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Gyeongbuk is a province in Korea filled with beautiful natural landscapes and unique activities where you can have authentic Korean traditional experiences. If you want to leave memorable memories in Gyeongju, Andong, or Uljin of Gyeongbuk, check out our list of the best activities that you shouldn’t miss out on!


1. Paint Traditional Folk Illustrations on Folding Fans

Culture Space Jin is a perfect place to enjoy the painting experience in an authentic traditional house, hanok. You can learn about Korean traditional folk painting and paint illustrations that show the magnificent history of the Silla Dynasty. Hot tea and snack sessions are included to share your work with others.

2. Make & Taste Korean Traditional Liquor, Soju

Manho Gotaek is a traditional Korean hanok house in the famous Yongdong Village of Gyeongju. At Manho Gotaek, you can make and taste original soju by distilling rice wine. The distillery master will teach you how to make the special soju using a traditional method. You can taste the soju that you made with a delicious food pairing prepared by the distillery master.

3. Make Korean Traditional Sauce, Gochujang & Doenjang

Located in the heart of Gyochon Traditional Village, Migyeong Traditional Korean Cuisine Culture Research Institute offers a unique chance for you to learn how to make two major Korean sauces – Gochujang & Doenjang! Gochujang is a red chili paste used in various Korean foods, such as tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) and kimchi jjigae (spicy kimchi soup). Doenjang is a fermented soybean paste also used in a lot of Korean cuisines, such as doenjang jjigae (soybean soup).

4. Wear the Beautiful Korean Traditional Attire, Hanbok

If you want to explore Gyeongju in an unforgettable way, don’t forget to wear beautiful Korean traditional attire, Hanbok! The hanbok rental shop is located near the main tourist spots, such as Hwangridan-gil Street and Daereungwon Tombs. A hairpin accessory and a small handbag for your belongings are included!

5. Make Authentic Korean Traditional Dessert

Rasunjae, a local academy renowned for its Korean traditional food experiences, offers a unique Korean dessert-making experience in Gyeongju. In this class, you’ll be making ‘Juak’, a traditional Korean donut from the Silla dynasty made with ‘Makgeolli’, a Korean rice wine. A delicious Korean lunch box will be provided as an exclusive free gift as well.

6. Make Your Own Wooden Cutting Board

Hardwood cutting boards are always a great addition to the kitchen! In this experience, you’ll get to design and cut your own hardwood cutting board that you can use at home. Make a strong cutting board with high-quality wood and learn about the basics of carpentry and the characteristics of wood! People of all ages can enjoy this activity without any difficulties.

Recommended Hassle-Free Ways to Explore Gyeongju!


1. Ride the Dazzling Moon Boat at Woryeonggyo Bridge

Woryeonggyo Bridge is a wooden pedestrian bridge in Andong with a pagoda in the center and lightened into beautiful colors at night. If you want to appreciate a jaw-dropping scene of the Nakdonggang River against the backdrop of the Woryeonggyo Bridge, ride this adorable moon boat or Korean traditional boat! You can even change the colors of the moonboat by using Bluetooth and take Instagrammable pictures at night.

2. Make Korean Traditional Totem Poles, Jangseung & Sotdae

Jangseungs and Sotdaes are traditional Korean totem poles and they were used as landmarks and also to drive out evil spirits. Jangseungs are large totem poles usually with the design of a face and Sotdaes are poles with a carved bird on the top. Learn about traditional Korean folk culture and make your own Jangseung or Sotdae from the famous woodmaster, Jong Heung Kim, and take home your masterpiece as a memorable souvenir!

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1. Hop onto the Wangpicheon Cable Car

Uljin is a beautiful city with the marvelous coastlines of the East Sea. If you want to appreciate the fantastic view of Uljin to the fullest, hop onto the Uljin Wangpicheon Cable Car. Located in Wangpicheon estuary, you can observe various birds living in the area and salmon returning from the East Sea in October. Moreover, you’ll pass by Mangyangjeong Pavilion, a great place to admire the ocean view, and finally take off at Sunrise Peak, one of the best sunrise spots in Korea.

2. Experience Sea Salt Harvesting

Uljin is a great city to learn all about harvesting methods since the warm and cold currents that merge at the sea areas of Uljin result in very mineral-rich water, which makes perfect conditions for salt harvesting. In this workshop, you’ll get to experience the unique and traditional way of harvesting salt using seawater. Furthermore, you can take home the premium natural salt you harvested in addition to a 100g sample!

Recommended Hassle-Free Ways to Explore Uljin!

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