Gyeongbuk, a region in the southeast of Korea, offers another side of Korea with its vast natural landscapes of mountains and coasts that cannot be easily found in the metropolitan area. And especially, the northern Gyeongbuk owns a unique group of cities and counties, each with its own captivating charms and entrancing attractions.

Find a new surprise at every step you take in the 11 captivating cities and counties in northern Gyeongbuk and hit a travel high in its beauty.

1. Bonghwa

Bonghwa is a calm county located in the inland of the northern part of Gyeongbuk. Especially, Cheongryangsan Provincial Park is highly famous for its beautiful autumn leaves and breathtaking rock formations. It was designated and preserved as Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Park in 1982. As you hike along the mountain, we’ll encounter Cheongryangsa Temple, built by Won Hyo Daesa in 663, boasting a majestic vastness. You can also cross the longest suspension bridge in Korea – Cheongryang Sky Bridge.

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2. Uljin

Uljin is a beautiful coastal city known for its fresh seafood and crystal clear waters of the east. You can admire the vast ocean view from the famous view points such as Deunggisan Sky Walk, Mangyangjeong Pavilion and Hupo Lighthouse Park. Also, enjoy quality snow crab at Jukbyeon Port with a marvelous view of the port.

If you want to see the birds-eye view of the city, then hop onto Wangpicheon Cable Car and enjoy a pleasant ride.

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3. Mungyeong

Mungyeong is one of the best places for adventurous travellers known for its Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park where you can admire the stunning mountain scenery. It’s a vast park that comprises boundary gates on mountaintops and a Korean traditional filming village (drama studio), in which recently the Korean Netflix drama ‘Kingdom’ was filmed. As you walk and hike along the mountain pass, you’ll come across some of the most jaw-dropping natural landscapes.

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4. Andong

Andong is well known as a place of beautiful old villages with a lifestyle that has changed little over the last few centuries. Listed on UNESCO World Heritage, Andong Hahoe Folk Village has remained remarkably well preserved and offers you a great chance to get a glimpse of the traditional Korean culture, architecture, religion and lifestyle in the 15~16th century. You can also try Andong Moon Boat located in Woryeonggyo Bridge, which offers a wonderful night view with its calm waves.

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 5. Yeongyang

Yeongyang is most known for Seonbawi Rock & Namipo River. Seonbawi Rock resembles a giant candlestick at first glance, standing upright between steep cliffs. Namipo is where the two streams flowing along Seonbawi Rock and the stone walls meet, named after Nami General. These two create an ultimate jaw-dropping scenic beauty.

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6. Yeongju

Yeongju is mainly known for Sobaeksan National Park, which is the third largest national park in Korea and offers one of the most breathtaking mountain landscapes. The mountain is an all-time favorite among Korean hikers due to its beautiful trails and well-preserved nature. It’s also a home to Korean Confucianism where Sunheung Hyanggyo Confucian School, Sosuseowon Confucian Academy (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Seonbichon Village are located. They were all entities related to studying confucianism.

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 7. Uiseong

Uiseong is a county of the ancient kingdom ‘Jomunguk’ where you can explore its natural wonders. Geumseongsan ancient tombs complex comprises about 370 old tombs from a kingdom called ‘Jomunguk’ that is more than 2,000 years old. You can learn about the history of the ancient kingdom by taking a visit to the museum. Also, you can walk along the tree path in Sanchonri forest and take Instagram-worthy photos with the most beautiful nature backdrops.

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 8. Sangju

The city of Sangju has a long history since the prehistoric age, where evidence has been found in the remains. Sanju’s main destination would be Gyeongcheondae, which is a complex of attractions comprising walking paths, a park, museums and a bridge. Take a break at the Gyeongcheonseom park and enjoy the vast natural landscape that unfolds.

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9. Yecheon

Yecheon county allures travelers with its rich rural landscapes of history. Experience a bird’s eye view of Hoeryongpo Village, an island village on land surrounded by the mountain range of Taebaeksan ridge and Naeseongcheon, a tributary of the Nakdong River by taking a stroll through this observatory and arbor.

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 1o. Cheongsong

Among the local Koreans, Cheongsong is highly famous for its fresh and delicious apples. But, you may also find out that Cheongsong boasts a great amount of mountainous landscapes as well. Juwangsan National Park is one of locals’ favorite mountains to go trekking and take breathtaking pictures of the vast mountain scenery along with the scenic rock formations and waterfalls.

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 11. Yeongdeok

Enjoy the vast ocean view of Yeongdeok, a county famous for snow crabs. Trekking along the Haeprang trail is one of the best ways to appreciate Yeongdeok’s shimmering blue east ocean and lush green forests. You can also take a visit to Yeongdeok Sunrise Park, which is one of the local’s favorites to see the sunrise. But you can also enjoy the park itself which boasts a breathtaking coastal view of the crystal clear east sea.

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