour

Must-Buy Korean Beauty Products by Category

Must-Buy Korean Beauty Products by Category

Both Bbia and Missha are famous for their contour products. Bbia even released a 4XL size version of the best contour sellers! Among all shades, the peanut blossom of Bbia and the smoked hazel of Missha in grey tone can help you contour nose perfectly.

10. Brush


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Last but not least, let us introduce Korean brush brands! If you want to do a perfect makeup look, the tools you use are important, too! For middle-range brush products, try Ancci and Innisfree! Their well made brushes hold powder perfectly. Also, they are at reasonable prices.


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And if you want some professional brushes, Piccasso is the best choice for you. They have high-quality brushes that are beloved by many makeup YouTubers!

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