Treat yourself after enjoying the beautiful scenery in Nami Island!

Being one of the most-visited tourist hotspots near the capital city of Seoul, Nami Island attracts large crowds of visitors looking for beautiful natural scenery. While it is widely known for its amazing natural attractions, the island also offers fun foodie experiences. For foodies, here we have picked our favorite restaurants and cafes in Nami Island, with their signatures or must-try menus!

For the locations of the cafes and restaurants featured in this blog post, refer to our map below.

6 Best Places to Eat & Drink in Nami Island

1. Dongmoon Asian Family Restaurant

Dongmoon Restaurant serves Asian cuisine and it is the only halal-certified restaurant on the island which gives more choices for Muslim visitors.

| Must-try Menus: Beijing Sweet & Sour Chicken, Soft Shell Crab Curry

| Location: 1st Floor of Baplex building

2. Yeongajiga Lunch Box

Yeonga Lunch Box serves ‘Dosirak’, or a Korean-style lunch box, which is one of the cheapest menus you can find on Nami Island. The best way to enjoy ‘Dosirak’ is to shake the lunchbox before you eat!

| Must-try Menus: Korean-style lunch box

| Location: 1st Floor of Baplex building

3. Book Café

Looking for a light lunch? Head over to the Book Cafe. It is a unique cafe where you can find walls filled with books. Enjoy a variety of drink and dessert options at the Book Cafe.

| Must-Try Menus: Natural Ice Cream

| Location: Inside the Baplex building

4. Swing Café

Offering a gorgeous view of Bukhan River, combined with soft music playing in the background, no other cafes can beat the atmosphere of Swing Cafe.

| Must-try Menus: Croissants which are freshly baked 3 times a day & Pine Nuts Flavored Gelato

| Location: 1st Floor of the Song Museum near the entrance of the island

5. Snow Café

Stop by the Snow Cafe where you can find cute snowman statues to take pictures with. Try the bread that looks like a snowman and enjoy the sundaes and cakes!

| Must-try Menus: Snowman cake

| Location: Near Customer Service Center in Gapyeong Wharf

NOTE: Except for Swing Cafe and Snow Cafe, the rest of the spots are located in and around ‘Baplex’ building, a large food-and-drink complex situated in the center of Nami Island (refer to the map above).

Other Must-try Treats in Nami Island

Don’t miss out on Nami Island’s tasty sweet treats, ‘Snowman Hotteok (Korean sweet pancake. See the photo above)’ and ‘Mayak Oksusu (roasted corn)’! They are extremely popular, especially during the winter months.



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